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v36650.142022-06-24 at 03:29sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTESILENCE THE PEDANT is set before Lightkravte. Timeline on steam for SILENCE THE PEDANT arc is in the wrong order. Within the story of the Silence
c48673.52022-06-23 at 09:54sen-Flora Serenhaideadded Lightkravte
c24362.182022-06-23 at 09:53sen-Selphine RughzenhaideAdded Lightkravte
v36650.82022-06-23 at 08:44sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEremoved fault milestone 2 above and below.
v36650.72022-06-23 at 08:22sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEfixed to have lightkravte as prequel to fault milestone series.
v36650.62022-06-23 at 08:21sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEadded Mhkana Gramura
r92800.32022-06-23 at 08:20sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEAdded developer and publisher
v36650.52022-06-23 at 08:18sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEadded wikidata ID
c111120.12022-06-23 at 08:07sen-Khaji ObergAdded Protagonist
r92800.22022-06-23 at 08:04sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEVectorial animated cutscenes + CG in some scenes added.
c111119.22022-06-23 at 07:57sen-Ritona Reighnvhastaadded image.
c111119.12022-06-23 at 07:55sen-Ritona ReighnvhastaAdded Ritona. Same character as Fault Milestone series.
v36650.42022-06-23 at 07:49sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEscreenshots added.
r92800.12022-06-23 at 07:42sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTErelease date added.
v36650.32022-06-23 at 07:39sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEAdded director and artist of the series.
v36650.22022-06-23 at 07:38sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTEAdded official image.
v36650.12022-06-23 at 07:36sen-fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTESILENCE THE PEDANT and Lightkravte are 2 different entries. link screenshot from official discord. Description from steam. link
r92753.92022-06-23 at 00:40sen-Shadowverseadjusted scene frequency.
r92753.82022-06-23 at 00:40sen-ShadowverseThere are plenty of CG in the game. Some of them are used as screenshot examples here. Some CGs have animated effects.
r92753.32022-06-22 at 03:59sen-Shadowversefreeware
v36626.32022-06-22 at 03:41sen-シャドウバースAdded images from game.
r92753.22022-06-22 at 03:31sen-Shadowversechanged shadobaasu to shadowverse added release date. link
r92753.12022-06-22 at 03:28sen-shadobaasulanguages added from steam page + platforms link
v36626.22022-06-22 at 03:23sen-シャドウバースAdded image from wikipedia.
v36626.12022-06-22 at 03:20sen-シャドウバースDescription of first arc: link