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t18405.62022-06-22What is going on???Originally it was meant to be 1 game but it has now evolved into a prequel series and Silence the Pedant is just 1 of the eventual many within the
t18614.92022-06-22Request to restore entry.The gacha aspects and any monetary aspect is only limited to the card game. There is no restrictions on the story mode, no stamina system, etc. The
t18614.72022-06-22Request to restore Here in the prologue chapter, you can see you can just tick skip battle and you're allowed to simply just read. link and another battle in a
t18614.62022-06-22Request to restore entry.Story mode is there straight away. You can skip right away, it'll only give you a prompt if you want to skip the card game battle or not when one
t18614.42022-06-22Request to restore (at around 20 seconds in) (30:10 also has narration) Start of this has novel narration to establish the setting alongside recapping previous
t18614.32022-06-22Request to restore entry.There are many VNs here that do not describe at all such as Professor Layton and the latter Blazblue games (earlier ones do describe) and are solely
t18614.12022-06-22Request to restore entry.Many game-VN hybrids still exist on this platform such as the entire blazblue series, Ace Attorney, Zero Escape and so on. This is another one of