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t18063.22022-03-28First step - GuzunoroHi, sadly no, that was a long time ago.
w3050.12021-11-01Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation-Do you really expect real facts in fictional stories? *shrug*
t16865.22021-08-27Where did your reviews go?Wow, someone noticed haha. You have sharp eyes. I just tried to do simple reviews but then I thought "why bother" so I just deleted them from
t479.62010-02-25More otome games?Btw, take a look at these two games: v1675 and v2465 :)
t479.22010-02-23More otome games?Sadly but there are no english otome games except YoJinBo :/ (as I know). But some groups of people (fans) trying to translate "Princess Nightmare
t190.22009-06-18198800: Little wishH scenes? Well, I don't like to post this, but ok :D