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w5564.22022-11-23Gore Screaming ShowYes. Please make your account 5.3 years before posting your review. Thank you.
w5106.82022-09-14Daraku Royal SeishojoMeh, it barely even qualifies.
w5106.62022-09-14Daraku Royal SeishojoGive link a try instead, probably the best translated single heroine nukige.
w5106.22022-09-14Daraku Royal SeishojoIf only they picked up a -good- Yoru no Hitsuji title instead.
w4876.12022-08-13Kemonomichi ☆ Girlish SquareThis is not a "typical whirlpool VN". This is typical whirlpool shovelware. I don't know why Sekai refuse to pick up Whirlpool's actual VNs.
w4852.52022-08-10Amatsutsumi#2 Didn't happen in her specific route. It happened in her common route section.
w4852.12022-08-10Amatsutsumi"no world building"It's a VN based in a town in the sticks, what type of world building do you want, lol? "no explanations to the Kotodama stuff, why