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t13829.52020-12-03What happened?Any new updates about that or did they dropped it? Asking them on their social media account or with a mail doesnt help as long there is no answer >_>
t14595.32020-08-2618+ version where?Most likely on Denpasoft like the other 2 titles, which is also the reason why the steam vers, will get a 18+ patch on denpasoft too like the prequels
t13829.42020-04-16What happened?@ecchihieronymus Right, but at least they always talked about delays and didnt went silent like that Whatever, im happy that we will finally see
t13829.12020-04-16What happened?Anyone knows what happenend with the release? Jast planned to release the title last year summer, but there is no update about it and everytime i ask
t10021.122018-11-05Removed English Steam releaseI can only hope the dev will release the game on another site like dlsite or the mangagamer store or nutaku Otherwise we will never see a english
t10021.102018-11-05Removed English Steam releaseAnd they removed it again Is it really that hard to release the game on steam, despite the fact that things like maitetsu and monobeno are already
t11211.22018-09-14Has already been releasedHas anyone the Mature DLC as a patch? The game or rather the dlcs is now banned in some country (including mine) >_>
t7459.362018-08-15SP Possibly Licensing Out the TL?Frontwing is also a good choice in my opinion
t7459.312018-08-15SP Possibly Licensing Out the TL?link Its finally here and now, like always, we hope for a 18+ release and that Sekai project is not working with them
t7581.3032018-08-02English localization by Sekai ProjectAccording to #299 its complete, but i dont know if you can still use the restoration patch on steam with the new 18+ DLC patch It would be better to
t7581.2982018-08-01English localization by Sekai ProjectAnyone already tried the fanpatch with the updated fakku vers.? The only thing that was missing in the fanpatch were only some untranslated lines
t7581.2802018-07-22English localization by Sekai Project#279 Wait a moment, so the missing lines are even in fakku's 18+ release? How is this possible that sekai forgot to translate some lines X_x WTF, but
t7581.2782018-07-22English localization by Sekai Project#277 You mean in the h-scenes with the fakku patchor you mean the scenes from the restoration patch? I thought that the difference between the all
t7581.2752018-07-18English localization by Sekai Project#272 Half-translated lines? So everything is translated but very poorly? I thought that there are some non-translated lines in the "real" 18+ vers.
t7581.2692018-07-17English localization by Sekai the restoration patch now complete or what is left?
t10904.72018-07-08MangaGamer Announcements at Anime Expo 2018Maybe they will annouce the prequels at Otakon? They already said that there is more in the next convention and rance is still not done
t10905.12018-07-08Sekai Project Anime Expo 2018 AnnoucementsSekai being Sekai, most of their annoucements are the same like Denpasofts, only with the difference, like always, that any h-content is missing and
t10900.42018-07-07Denpasoft Anime Expo 2018 AnnoucementsThat is very interesting Everything, except Harumade, is only confirmed as a 18+ release, which is something good because i was never a fan of that
t7581.2502018-07-07English localization by Sekai ProjectLets see how long it will take to make a proper restoration patch
t7581.2472018-07-06English localization by Sekai ProjectHow many lines are missing ?
t7581.2352018-07-04English localization by Sekai Projectits sad that no one knows the contract between Sekai and FAKKU, otherwise we would know if Fakku could sue Sekai for false business I mean, there
t7581.2072018-07-01English localization by Sekai ProjectHow high is the chance that someone from the "community" could clean this mess up? I mean, its very unlikely that sekai will or more likely can fix
t7581.1942018-06-30English localization by Sekai Project@192 I saw some ppl claiming that the fakku vers, doesnt had the problems, because the vers. you can buy there is the full 18+ or is it only a
t7581.1912018-06-30English localization by Sekai ProjectGuys guys, i have a very important question The game is still "partial" censored on steam with the patch thx to a bug, but the fakku vers. is
t10558.842018-06-27Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierAnyone knows if the 18+ patch is free? Otherwise i will buy the jast usa vers. x_x
t10753.132018-06-04How is the patch working?Thx @yuuridudester &d2o Now its working Maybe we should put that in description for the patch?
t10753.72018-06-03How is the patch working?Thx für the save file Yes the CGs and Scenes are working without any problems, in the menu and gallery the names are also changed but not in the vn
t10753.42018-06-03How is the patch working?So, after i used both patches If you rename they file from the restoration patch to patch4.xp3, it will still working In that way you can use both
t10753.32018-06-03How is the patch working?First i will try without doodlers patch (and after that i will give some feedback) How long after the first h-scene will pop up?
t10753.12018-06-03How is the patch working?I always tought that a patch for the steam vers. is not possible, because Sekai always said that both vers. are too different Also.... link link
t10688.102018-05-22GOG now accepting Visual NovelsI know GoG is not big as steam and obviously any dev/publisher can earn more money on steam, but its the best weapon against steams non-transparent
t10670.302018-05-19Steam bans visual novelsThe last update confirmed what i already said A Valve representative on reddit for steam said "Although I cannot refer to any specific decision or
t10670.202018-05-18Steam bans visual novelsThe next one is hit Winged Cloud also got a email from steam link All titles with a "patch" are hit with the possible ban, so in the end the problem
t10670.172018-05-18Steam bans visual novels@15 Of course, but niche games will always have niche sales that is the reason why this games called niche" Still you are right about the japanese
t10670.142018-05-18Steam bans visual novelsIn the end its nothing new Its the same like than with animes and mangas, after the got popular, people from the mainstream are pushing their social
t10670.72018-05-18Steam bans visual novelsNutaku is something like steam, but for h-games and visual novel with h-content link
t10670.12018-05-18Steam bans visual novelslink What do you think? Is this maybe the end for most visual novels on steam? I mean, most titles have two version and its not very hard to "patch
t10612.12018-05-09Bestiality ?I have only one question, is the english version really uncut? I heard from some people, that one h-scene is missing in the english release because
t6442.262017-10-06Anime was the first episode? is it better to read the vn or should i watch the anime?
t6094.1032017-06-06Steam saleHumble Bundle - Sekai Project Sale Pay what you want fault - milestone one KARAKARA NEKOPARA Vol. 0 Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal- Pay more than
t8912.52017-03-04Saya o Uta live-action adapation by Oban creatorLol After Hollywood killed almost every anime/manga adaption in the last years, now its time for the french to kill the first western vn adaption
t8803.12017-02-08Difference?Is there really any difference between this two? link link The only difference i can see is the chinese language option...
t7581.402017-01-21English localization by Sekai Project@39 dont forget "terrorist" :P
t8688.22017-01-14Is this a direct sequel?Here is the official answer from Kouryuu DC3 Is perfectly enjoyable without reading the others. You don't need any knowledge of the previous games
t8686.132017-01-14MG Survey 2017I asked for Albatross Koukairoku (rail-soft) and Sengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~ like every year
t6051.272017-01-11Anyone else annoyed they are releasing..@25 I hope not, because i've been waiting since the first fantranslation but i think your "speculation" is more realistic >_<
t6051.242017-01-11Anyone else annoyed they are releasing..Next Rakuen 18+ release....lets hope it will be released in this year too
t8669.52017-01-09Mangagamer translation?!Lets hope that Hapymaher sell better than Chrono Clock I would prefer Mangagamer as a publisher for that vn
t8560.362016-12-27Dies Irae Kickstarter is now live!@35 Its already offiicial that MG will release the 18+ vers. link
t8560.42016-12-15Dies Irae Kickstarter is now live!"Due to the game's content, will the game not be sold in countries like Germany?" What content?