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t2108.50322023-01-10Candidates for deletionWell great I guess my own entries are held hostage here fine leave'em first, you shit on them and now you want to keep them cool you should at least
t19646.32023-01-10Regarding r101102.4So not only do you miss label my translation but also force me to keep them on this site what the hell kinda attitude is that I added them myself so
t19646.12023-01-09Regarding r101102.4man stop editing all this and tell whichever admin is online to delete all my entries I don't want my posts on this site end of story
t19644.22023-01-09This againI literally was just trying to remove my own entries but I'm glad to know that I'm dealing with a 12-year-old
t2108.50302023-01-09Candidates for deletionplease delete these entries link link link link link link
t19644.12023-01-09This againyou know I'm just gonna say this since I'm tired of this gatekeeping crap what I'm doing is the same thing that other translators who have credit
t19428.62022-11-26Regarding r98367.6Right my bad, this website has an interface from 1995 so it's kinda hard to read/ use I guess they never figured out Webdesign is a thing lol I'll
t19428.32022-11-26Regarding r98367.6Yeah, not gonna bother with that if you want to mislead your user base by mass labelling things feel free to do so. Oh about the free tag I was
t19428.12022-11-26Regarding r98367.6So I just want to make sure about one thing on this site I'm lumped in with the likes of this guy link who just copy-pastes the script onto DeepL
t19361.12022-11-12Regarding r98366.3Hey Just so you know my translation is MTL-assisted not MTL translation there are over 500 lines I had to translate myself you can download the patch