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w3390.32023-04-29Kunado KokukiYeah I agree to his statement too. This title is more focused on the the world building rather than H-scenes and individual routes. I mean, Natsuhime
w6120.12023-04-27Kunado KokukiI say true to this. I honestly expected haruhime and natsume to have different routes. And Haruhime's route felt more like Natsuhime's to me. I
t19942.32023-03-30Basically, they did clerk-clan dirty. (spoiler)for real... justice to clerk-chan.
t19942.12023-03-14Basically, they did clerk-clan dirty. (spoiler)I just finished this. First of all, If I can rate it, I would rate it around 6.8. It had a LOT of potential, but sadly this was a low-price something