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c81480.82019-06-29 at 22:17hotsushi-kun66into female
c81480.52019-06-13 at 15:53hotsushi-kun66the voice samples has h-scenes, which means, 66 is a girl
v8953.52019-06-08 at 15:21hotsushi-kunERO Ragnarok Offline 4NSFW
v5912.162019-05-20 at 14:46hotsushi-kunSuigetsu 2added casts from PC and console difference
s398.62019-05-17 at 13:54hotsushi-kunSatou Hiromiadded trait more
s398.42019-05-12 at 14:51hotsushi-kunSatou Hiromiretired as evidenced by the Japanese wiki: link
v24470.92019-03-30 at 12:03hotsushi-kunAlpha Nighthawkadded description from Hau
c558.72019-03-22 at 20:59hotsushi-kunAozora Hisaeadding trait
c75371.52019-03-15 at 19:16hotsushi-kunKitami Riolikely an main character
c78366.22019-03-01 at 09:22hotsushi-kunNatori Ichigotag 1+
c77640.52019-01-30 at 18:39hotsushi-kunAshinome Chrometrait 1+
v23736.272019-01-24 at 15:11hotsushi-kunGirls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto-I don't see the annoucement of these kinds of seiyuu, the site did not yet annouced the seiyuu casts, hence the removval.
c64945.72019-01-10 at 09:08hotsushi-kunKozuya Rikulink
s6632.52018-12-25 at 09:56hotsushi-kunTorishimofix
c18304.42018-12-22 at 14:18hotsushi-kunRaica Penbrokeshirelikely an sub-character as far as i know
c18303.72018-12-22 at 14:18hotsushi-kunCloe Lindgrenlikely an sub-character as far as i know
r35976.22018-12-19 at 16:17hotsushi-kunNiji no Kanata ni - Download Editionvoiced only females
r12538.32018-12-19 at 16:17hotsushi-kunNiji no Kanata ni - First Press Edition with F&C Cardonly female voiced
r12537.32018-12-19 at 16:17hotsushi-kunNiji no Kanata ni - First Press Editiononly female voiced.
c45596.22018-12-19 at 16:14hotsushi-kunMorisaki Shintatrait added
c18490.72018-12-16 at 19:26hotsushi-kunAzumabashi Asukaas male
v6098.62018-12-12 at 09:53hotsushi-kunGalfro ~Gal's Frontier~NSFW
c66602.32018-12-09 at 16:55hotsushi-kunKajiura Satoruvoiced by an female seiyuu
c1369.182018-11-18 at 09:25hotsushi-kunTooyama Midorifix
c7440.212018-11-18 at 09:25hotsushi-kunEstel Freesiafix
c72527.32018-10-01 at 22:24hotsushi-kunShinonome Azusamost likely an heroine due to appearing on the cover
c72528.32018-10-01 at 22:24hotsushi-kunAbe Kurumimost likely an heroine due to appearing on the cover
v23199.62018-09-30 at 15:51hotsushi-kunFuukan no Grasestacast added
s17079.12018-09-30 at 15:48hotsushi-kunMario.NETadded male voice actor
s17078.12018-09-30 at 15:47hotsushi-kunHanami Airiadeded voice actress
s17077.12018-09-30 at 15:45hotsushi-kunBrundok Qubreskiadded voice actor
s17076.12018-09-30 at 15:44hotsushi-kunNarumiya Misaadded voice actress
s17075.12018-09-30 at 15:43hotsushi-kunTsukishiro Mahiruadded seiyuu
s16710.32018-09-03 at 13:50hotsushi-kunMizusawa Mikofix
v24115.32018-08-31 at 15:11hotsushi-kunNeko Maid Hiroimashita!fix
s10563.22018-08-17 at 09:40hotsushi-kunIshizuka Yukinorideceased
p7500.72018-08-17 at 09:18hotsushi-kunNamelessI do find other Nexton's to be an 18 oriented stuff, but we do not that kind of description.
p7500.52018-08-16 at 20:55hotsushi-kunNamelessIt is an 18+ brand, so we don't need that descriptions at all.
p7500.32018-08-16 at 20:46hotsushi-kunNamelessremove
c34319.32018-08-16 at 17:39hotsushi-kunShiramine Sayamore like a main character
c34322.32018-08-16 at 17:39hotsushi-kunKamigoryou Madokamore like an main character
c34320.32018-08-16 at 17:39hotsushi-kunHimukai Momijimore likely a main character
v23125.62018-07-29 at 09:30hotsushi-kunVenus Blood -Lagoon-will add casts more
v23370.32018-07-10 at 19:51hotsushi-kunAsukana! ~Ashita wa Kanarazu Sasotte ne!~nsfw cover
c43445.72018-07-07 at 11:12hotsushi-kunUmemiya Kanaelikely an sub main heroine due to having game cg a lot
s13042.32018-06-30 at 12:27hotsushi-kunImamura Ayakafix
s13042.22018-06-30 at 12:24hotsushi-kunImamura Ayakaretirement annoucement
c27302.62018-06-07 at 15:54hotsushi-kunAquamost likely a sub-character
c27304.72018-06-07 at 15:54hotsushi-kunEbihara Noamost likely sub character
c27301.92018-06-07 at 15:53hotsushi-kunIsonaga Saemost likely a side character