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t2108.25932018-12-01Candidates for deletionAlias seiyuu confimred Yamakawa Kotomi = Miyamori Yuu link Yoshizumi Kozue = Koshimizu Lime link
t2108.24422018-08-16Candidates for deletionNabatame Hitomi - Umino Yoshie link
t2108.24282018-08-05Candidates for deletionGibu Yuuko - Amano Aritsume link
t2108.24152018-07-26Candidates for deletionYamamoto Nozomi - Mitsushima Kiyora link
t2108.24102018-07-21Candidates for deletionIshiya Haruki - Ii Kinniku link Murata Ayano - Kanae Miyuki link Koyama Kimiko - Nitta Yuuha link
t10948.12018-07-19Eroge Ranking SeiyuuHello there, i've been wondering if there are any kind of Eroge Seiyuu Ranking, i am currently planning to make an video of an Top 50 Best Eroge
t10922.12018-07-13Top 15 Visual Novel of 2018This video was made during the January-July day, the next one for an year end will be made when 2018 ends. link
t10831.12018-06-21Seiyuu Casts SuggestionsHello, since this is an holy new Eushully game, i was wondering which kind of seyiyuu would be casted into this such kind of new game. Does anybody
t2108.23682018-06-07Candidates for deletionSatou Rina = Touma Asuna link
t2108.23402018-05-19Candidates for deletionNabatame Hitomi = Yamato Emi as credited her real name in the anime
t2108.23332018-05-15Candidates for deletionAlias found Koyama Sahomi = Komazawa Yoshika link
t10334.12018-03-08Untranslated Visual Novel RecommendationsHey guys, Leon Drefyus made an video about an suggestions for an untranslated visual novels. There are about 20 visual novels used in videos so far
t2108.22392018-01-23Candidates for deletionAyumi Tsuji = Konoko Takanashi link
t10133.12018-01-09Is there an walkthrough for an this visual novels.Is there any kind of walkthrough for this visual novel. I can't find it everywhere. Does anybody knows about this game.
t10089.82017-12-30Top 30 Best Visual Novel of 2017#7 Just try and ask Dreyfus, he is one who makes the video.
t10089.12017-12-30Top 30 Best Visual Novel of 2017Hey guys, now that we are heading for the new year. Leon Dreyfus made the best Top 30 Best Visual Novels of 2017. link How do you guys like them?
t2108.22102017-12-29Candidates for deletionHiroshi Shirokuma = Totsuka Kazuya link Asakawa Yuu = Kouda Sachiko (?) Don't have any link of her, but i think her sound lookalike Yamaoka Yuri
t3617.11242017-12-29Tags suggestions/fixesI am pending a tag called Unlockable Route for Side-Character, the tag should apply for sub-characters who are not the main characters of the game
t6834.262017-12-29Best voice?My thoughts: Rise: Adorable and gorgeous Chiho: Too tomboyish Ayaka: Too fit enough for the older woman Ritsuko: Cutie and adorkable voice
t6556.292017-12-29This is the rise of Chinese vnThe Chinese popular culture is on the rise of the power!
t10001.32017-12-09Walkthrough for older VNI try to search it, but i can find it.I using this game. link
t10001.12017-12-09Walkthrough for older VNHello guys, i was wondering if there are some walkthrough for the older visual novel. I am planning to play this game link. Is anybody have one?
t2108.21812017-11-21Candidates for deletionAoki Ruriko = Hagoromo Midori link Honda Youko = Takagi Rui link Uchida Yuma = Ootaki Renjirou link
t2108.21782017-11-20Candidates for deletionAlias Chiyo Ousaki = Koyori Mikoshiba link Nana Inoue = Shino Amekawa link
t9391.12017-07-09Error videos made in Leon DreyfusHey there, there is an Youtuber named Leon Dreyfus, he is making a video about eroge roles that seiyuu they voice. But there are some error on these
t2108.19872017-06-04Candidates for deletionNishino Yumiko = Nishino Kurowa link
t2108.19772017-05-15Candidates for deletionUchimura Fumiko = Nohara Ouka link
t9152.12017-05-03Nyaa torrents is goneIts a sad to hear that Nyaa torrents has been completely shut down due to piracy.
t2108.19662017-05-03Candidates for deletionOno Ryouko = Hiiragii Nana link
t8872.82017-04-19Eroge maker videoHey there, he made five video hentai roles they played. link link link link link Please report him if you guys know error he made on his video.
t8999.42017-03-28Trump makes an immigration banYes, Trump must die for being an evil politician!
t9000.12017-03-28Alias for more seiyuu gamesHello, i've wanted to make something about more alias for more seiyuu who didn't not yet got into an eroge role. Here's something like this
t8999.12017-03-28Trump makes an immigration banHello, i've made a discusstion about Donald Trump, who is now the US present has bee making bill about banning immigration, which restricts muslim
t8872.72017-03-23Eroge maker videoNo, i'm not him. He's a different person.
t8872.52017-03-23Eroge maker videoThe person uploaded more role of hentai seiyuu, please note about if there's any error on this video: link link link link link
t8960.12017-03-19How to download sample voicesIs there some way to get sample voices from its official websites. I see some the newer visual novel games get hear the voice of sample, but i cannot
t8872.42017-03-16Eroge maker videoIs there some any error in this video: link link link link
t8922.12017-03-07Wikipedia poory writtenHey there, i've seen they added wikipedia about this visual novel. But they don't get refernces and is poory wrtten. link)
t2108.18932017-02-26Candidates for deletionAlias batch Matsuda Toshiki = Fujii Masahiro link
t2108.18922017-02-26Candidates for deletionSaito Yoshie = Fujino Murasaki link
t8872.32017-02-26Eroge maker videoHe's pretty well video about the seiyuu roles, but there some errors. Like this: link
t8872.12017-02-23Eroge maker videoHello there, i've seen a person named Leon Dreyfus, who is making an video of an upcoming eroge tities, he also dons seiyuu role list (but only their
t8868.12017-02-23Cancelled Visual NovelsIs there any cetain visual novels that has been cancelled. I know this game: link Do you know the rest of them.
t2108.18772017-02-15Candidates for deletionAliases Batch: Hirota Shion = Uesugi Yuki link Asakura Azumi = Uehara Ami link Toda Megumi = Yanagi Hitomi link
t2108.18762017-02-15Candidates for deletionFujimura Ayumi = Kurosaki Neko = Asahina Mai = Tobizawa Ranko = Tsukishiro Kaoru link
t2108.18722017-02-13Candidates for deletionMinami Rio is an alias name of Sakurai Harumi link
t2108.18712017-02-13Candidates for deletionAlias more found batch Endou Daichi = Mr. Dellinger link Nakamura Eriko = Souzuki Mei link
t2108.18702017-02-13Candidates for deletionAliases Shinomiya Go = Satou Suzuki link Taichi Yo = Koino Memory link
t8832.12017-02-13Your wishes of VN to be adopted into an animeWhat kind of visual novel you see them to be adopted into an anime? Quite more visual novel are being adpoting into an anime, so what kind of more
t2108.18672017-02-11Candidates for deletionAlias: Asaki Risa = Nekoyashiki Natsu link