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c6360.132022-11-25 at 14:07barfboyHoshikawa Yuzuhathe rape in the common route is unavoidable, extra traits
c6361.112022-11-25 at 13:55barfboyAyanokouji Aoirapes both in common route and her route are unavoidable, extra traits
c6360.122022-11-24 at 19:52barfboyHoshikawa Yuzuhainternal peeing
g3661.12022-10-08 at 01:54barfboyTraditional GamesLots of visual novels have gaming as a story element and not a gameplay element.
v14864.102022-09-14 at 03:49barfboyNetori Gakuen ~Kareshi Mochi Demo Okamainashi! Yaritai Houdai ADV~description
c114208.12022-09-02 at 04:21barfboyWedding CakeWedding Cake
c4223.202022-09-02 at 04:13barfboyShiratamatraits and Mitarashi Dango
c114206.12022-09-02 at 04:11barfboyMitarashi Dangomitarashi dango
c114203.32022-09-02 at 03:59barfboySachertortethird grader
c4220.202022-09-02 at 03:59barfboyChocolatethird grader
c114205.12022-09-02 at 03:58barfboyPudding à la Modepudding a la mode
c4221.192022-09-02 at 03:49barfboyIcecreamadding traits and Fruit Sundae.
c114204.12022-09-02 at 03:45barfboyFruit SundaeFruit Sundae
c4220.192022-09-02 at 03:31barfboyChocolatecleaned up and got rid of redundant triats, added traits and sachertorte
c114203.22022-09-02 at 03:28barfboySachertortedoh, sachertorte has straight hair, chocolate has wavy hair
c114203.12022-09-02 at 03:26barfboySachertorteSachertorte
c43758.92022-08-23 at 09:28barfboyShiina Yuukislut
c12908.72022-08-16 at 11:55barfboyOotori Aoihalf sister
v3977.142022-07-08 at 20:18barfboyWalpurgishard screenshot
c110449.12022-06-15 at 05:37barfboyLycorisI'm shocked Lycoris has never been added before considering her importance in the story.
c54796.32022-06-06 at 04:38barfboyAiriAiri. I don't know why you would adopt a girl to marry your son but here we are.
c54795.32022-06-06 at 04:35barfboyAlprotagonist named Al
c56264.72022-04-24 at 01:39barfboyLaumiru Fioratrait
c93195.32022-04-06 at 06:07barfboySuzuki Shuukaage based on the opening. see link
c93194.42022-03-23 at 03:17barfboyMinato KaoAge, based on link
c13780.142022-03-13 at 17:43barfboyMikami Harukashinto wedding dress
c104319.32022-02-18 at 08:09barfboyIristraits
c104321.42022-02-18 at 07:54barfboyClaretForgot bad endings
c104321.32022-02-18 at 07:47barfboyClarettraits
c13488.62022-02-09 at 06:02barfboyHebi-sannew trait
c13608.92022-02-09 at 06:01barfboyErinanew trait
c28811.22022-02-09 at 06:00barfboyHoshizaki Hiironew trait
c28810.22022-02-09 at 05:59barfboyLauriernew trait
c35310.62022-02-09 at 05:58barfboyJaaku Leilanew trait
c35305.62022-02-09 at 05:57barfboyHime Leilanew trait
c35312.42022-02-09 at 05:57barfboyTinanew trait
c35313.62022-02-09 at 05:56barfboyChrisnew traits
c25985.52022-02-09 at 05:54barfboyShemeynew trait
c24778.62022-02-09 at 05:53barfboyLucynew trait
c24777.62022-02-09 at 05:52barfboyDivine El Ultimanew trait
g3514.12022-01-26 at 05:52barfboySex FriendsWe have a trait i1464 but not a tag. This may make it easier for people to understand the content of a VN or may help people find titles with sex
v22156.122022-01-22 at 22:50barfboyImouto o Kegashita Kiokuadded images for the different text windows
v18426.102022-01-22 at 19:30barfboyJK Bitch Pakopako Lifedescription from play.
c103101.22022-01-22 at 06:53barfboyHanasaki Harumisorry, this girl is a girl
c103102.22022-01-22 at 06:52barfboyHanasaki Akirasorry, this girl is a girl
c42884.182022-01-22 at 06:52barfboyHoshigaoka Madokamarried name
c103100.22022-01-22 at 06:51barfboyHanasaki MomokaSorry, her mother's name is celica. also girl
c43443.262022-01-22 at 06:50barfboyHirohara D. Celicamarried name, also spoiler
c103102.12022-01-22 at 06:47barfboyHanasaki Akiraqliphoth's daughter
c103101.12022-01-22 at 06:42barfboyHanasaki Harumisakura's daughter