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t13233.192019-12-06Translated character namesI don't mind dropping titles from name fields and only using them as aliases but if I may argue for keeping names translated when they're just titles
t13095.512019-12-03Cups for All AgesAnyone know how old Hachiroku and Reina are? We know their birthdays and birth years. All we need is what year the game takes place in. Hachiroku
t6094.1812019-12-03Steam saleI already own both. Sigh.
t12774.122019-12-03Super CuteWell, looks like I can't edit a post beyond a certain age. Cabage soft's new ultra super cute nekomimi adventure Amairo Chocolata link
t6094.1782019-12-02Steam saleDMMs winter sale just hit. link
t13233.122019-12-02Translated character namesI would understand if someone were named Hime (like Awayuki Himeno ) but if the 'name' is actually just a title, I translate it.
t13188.42019-11-25Anyone read this?I would have to play it again to answer some of your questions. I've not played Kanojo no Seiiki and likely never will. So any information in that is
t13188.22019-11-25Anyone read this?Sure, the imouto is very cute. The basic story is that your school friend (who's lying about being rich by using the money she earns from her part
t13095.442019-11-22Cups for All AgesI admit it's obvious but I think you only need something on the 1st grade. If something can go wrong it will and someone will misunderstand it and
t13095.422019-11-22Cups for All AgesThat probably works rampaa but would we use 1st grader for only 1st grade elementary school or all classes that are first grade. Such as Pudding or K
t13168.12019-11-19Complicated relationsThis game is a bit nutty in the relationships as things progress. Nekogusa Kisara meets Sarusuberi Misatoko at a party where she learns Misa has lost
t3314.18612019-11-18TraitsI wonder if Stranded could be reworded a bit. The primary difference between Stranded and Confinement is freedom of movement. In Confinement a person
t3314.18592019-11-17TraitsI just realized that if someone is looking for Netorase, or if a person is examining the character list to see what type of VN they're about to read
t3314.18572019-11-16TraitsAwesome, that makes sense. Should I apply Netori to the sisters? Also can I appeal to have the 'protagonist' somehow smoothed over in the
t3314.18552019-11-16TraitsHey, how do I apply the Netorase trait? The person in question is Nekogusa Kisara who's actively trying to setup her husband to cheat on her with
t13155.12019-11-16Can't beat the last bossHoly crap he is HARD. He's dealing 2/3 of my HP with every attack and keeps buffing himself. The only reason I last as long as I do is I'm slightly
t11614.52019-11-13Bizarre game is bizarreReplaying this for silliness sake and YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I missed a line by his sister early on when they ask if she's going to give
t13116.102019-11-07Rating 'bad' gamesThey're the best at what they do. You want pregnant elves? Well we got pregnant elves pissing on the floor. You want angels? We got your angels
t13116.72019-11-07Rating 'bad' gamesI think most of you don't realize how .... uhh, nukige Miel games are. Best way to explain it. A well written Visual Novel is a turkey dinner. A
t13095.372019-11-07Cups for All AgesWe have the same question. I'm just going with the first age given in the chronological first game they're in. I'm going to add the ages for Sakurai
t13116.12019-11-06Rating 'bad' gamesHow do you guys rate bad games that you pretty well expect to be bad? I'm talking mostly Miel games here but there's certainly plenty of examples Kyok
t13095.352019-11-04Cups for All AgesI'm going to use 'assigned numbers' 'favorite numbers' and 'seating numbers' as age when it's obviously being used for that purpose. Examples: Osanai
t13068.142019-11-02Bishoujo vs Otome gameI agree with you but while there are female authors who write bishoujo games I don't know that many men write otome games. So while some of the girls
t7442.5452019-11-01Game inclusion in the DBCustom Order Maid 3d2 It's a Night Magic The Steam version has no adult content and without adult content it's just chatting with your maids and a
t13068.102019-10-27Bishoujo vs Otome gamePlot, Otome games hands down. Characters, Bishoujo games hands down. I have never found women's characterizations of the actions of men to be any
t13050.42019-10-23SalesWell that's confusing.
t13050.12019-10-23SalesSince we have a Steam sale thread I thought it would be prudent to have a general catalog sale for other sites as well. Although sales are continuous
t13046.42019-10-22The VN with most characters including space.Just for fun Devta
t13042.32019-10-20Maid PatchYeah, I can probably pick it up on the cheap now anyway. I see it has an english version planned. Tempting to wait.
t13042.12019-10-19Maid PatchSo I was thinking about buying this but I already have the maid patch (I bought it by mistake last year when buying a wallscroll from the series). So
t13026.32019-10-15Rape fetishI don't want to make a trait. That's why I made the thread.
t13026.12019-10-15Rape fetishCharacters with a fetish for being raped? Like Kisaragi Ayano who sets up situations hoping her brother loses his cool and rapes her (It works) Or
t12986.92019-10-10Where to get visual novels?Alpharomdie is sometimes necessary to play some titles outside Japan. I've only seen this with some lolicon titles that check for whether you're
t12991.172019-10-09Where are all the isekai vns?Oh of course. We're not in disagreement with each other. Saying 'No one civilization produces the best of a medium' and 'OELVNs or Chinese knockoffs
t12991.152019-10-08Where are all the isekai vns?I'm forced to agree with you but only because this is true of every medium on Earth. I recall an art class I took which discussed how 'classical art
t12991.132019-10-08Where are all the isekai vns?@10 Oh come now Eiyuu*Senki Koihime † Musou ~Doki ☆ Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi~ Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- Heart no Kuni no
t12879.142019-10-02(recomend me) hard porn with plotOh shoot, English only. My bad. Teach me to read nothing but the title and not the post first. Uhh. How about Sengoku Rance? Sengoku Rance
t12946.42019-10-01Anyone can give me some recommendation?To be fair, the database isn't a very good source for individual heroines. If you find a visual novel highly rated with a class president heroine
t12951.42019-10-01Visual Novel Monthly Recap - September 2019 NewsThis is all just English translated VNs .....
t3314.18112019-09-28TraitsFor the "Fake Family Member" trait that got denied. Fake Family Member I was simply trying to create a trait for Kanbayashi Urara who uses magic to
t3617.18082019-08-31Tags suggestions/fixesNew question. New post. I want to create a trait for 'exposed' clothing? I don't know what to call it. Reason is: Roshutsu Kei Mahou Shoujo Lovely
t8242.2072019-08-30The how to edit threadHow do I use Birthrate Decline Mecha-con! Birthrate decline is the reason polygamy has been reintroduced to Japan and although birthrate decline is
t12792.12019-08-30Selective SpoilersI wish there was a way to choose tags/traits that I can have always spoilered 'on'. I feel like we may have had this conversation before? Or one like
t12774.12019-08-25Super CuteFor those searching for moegasms. Since there's no way to search for games based on artwork, personal preferences notwithstanding, I thought a
t3617.18072019-08-25Tags suggestions/fixesI created a tag Ordered Choices About two weeks ago. I should have said 'Every' instead of 'the'. Every first choice is for the first heroine, every
t12654.82019-08-01Anti censorship candidate gets electedI think you guys aren't seeing the bigger picture. The reason this is so important is it shows a large support among the people of Japan to stop the
t12654.12019-07-24Anti censorship candidate gets electedLearned about this from /a/ link
t12605.12019-07-13Character ages from various lolicon games.NOT a worksafe site link
t12588.12019-07-10If the sister doesn't win we riotRight boys?
t3617.17662019-07-02Tags suggestions/fixesI apologize, I don't mean to split hairs. I'm trying to point out that useless stupid tag is stupid and useless. And people can say they find it