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t14908.22020-10-25Keep getting logged out of DMMYeah this is driving me absolutely bonkers. I've resorted to using other web browsers and it's still happening.
w826.62020-10-25Kurano-kunchi no Futago JijouFair enough, it was a bad analogy on my part.
w826.42020-10-25Kurano-kunchi no Futago JijouThat's a false equivalence link Unless you believe that polygamy, which has existed around the world throughout time by most civilizations and
w826.22020-10-24Kurano-kunchi no Futago JijouMy whole family is Mormon and I still live in Utah where I was raised. I literally wouldn't be alive if it weren't for polygamy because my ancestor
w821.22020-10-23Kinshin Kousai KurabuI don't know either The player doesn't know she's his daughter at that point and the game gives no indication that they're related. They just .... do
t14883.62020-10-21Johren User QuestionnaireThanks for that, I asked for Zettai Junshu ☆ Kozukuri Kyokashou Paradise!! ~Aa, Subarashiki Haramasekai~ and Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai.
w797.132020-10-20Hamidashi CreativeI'll put it on my list then. You made me think quite a bit and I'm going to amend my answer. I realize that I really do enjoy imouto games even if
w797.112020-10-20Hamidashi CreativeWell, with 4chan talking about How she won't shut up about being on birth control and this review, I'm not sure I want to play it anymore. Oniikiss
w797.92020-10-20Hamidashi CreativeDarn, I was so looking forward to this. First incest title since Wagamama High Spec and it sounds like they borked it.
t2108.33852020-10-16Candidates for deletionCan this be deleted? link It's no longer needed, I simply posted all that in a review.
t14868.12020-10-161.01 UpdateThe 1.01 Update is not a part of the download version of the game, but does work with the download version of the game. It also contains the nude
t14864.32020-10-16So, I just finished translating this.Oh awesome, thanks. If you want to clean up any other translation errors be my guest. I'm literally just self taught.
t14864.12020-10-16So, I just finished translating this.Yeah, I just finished translating this whole damn thing. I put it up in a word file so far, and I uploaded it asking for help on 4chan. There's
t11614.92020-10-14Bizarre game is bizarreNot one you take after sex, no. Just ones you take before.
w728.52020-10-14Kouen Itazura Simulator ver. MakoTrue enough and I should write a review for it. The scenes you see are after the novel is over (part 1 anyway) there's a shot of a guy reading it and
w728.32020-10-14Kouen Itazura Simulator ver. MakoNo, the forced automode started here Kozukuri Renshuu Jugyou Love's Right Sex Shinai to Sokushikei All previous games don't have it. I saw that they
w728.12020-10-13Kouen Itazura Simulator ver. MakoHit Nail Head This is why Itazura Love Hitoke no Nai Kouen de Shoujo to Ai o Hagukumou is my favorite of theirs so far Shiiko is just so much better
t14853.12020-10-13Out of the ordinary romance novelsAre there any out of the ordinary romance visual novels out there? Like, for example. Just making some stuff up here. There are 5 or 6 main heroines
t11614.62020-10-13Bizarre game is bizarreI figured it out. They're taking something like this link I never heard of such a thing (until a slightly embarrassing conversation with my aunt
t3314.23472020-10-12TraitsI'm putting Harem Game 2 ~Futsuu ja Nai Shujinkou ga Harem o Kizuku Fantasy (?)~ at High Amounts of Rape with a 1. Despite the fact that this doesn't
t950.8152020-10-12VNDB Suggestions!Inappropriate pictures on the home page. According to our settings can we have the random pictures on the homepage toggled to allow suggestive or
t14817.42020-10-10Villain MomShe's definitely the villain, I don't know if it's close to what you're looking for. You can read the spoilers if you want to know if it's for you
t14817.22020-10-08Villain MomInraku no Ketsuzoku ~Kindan no Jubaku~
t2108.33802020-10-06Candidates for deletionThis old post of mine is no longer necessary to exist link Since it was just a review of the game I simply copy-pasted it into a review. It can be
t14825.42020-10-05VN Protagonists with a brother and a sisterPuramai Wars The protagonist has two sisters that are romanceable but also a little brother Kita Takashi who is not
t14816.32020-10-05Winning with HanakoThat's it. If you have the harem patch installed the way to get her ending is different.
t14816.12020-10-04Winning with HanakoI can't figure out how to win with Hanako. Even following this doesn't work. link All I get is the harem end. Maybe someone here knows.
t3314.23412020-09-30TraitsIt's also listed as Wet and Messy under the heading Wet and Messy Chocolate I'm going to wait a bit before applying it to anybody else.
t3314.23372020-09-30TraitsWhat should we call a trait where a girl tricks a boy into making her pregnant? We have Forced Pregnancy for when a man makes a girl pregnant against
t14768.142020-09-22This game felt kinda racistMy face when my name is Bob >_>
t950.7762020-09-10VNDB Suggestions!Only 1 review a day Yo, that's gonna take some years to finish.
t3314.23012020-09-05TraitsIdols have strayed from being singers with the inclusion of Gravure Idol and Net Idol I don't see any problem with idols remaining under Singer
t14669.12020-09-04My computer thinks this is a virusCurious. I bought this for $5 on DLsite's SweetHeart sale some months ago and played it back then. Suddenly for some reason Windows Defender keeps
t14495.1012020-09-02YES i need thisOh god this is a nice and comfy thread. I've loved it so far. For those looking for a lovey dovey story of a boy stealing his mother from his father
t14641.52020-09-01moegeNeither is Amairo Chocolata but I don't know many translated moege. I mostly play Japanese games. They're being worked on though so they're something
t14641.22020-08-31moegeSure Neko Para Vol.0 Minazuki Neko-tachi no Nichijou! Onii-chan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka? Amairo Chocolata Lover Able
t14621.92020-08-30Preference for transparency/opacity?Oh there's no way. I may, MAY put it up to 10% opacity if I can't read the font and need at least some shading to see it but there is absolutely no
t14526.202020-08-29Why animated visual novels are so rareNo. loli prostitutes are sexy Koboreochiru Shoujo-tachi ~Papakatsu JC Kairaku Ochi no Kiroku~ Dosukebe Bitch na Enkou ***gakusei no Sex Zanmai
t14526.182020-08-29Why animated visual novels are so raretomtheerogeman, i don't think that's it. I just never got into Nonohara Miki's works after Mei Shoujo because of the lack of incest. Didn't even know
t14597.82020-08-26Imouto HeroineThere are way too many to list so I'll just list my favorites Imouto no Seiiki The brother and little sister win a free 3 day hot springs vacation
t3314.22922020-08-21TraitsI think we could have a solution but I don't think 'gradient' or 'central heterochromia' is it. Perhaps something like 'Multifaceted' 'Varied
t14541.32020-08-20Character recommendationVanilla H
t3314.22782020-08-19TraitsAll right cool, no problem. I need help on this, artists are making eyes more complicated: Towa I don't know how to even begin to describe this eye
t14526.62020-08-15Why animated visual novels are so rareI know they're not worth it. I know there's budget concerns. My question is WHY are they not worth it? Why is it fans didn't demand animation and not
t14526.12020-08-15Why animated visual novels are so rareJust some musings. The technology to make animated VNs has been around for decades. Fushidara and Tane o Tsukeru Otoko ~Mezase Zen'in Jutai~ have
t14524.22020-08-15If you are some bot of some nature~Clover Days, Riddle Joker, Princess Evangile, Yosuga no Sora To be fair he has some pretty good taste. If only most of it wasn't completely bonkers.
t3314.22752020-08-14TraitsFur color (such as for true cats and dogs) treated as hair color? For example Admiral Should we add hair color traits to such characters?
t3314.22602020-08-13TraitsUh, I would really prefer if it was Netori (steals the SO) as you have it listed, then Netorare (Their SO is stolen) and Netori (they are the stolen
t14064.22020-08-12Not startingI use Virtualbox for 80% of the VNs I play. Japanese visual novel creators aren't often very good at programming and it's easy to run into problems
t3617.23682020-08-09Tags suggestions/fixesOh, that's exactly what i needed thanks. There's no story in it, just the line 'I got along with my sisters form then on' so the Game Over tag is