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t3314.25852021-07-22TraitsOkay, I've read this damned description like 8 times and honestly something in my head isn't coming together right. It's NOT about a protagonist with
t3314.25832021-07-21TraitsIs this Protagonist with Voiced Changeable Names about how you can get characters to say the protagonist's name, like Ro-kun (No Japanese software
t16228.152021-07-21What are your thoughts on meaningless choices?So you guys don't mind games like Little†Bitch ~Little Bitch Girls in Hog Farm~ Which is a linear VN, a linear story, with absolute gobs of choices
t16642.32021-07-19Netorare A or Reverse NTR?He's barely there, I'll change the tag to infidelity
t16642.12021-07-19Netorare A or Reverse NTR?Wouldn't this be Reverse NTR as the girl is the protagonist? It's all cheating from her perspective. Or is NTR strictly limited to the male
t16620.102021-07-17What tags do you filter out?I mentally filter out NTR but sometimes I'll even play those. I find filters just leave out something I may be interested in playing. 99% of what I
t16603.22021-07-14Need recommendationsThe father/daughter games aren't as good in regards to taboo as the mother/son games which is sad, I prefer father/daughter. There's just some really
t16488.42021-07-12Company appears to be defunctUse a wayback machine link. link
t3314.25562021-07-12TraitsTriplet+ Sister and Triplet+ Brother Should have Quadruplet, Quintuplet, and Sextuplet Sister/Brother as aliases to avoid confusion when someone is
t16548.182021-07-05What's your favorite nukige?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hmmm, probably Yagai Gakushuu 3 but I also enjoyed Bitch Gakuen ga Seijun na Hazu ga Nai!!? a lot. For the fact that 90% of what I play is nukige I
t16546.32021-07-04What's your favorite VN?Probably this one Zengaku! ~Zenra Toukou Shuukan Tokubetsu Taisaku Gasshuku~
t13050.1372021-07-02SalesAlso has a ¥500 sale with it link
t16488.12021-06-28Company appears to be defunctThe website leads to various other sites instead. Sad, as they're one of the few loli companies out there. Not really a surprise, despite having a
w906.22021-06-26Yagai Gakushuu 3So are you angry that there's not enough girls, or are you angry that some girls appear in the background but don't get enough scenes? Sex with
t16312.12021-06-25You changed Shizuku's picture and I can't argueI noticed someone changed Shizuku's picture back to the non naked version and I can't even complain because their reason is perfect. "I think it
t16296.12021-06-23Generational VNsI know of only one example of a VN that spans multiple generations Kimi dake no Botedol! ~Hakudaku Mamire no Tenshi~ Where the protagonist first gets
w552.52021-06-22Princess EvangileI forgot about this game. Should I play it, it was on my radar like, 30 years ago or something but I forgot.
t16266.62021-06-18How can VNs improve their storytelling?How can VNs improve their storytelling? Little sisters.
t3314.25512021-06-16TraitsOh that is perfect! I love you man. You had all the answers.
t3314.25492021-06-16TraitsYeah but that doesn't really tell you that sometimes the MC is on the bottom and sometimes he's on the top
t3314.25472021-06-16TraitsI'm playing Zettai Ryouiki ☆ Sex Royale!! ~Mujintou Okashiai Battle~ and the MC and the girls are involved in a sort of sex royale. They all agree to
t16228.92021-06-15What are your thoughts on meaningless choices?Rage. I can't stand visual novels that put in more choices than are necessary.
t3617.25482021-06-15Tags suggestions/fixesThe actual difference between Stranded and Confinement is freedom of movement. In confinement a person cannot go anywhere, or at least can't go
t16227.112021-06-15What factor stops you from buying a VN full price?But I DO buy VNs at full price? I often buy VNs on sale just like butterflygrrl says but I also buy them at full price. I don't get it, why didn't
w2173.12021-06-05Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!Yeah, nailed it.
t16134.12021-05-29Moege Award Grand PrizeCongratulations to Maitetsu Last Run for receiving the 2020 Moege Awards grand prize. link
t16131.12021-05-29Moege Awards 2020Congrats to Lose. Maitetsu - Last Run!! got top prize. link An amazing way to end their careers. Sad to see them go. Other prizes include Hamidashi
t13050.1312021-05-28SalesThat's a great idea tidning, I'll do that from now on.
t3314.25422021-05-27TraitsLook, the problem I see is that people are trying to put western meaning to a Japanese term. While 'senpai' does technically mean 'senior' it's use
t3314.25392021-05-26TraitsAfter creating Catholic Twins I realized I don't know what to do with this. Though I feel the trait is relevant to some characters I realized that I
t16085.232021-05-22best tsundere heroines of all timelink
t16028.12021-05-11Where are the extra files kept?I installed this then the wet patch and the naked patch but the game doesn't let you choose which patch is active. It simply overwrites the files
w1987.12021-05-11Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Chou Ero ♥ Succubus Gakuen!So, I hit the ctrl button and skipped the rest of the game to get the endings. This is worse than I thought. Previous games you had a unique end for
t2520.5572021-05-09Minor error/sVaginal Object Insertion I'm all for inclusivity and whatnot but the term 'vagina' and pronoun 'his' probably don't go together. It could be changed
t15871.182021-05-08Frontwing to localize this game.As soon as Steam realizes this has school uniforms it'll be pulled.
t15992.22021-05-08wha happun?I think it's pretty clear that emily quit. She was married years ago and it seem reasonable that she retired to take care of family. She came back
t15329.182021-05-08Original character sourceSophia von Managras reminds me of Sachiko Maybe it's just me. Oh wait, no, nevermind. She's obviously Matchless link
t16002.32021-05-07Their womb tattoos turn on when they're pregnantThat's the best thing ever!
t16002.12021-05-07Their womb tattoos turn on when they're pregnantTheir womb tattoos turn on when they're impregnated and stay that way for the rest of the game. Whenever you see girls naked you can see which ones
t3314.25072021-05-06TraitsShould we call them that too? I don't see any real world example, so this is fiction only, like Santa Claus and Queen Elizabeth II
t3314.25052021-05-05TraitsWhat do you call these ... uh, hanging nipple cover things? Kyun-Kyun na Olganite Yumegasaki Mako First time I ever knew what they were was Azur
t3314.25042021-05-02TraitsUhhh, I just realized Grey You have two opposite spellings of the word "Gray". One in the title and one in the description. This could be confusing
t15950.42021-05-02What is your favorite heroines of all VN heroines?Chocolate
t15955.12021-04-30Thank you for letting me argue my caseI think I did a good job with logic and reason. I think people are simply too used to the way things are being done. Thanks for letting me argue my
t15905.242021-04-25Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"So a creator has no right to their creation. That's some deep level bullshit.
t15905.222021-04-23Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"@beliar wait, what? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Deep breath. Nothing would go in the 'original name' field because their 'original name' is
t15905.182021-04-22Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"Your argument is that you can't put made up runes in the 'Original' field but you CAN put them in the 'Alias' field? Either way one of the fields
t15905.122021-04-21Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"I want you to see and I'm almost there! link Doctor reference! I will relent. However I do very solidly wish that we can have a place to put a
t15905.102021-04-21Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"I know this is your website but reread my post, you're wrong and you know it. That can't be the answer when people have multiple spellings of their
t15905.72021-04-21Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"It comes from her character page link