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c20885.532023-02-25 at 02:08barfboyCoconutage from Nekopara artbook
c20883.562023-02-25 at 02:07barfboyCinnamonage from Nekopara artbook
c20882.482023-02-25 at 02:07barfboyMapleage from Nekopara artbook
c12908.82023-02-22 at 18:07barfboyOotori Aoithis trait is a lie
c37254.112023-02-22 at 17:53barfboyKaren VoluptasI looked up ウォルプタス and discovered it's Katakana for Voluptas. A goddess from Roman Mythology so I corrected the name.
v30956.102023-02-20 at 18:46barfboyZengaku!! (2)fixing link error
v30956.92023-02-20 at 18:44barfboyZengaku!! (2)description
g3750.12023-02-19 at 04:06barfboyLorem ipsumI have found Lorem ipsum used a couple of times and would be curious where else it's found in visual novels.
i3884.12023-02-19 at 03:42barfboyNaked NecktieNaked necktie, often seen in games by p2734 although I doubt they're the only ones. Example included shows both a girl and man wearing naked necktie.
c56813.32023-02-19 at 03:08barfboyHarama Seiichirouimage