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t19958.12023-03-18[spoiler] Achieve the endings of the gameIn spite of playing the game, I couldn't understand the endings well because I am a Spanish speaker and my Textractor never worked for me to make a
t19957.12023-03-18[spoiler] Differences between the anime and the VNI'm sorry if I don't give much detail of the game, I played it all but I could never run the "Textractor" properly and so I had to play it all in
t19956.12023-03-18[spoilers] Differences between the anime and VNThe production company was the one who asked to create an original story in the Hentai adaptation of True blue but it was so terrible that it was
t19954.12023-03-18[spoiler] True endAkito despite being a terrible "Stalker" (Words of the user I will mention below), if we make the right decisions, you can see what decisions to make