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t15640.22021-03-04How about this protagonist?I played this a long time ago and I don't remember anything about the protagonist so he's probably just your standard eroge protag.
t15431.22021-01-21Any way to remove 700+ VNs from my wish list?No idea about the main question but you can ask to change your username here link
t14295.292020-07-07Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?I played a lot of VN but I only have three that have soundtrack that's memorable to me. Clannad, Oretsuba, and Rewrite. Out of those three my
t14086.122020-05-30How to easily find Best Moege ?I would just search by the company/developer's page. Chances are they make other VNs of the same kind. If you like the game in your example then just
t13859.62020-04-23best text hooking program.Did you check by moving to the next line in the game? Also when adding h-code in extractor, you omit the "/".
t12126.22019-03-31Working H-Code/HA8@1141F0:koisora_ex_main.exe
t10577.22018-05-03Recommended route order?I don't think there is a recommended route order. Choosing a girl doesn't really affect the story much. Just go however you like.
t10538.32018-04-272 protagonist or just one??There's two. You play as Tooru first. After you finish both Nanako's and Sakura's route you can play as Naoki and do Akira and Kurumi's route.
t6458.742018-03-11Changing Username?Hi, could you change my name to "unico"? thank you.
t6590.22015-06-11Who is the protagonist ?it's kouji.
t5627.202014-08-08Automated recommendationsThat's pretty good. Though some are stuff that I actually been avoiding because of I already watched the anime or the art is too old. Baldr is in my
t5627.102014-08-08Automated recommendationsTry me too. Might find something insteresting to put in my backlog since I am already running out.
t3627.122013-01-13Visual Novels for PSPI actually played four psp VNs for the sakes of additional routes. v1552 + sana route, best tsundere ever + yutsuki route v666 + macaron route
t3597.32013-01-042012 VNsv9093 , v6245 , v7723 , v9205 , v10237 , v8213 , v7302 , v10680, v8438 those are the ones I really like
t3270.342012-10-03Longest Vn you played......"I use AGTH + Firefox with furigana inserter and rikaichan (dictionary) extensions when reading more difficult titles. Can improve one's kanji
t3270.302012-10-03Longest Vn you played......"If longest overall - v1181 - one route is what would be considered here as medium (long?) length. And there are six of them, with no repeated
t3270.112012-10-03Longest Vn you played......I used ITH + TA for all my reading now but only use the machine translation part(ATLAS) to speed up my reading. my longest is probably v2016, took me