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t15927.32021-04-25Anything new to the story?It's about 60% tying up loose ends and about 40% post-ending ichaicha with the heroines. It's called a "New Episode" but honestly it's an epilogue
t15801.152021-04-06Kanji DataIf I may make a suggestion, I think sorting whether a kanji is included in the list of joyo kanji would be useful, since that way you could judge how
t15810.42021-04-05VNs like Amnesia, but for male audience?So basically you want a game that's has no narration, only fully-voiced character dialogue? It's not that uncommon, esp for presentation/gameplay
t15618.62021-03-17I wish there was more Military settings VNsBumping this topic because I'd also be interested in a game that is more that has a military setting but more on the realistic/procedural side rather
t15657.82021-03-07Please help find a song from a VN I can't identifyCould it have been Futari no Basho from Kannagi no Tori? link Taking a shot in the dark, if the video featured 2 male characters there's a good
t15597.122021-02-25Which VNs most people like but you don't?Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka? Both of them for the same reason: if you give me
w118.52021-02-24Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka?#4 Oh, you do. At the very least, Misaki had a decent amount of cute scenes and ichaicha. Hinami route I only played ~50% of, and a lot of
t15557.22021-02-16Damn the game is mostly nonvirgin heroines.I don't think there's any rubbing it in during the H-scenes, the game is very matter-of-fact how yes, most of these women are adult so of course they
t15524.72021-02-10Games with a female protagonist that rapes men?Joshikousei Mana no Nakadashi Game (from the first query) was pretty cute and sexy, though the main girl was nowhere forceful enough to call it rape
t14811.422021-01-22This seems pretty hypeThe video posted to Twitter looked just fine to me. Denkare's song is nice. Anyway, Canxue is the most interesting girl to me so far so I'm hoping
w1311.82021-01-19Dasoku#7 There is a good end that is very satisfying. The game isn't as depressing as it looks.
w1311.62021-01-07Dasoku#5 Yes.
w1311.42021-01-07Dasoku#3 The name you choose at the beginning is an internet handle. The protag was experimented on as a kid and was artificially conditioned to go on a
w1311.22021-01-06DasokuFair, fair. If you didn't feel the chemistry between the chars in the first two routes then there's definitely no point in continuing, esp since the
t15278.52020-12-31Less H-Scenes#4 It's a simiar approach to Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a Shining Braves~ and Liarsoft games in general - the CGs don't show any genitals (heck, barely
t15283.32020-12-29The girls are super cute but the plot...Honey*Honey*Honey! = 3x蜜 = 三密 (link) The brand name is おうちじかん = at-home time 2 meters' space required between people The premise is a little more
t15271.22020-12-28Relation to Tsui no Sora?Subahibi was originally intended to be a remake of Tsui no Sora, but as development dragged on, Sca-ji changed his mind about some of the themes of
t11330.132020-12-12KnS 3 Theories (spoiler\anticipation alert)The trial/prologue is out. It's not terribly interesting, only covers what is already explained in the synopsis on the website: Touko's funeral is
t14862.452020-12-05General discussion.#34 As in, feeling events + ending? Just increase their feeling levels, there's a scene (some non-h) per every 1000 feeling points up to lv 10. You
t14862.402020-12-03General discussion.#39 No homo but you can prostitute anyone of the main cast - including the guys - in New Game+. Them & Porno make the grind for 2mil yen slightly
t14811.252020-10-29This seems pretty hypeI don't think so? I think he's just being self-deprecating because how far apart the starting point (Maid in Heaven) is from the final product
t14811.132020-10-20This seems pretty hype"Given the name metalogiq I think it's pretty likely it's Ueda's company"The domain is registered to Ranba Amuse. Guess they're shedding the Cyc
t14825.82020-10-06VN Protagonists with a brother and a sisterOff the top of my head: Zen'aku The protag's younger brother & sister are both dead by the start of the game though. (The plot revolves around him
w118.22020-09-06Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka?>a vn from future, amazing! Woah, thanks! I should proofread more. Fixed. As for your question, yes and it happens several times throughout the
t14672.32020-09-05Title of this VNYes, I'm fairly sure this the same game that was scooped in BugBug in June: link I'm pretty excited about a full-price eroge from Sakuraba, though
t14639.652020-09-01Reviews in PreviewThis is nice. I tried it out today and I like it. A few things: - Both "Latest Mini Reviews" and "Latest Full Reviews" on the main page point to the
t14515.132020-08-13Games like euphoria and maggot baits>You also should not read SaDistic Blood before having read MinDead Blood. I disagree here, plot-wise the connection between these two is so tenuous
t14462.22020-08-04Putetto KingYou need to have AP3 (included with r23776). IIRC there's an event point on the 2nd floor of NTD Tengyo Building where Shuichi and and Kaito find a
t14353.52020-07-19What is your favourite "Quirky" Eroge-OP?>denpa'st, quirkiest and most smile-inducing shit Animal☆Panic's OP wins so far this year in this category IMO link Slightly older, but Koi to Koi
t14288.32020-07-03Jeanne a la tour d’horloge in EnglishThe current EGS median score is 75, which is slightly above what I would have expected. 6.5/10 is a solid score for this game IMO (caveat: I didn't
t12973.272020-06-18Is this the last game in the series?#26 I just like yankee girls :P I agree that some more backstory on Iris would be interesting but somehow I doubt she'll get a full-blown route since
t12973.252020-06-17Is this the last game in the series?#21 Trying to recommend a game that does the 4th wall thing well is near impossible because it's always an auto-spoiler, but if you liked the redoing
t14015.22020-05-19Is this 2236 AD prequel available anywhere?It's a free download. link
t13970.42020-05-11OOParts - eroge streaming/subscription service?Thanks for the responses. I figured I could spare ~10$ so bit the bullet and signed up. It's okay for the price I guess. User friendliness doesn't
t13970.12020-05-11OOParts - eroge streaming/subscription service?link This just showed up on my Twitter feed recently and my interest is piqued. OOParts is a apparently a Netflix-type cloud gaming service that
t13897.42020-05-03WHERE DID THEY GO???I'm with you on this, Psychologic Love Comedy was a very good, very memorable game that left me wanting more. Anyway, the writer is active on
t13865.92020-04-25Help! Looking for a Visual Novel!Is it Soukoku no Arterial? There's demons and arcades there. The sister is a younger one, not older, though.
t13816.52020-04-14VN centered on life after marriage, ....not NTR!Icing -love coating- and Knot Fiction! - from the same brand as HarmonEy, their whole gimmick is adult heroines Jinrui Saikyou Seiyoku no Yome
t12664.72020-04-05VNs with graphic human childbirthToki o Kakeru Shojo ~Haka Eikyuu Rensa~ - 1 scene in one of the endings. It's kind of weird though... But then the whole game is weird (and hilarious
t13760.92020-04-01Certain brother-sister incest VNsTry this blog (in JP): link The owner goes quite in-depth and (in a spoiler-free way) describes how the protagonist approaches his little sister in
t13639.42020-03-06praisingGotta wonder what motivated the developers to add furigana to each and every most basic kanji, that must've been a huge timesink. I wonder if they're
t13122.122020-02-27Vns where the writers are female?@11 Interesting, thanks! Too bad that tweet by Hamashima is unavailable anymore, I'm curious what it said. I was aware of the rumors regarding
t13564.22020-02-25Content questionThe sample CGs on the official page give you a pretty good idea of how graphic the game gets. There are a few torture scenes but they tend to finish
t13488.82020-02-01EGS mirrorI once asked the owner to be unbanned and it worked for a total ~2 months, then egs started to be unreachable again. Would love to have that mirror
t13428.22020-01-16Window mode?I'd had some luck with D3Windower.
t12259.152019-12-21Episode two late?>I wanna play this if Jackson is in fact involved >but i dont wanna play shuffle 1 :( Now that the plot summary & character profiles are out, it
t13309.82019-12-21Well I'll be damned...#1: the BGM (and some other assets) are reused from the original MinDead Blood, so no new song by Denkare unfortunately, though this is
t13246.12019-12-03Monobeno all-in-one pack on sale for 500JPYr66088 is available on DLsite for 500 JPY ($4.60) until 06/12/2019. A whooping 96% off. link Alternatively, if you thought even that was a steep
t13122.52019-11-08Vns where the writers are female?Rokka Rika is probably the most famous one. Takemiya Yuyuko also wrote eroge once, most notably Noel. Kusakabe Matsuri is most famous for BL games
t12274.102019-05-06Are these VNs Doujins?^ Good point about Orcsoft. Guess it's a good thing I wrote "rule of thumb" because there are bound to be exceptions. On their website they state