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t2615.52012-04-24Juniper's KnotI have to agree with encrypted12345, I think you are overrating this VN. Matter of opinion of course, but I don't see how you can give a VN which is
t242.492012-04-21Did planetarian meet your expectations?I played it a few weeks ago now and had high expectations of it. Unfortunately I was disappointed. It was good, but I don't think the mix of sci-fi
t2597.12012-04-09SoundtrackI have just managed to finish my first route in this VN (which was Chie's) and I was sorely disappointed that when after I finished it there was no
t2554.282012-04-08What got you started with/into Visual NovelsI started on Katawa Shoujo and enjoyed it enough to join the KS forums. Then I saw a bunch of recommendations in a thread and figured I'd try it out
t2567.52012-04-0364 bit download?Huh, well I downloaded it and when I went to run the installer I had an error message pop up and as a result it didn't work. That being said I have
t2567.12012-04-0264 bit download?Sorry if this question sounds a little stupid, but does anyone know where I can get a Windows 7 64 bit version of Narcissu 2? I looked at the main
t2553.12012-03-29Did anyone else find the endings disappointing?Now I enjoyed this game somewhat, even if it was short and had some unusual player interaction, but I must say the endings really did spoil the game
t2530.12012-03-23So what is with all the crashing on this game?I just started Narcissu today and I am currently up to the third chapter. I'm enjoying it so far but there is one huge problem that is ruining my
t175.822012-03-21Katawa Shoujo: Favourite RouteRin > Lilly > Emi > Hanako > Shizune I could relate to Rin quite a lot, and it was really the only route to make me emotional. Best writing of the