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v25505.62019-03-23 at 18:02hinoeNetorare Osananajimi 2 ~Saimin Yuugi~"Loose" is the opposite of "tight"; the verb is "lose". #GrammarNazi
r30986.62017-09-23 at 16:15hinoeForcibly Asocial — Days of Void [Demo V1.0]The demo includes all the content produced at the time of the release. It is considered a demo because it's an incomplete product, rather than
v1377.482017-08-15 at 07:30hinoeKono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NOReverted to revision v1377.46 -- nvm, missed that v16546 is a thing...
v1377.472017-08-15 at 07:24hinoeKono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NONew AniDB rel (a12693)
p7093.72017-08-14 at 06:15hinoeDaisuki TraduçõesMisclick, reverted to revision p7093.5
p7093.62017-08-14 at 06:15hinoeDaisuki TraduçõesReverted to revision p7093.4
p7093.42017-08-14 at 06:13hinoeDaisuki TraduçõesDude, dafuq are you doing.
c44715.62016-12-07 at 23:45hinoeBlack Eushully-chan(White) Eushully and Black Eushully are different characters that exist both at once (at least in Kamidori, at any rate).
c12923.82016-07-11 at 03:51hinoeRiannonseer != sear; also fixed tribe name (they're clearly modeled after the real life Gaels, see all the Arthurian and Roman references)
c3790.142016-01-08 at 08:46hinoeFurude Rika+made-up words, nipaa~