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t12533.422019-07-20Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsWhat about Tongue-in-cheek tag? IMO it's even worse than current implementation of a Teasing tag - it's as vague as it can be and may as well be put
t12594.62019-07-18Sequel or new game?I see. Well, what about this list? Mousugu Natsuyasumi! Yagai Gakushuu Shounen to Chijo Oneesan-tachi no Shiawase H na Apaato-gurashi Snow Daze: The
t2108.28362019-07-18Candidates for deletionBoku No Himitsu No Natsuyasumi should be deleted. I was told by some people on other forum that the game was similar to Oneshota Natsuyasumi - so I
t12619.12019-07-17Best shotage everHeck, I even would say it's best nukige ever. Probably only for me - because it caters to my personal fetishes - well, so what? Nevertheless, I was
t3617.17772019-07-17Tags suggestions/fixesPublic Masturbation lacks the line in description existing in Masturbation in front of an Audience - about difference between the tags. Also, Public
t6430.402019-07-14Oujo no Abaddon's hookabilityHere is official localization by Fakku link announcement. They plan to release it at early 2020 ;)
t12598.42019-07-14Opinions about the announcementIs there a website or blog? What's the status of this project, just started, or is there something to show? Because as it is, there's simply not
t12594.42019-07-13Sequel or new game?Hm, what about Insexual Awakening? While it's OELVN - it's surprisingly good shotage all the same.
t12594.22019-07-11Sequel or new game?While I don't know about any sequel yet - I would recommend Boku No Himitsu No Natsuyasumi instead as they are quite similar in a theme/concept.
t7442.5332019-07-09Game inclusion in the DBI strongly suspect that Monster Prom does not belong here. Judging by screens and description - it's PURE dating sim.
t12579.22019-07-09100% WalktroughI suspect it can't be unlocked unless you have save file from previous game.
t12563.32019-07-07Anime Expo 2019 Announcements!Also, I forgot to add: Spike Chunsoft Robotics;Notes Robotics;Notes DaSH Aksys Games NG Piofiore no Banshou Gensou Kissa Enchanté Collar x Malice
t12563.12019-07-07Anime Expo 2019 Announcements!JastUsa: Eiyuu*Senki GOLD Yamizome Revenger -Ochita Maou to Ochiru Senki- Mamono Musume-tachi to no Rakuen ~Slime & Scylla~ Sekai Project: 9 -Nine
t12533.322019-07-03Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsNobody reads the descriptions of tags / traits if they think they know what they are about, this got proven time and time again, so I'm not taking
t3617.17682019-07-03Tags suggestions/fixesNukige shouldn't be under High Sexual Content. While there are lots of nukiges with high number of h-scenes - there are enough with quite moderate or
t12507.192019-07-02Tagging system improvements@warfoki Well, searching for parent-tags only would be important mostly for 2 reasons: 1) Because I use method 1 from t12504.19, this is the only
t12533.302019-07-02Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic Tags@warfoki I consider the tag useless, but there's clearly a demand for it by the usage numbersIs there? I would argue that it's quite the opposite
t12533.162019-06-30Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic Tags@warfoki your tags wouldn't have salvaged anything, instead they would have been yet another vague tag that years down the line I would have had to
t12533.102019-06-30Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsAbout so called Erotic Teasing - I just wanted to remind you that very similar tags but with even more specific decriptions were denied recently i.e.
t12097.82019-06-20Came across a 100% translation of thisYagai Gakushuu was translated as well.
t11175.1222019-06-19The state of VNs on SteamI don't think so. MG has a whole bunch of 18+ titles like Kyonyuu Fantasy on steam.Wow, I didn't know that! 0_0 Still, even Kyonyuu Fantasy has a lot
t11175.1202019-06-18The state of VNs on Steamlink Illusion's high budget sex simulator Koikatsu Party was released on steam. They say that vn-like story mode was removed though - since it
t12481.62019-06-18At long laststill waiting for the 18+ btwNot gonna happen. Fruitbat Factory is not exactly known for their 18+ releases, so to speak. It's focused exclusively on
t12354.42019-05-20question to those that have read this VNYou shouldn't took my words literally. I didn't mean that those activites occured in the novel - what I meant is that the people who CAN have such
t12356.42019-05-19Wrong title translationWell, ok. Still, except literal meaning - idiomatic or implyed meanings exists too. For example link doesn't actually means "no good human", does it
t12356.12019-05-19Wrong title translationEven I, without deep Japanese knowledge, know that Dame Koi means Ditzy/Goofy Love. Even if creators disgrace themselves with their horrible Engrish
t12354.22019-05-19question to those that have read this VNBelieve it or not - there are lots of people into hetare, worthless, submissive males who are so poor that much greater, assertive and kind oneesans
t12349.12019-05-18Sekai Project 2019 Surveylink
t12348.12019-05-18Anime Central 2019 Announcements!From Sekai: link Kemono Musume no Sodatekata Sanarara Fuyu no Polaris From Mangagamer: link Imouto Paradise! 3 ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no
t12310.142019-05-16Steam controversy againAlso she wears white in that link. Based on what you say, that'd refer to high school. Black -> White.No, see for yourself link Scroll the page down
t12310.112019-05-16Steam controversy againBtw, judging by Nekomiya Nono uniform - she is indeed elementary school>middle school student. Middle schoolkids in Japan usually wears dark-colored
t3617.16772019-05-13Tags suggestions/fixesI mean, denying a tag isn't a ban on discussing it. There are multiple examples in the past where I initially denied a tag, that later on, with
t3617.16752019-05-12Tags suggestions/fixesCleared up the tag queue. I have a feeling that Usagi will not be particularly happy about it though...Yeah, you are right. I am definitely not happy
t12310.52019-05-10Steam controversy againYeah. When i look at newton and Nono is easy to see the difference.Ok, what about Reina and Minokasa Nagi then? Still there is difference? When will
t12310.12019-05-10Steam controversy againSteam page was deleted i.e. the game failed to pass their QC. I suppose the main culprit is Nekomiya Nono and/or all that three years time skip
t12309.12019-05-10Finally HemoImo is out!link
t3617.16652019-05-09Tags suggestions/fixesYeah. 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ or Apathy - Midnight Collection ~Vol. 1~ has tons of endings too. Aoishiro has 56 endings as far as I recall.
t12268.412019-05-05Why are there so many crappy oelvn@40 Still, there are some bed scenes as well.
t12268.392019-05-05Why are there so many crappy oelvn@36 If you want a 50-hour game with full voice acting and a ton of h-scenes? Stick with JVNs. I don't think anyone in the western market is ever
t12268.292019-05-05Why are there so many crappy oelvnI don't see the tag for Oelvn on VNDB 0.0It's pretty much this Ren'Py Engine
t12268.242019-05-04Why are there so many crappy oelvnRather than talking about the crappy OELVN, I'm actually more interested in knowing what are the ones worth playing.All Ebi-hime catalogue is worthy
t12268.32019-05-03Why are there so many crappy oelvnThere are lots of good OELVNs. How can you know that they are crappy - if you don't even bother to check? It's one of common misconceptions about
t3617.16602019-05-03Tags suggestions/fixesPls change the description of Hero with Naked Top (if it will be approved) to "This game has considerable amount of scenes where one can see hero(es
t3617.16582019-05-02Tags suggestions/fixesI added couple of lines to the previous response - see above. I don't think Antagonists are that common though. Majority of vns are still moeges
t3617.16562019-05-02Tags suggestions/fixesAntagonist is not a synonym for a villain - it's simply someone who is at odds with the protagonist. Basically he can be the genocidal maniac, the
t3617.16542019-05-02Tags suggestions/fixesPeople search for main characters. Supporting character roles are completely secondary. Depends on the game. In one the antagonist can be main, in
t3617.16522019-05-02Tags suggestions/fixesI can give you a reason for why an Antagonist tag wouldn't be approved: We already have plenty of tags for villains, rivals and the likes. There is
t3617.16502019-05-02Tags suggestions/fixesI just created Antagonist general tag. If it is approved (and why it shouldn't? it's very useful tag IMO -helping to find chuuniges for example) - I
t12248.32019-04-29Any other games like that one?Sanguine Rose The Letter Carmilla VA-11 HALL-A
t12238.32019-04-28Empress Energy EcstasyWhat announcement?