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r24412.42013-04-13 at 13:39smelvertisingFlyable Heart -The future has already begun-Website link update
r25086.42013-04-12 at 10:07smelvertisingCell works Collection Vol.3Original title
r25883.32013-04-12 at 10:07smelvertisingCell works Collection Vol.4Original title
r23784.32013-04-08 at 15:20smelvertisingTick! Tack!Exclamation marks are in the official English title too
r20898.42013-04-02 at 11:44smelvertisingTenioha! ~Onna no Ko Datte Honto wa Ecchi da yo?~ First Press EditionExtra content
r22516.22013-04-02 at 11:37smelvertisingKuronijibako - Black Rainbow Box First Press Limited EditionExtras, English title (as on the box and everywhere on it)
r16010.72013-04-01 at 18:48smelvertisingHadaka ShitsujiLink to actual release thread
r26135.12013-03-24 at 07:38smelvertisingPlay! Play! Play! San - Download EditionDL version
v4965.42013-03-20 at 16:40smelvertisingShokuzai no Kyoushitsu Bad EndAccording to the anime (and the names)
r24708.22013-03-15 at 00:19smelvertisingHyperdimension Neptunia VictoryNext week link