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t5742.22014-09-10What the hell?Are you trying to annoy me? I crop CONSISTENT images, and you replace them with ready watermarked sht? Just for lulz?
t5742.12014-09-10What the hell?Why are you insulting me? Also, my images on Lover Able were neat and consistent! Why did you change them to Getchu's 250x300 px watermarked ones
t2108.6742014-09-09Candidates for deletionr36406 is a duplicate of r31619
t2108.6562014-08-09Candidates for deletionI accidentally created p4630, a duplicate of p1224. I'm sorry, please delete it.
t5487.112014-07-01Guilty Crown Lost ChristmasWhy did I even get into this drama in the first place? Please, someone, move this topic from by board/wall....
t5487.32014-06-30Guilty Crown Lost ChristmasI figured that if their group already has completed releases, I could add a TBA one. If they end up changing their mind about doing it, you can put
t2108.6032014-06-07Candidates for deletion@600 I'm sorry, ano, I did not know that. I generally don't read forum posts, I only occasionally read modding-related threads.
t2108.5982014-06-03Candidates for deletionv6764 and v4906 have duplicate characters. It looks like somebody created the duplicates because they did not know how to assign the existing
t3314.3902014-06-03Traits@overmage #365 Never mind my old comments, I agree with you. I don't even remember now why I insisted on Hosome trait being left with Akiha. She
t2108.4592013-12-02Candidates for deletionv11438 apparently has the same contents as v4969, except their names are different. Here are the reasons I think that might be true. 1. Most of
t4841.32013-11-30Requested Producer UnlockThank you.
t4841.12013-11-30Requested Producer UnlockWhy was this page locked? Could someone please unlock it?
t3314.2812013-10-11TraitsA highly trained murderer is still a murderer. There are rookie serial killers who are payed for what they do and receive missions just like trained
t3314.2772013-10-10TraitsI have one more aliases request. Please add to i383 the aliases: killer, murderer, hitman, hit person, liquidator.
t4650.112013-10-07Character trait cleanup@9 I'm sorry for making the mistakes based on misinterpretation of the information I found online, and thank you for fixing them and adding more info
t4650.82013-10-05Character trait cleanup@7 Who the hell said that there should be just ONE single version of a name? I don't see why can't we leave _both_, especially if the developer's
t4650.62013-10-05Character trait cleanup@5 You are right, that's why I suggest to use both versions.
t4650.42013-10-05Character trait cleanup"Maybe you shouldn't tag if you haven't actually played the game."Maybe you should think before insulting people. Everybody makes mistakes, even
t4650.22013-10-05Character trait cleanupI'm glad you've opened a thread for this. Because since I have added all of these characters, It would be only natural for me to disagree with you
t4628.172013-10-01Happy Birthday to Me!@#15 13-14? ಠ‿ಠ (they're gonna send me to jail...) Seriously, though, it depends on the molester's taste. Some would prefer 70 y/o women... Ew... P
t4628.112013-10-01Happy Birthday to Me!@Gabe Because it's more moe. (a loli)
t4628.82013-10-01Happy Birthday to Me!Hap... *waiting in order to be the seventeenth* Ah, what the hell am I doing. Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, VNDB, Yorhel-sama! (^•ω •^)ヽ(◕ω◕)۶
t444.392013-10-01Kikokugai -GD-I have finished KKG nearly 2 years ago, but I still remember the incredible impact the ending had on me. I have very much enjoyed this vn, in fact
t3314.2702013-10-01Traits@Takata Fine, I got your point, let's wait for other opinions About Googles and Headscarf. About the Nurse's cap, I have re-submitted the trait
t4373.152013-09-30Why was this visual novel deleted?@#12 Or till when there is an official website of the novel linked to its potential producer's website.
t2108.4172013-09-30Candidates for deletion@yorhel Ah, then it's ok, I think. c11724 and c12321. Another duplicate, this time made by me by mistake. But the one I created is more complete and
t3314.2682013-09-30Traits2. iii. Goggles clearly are glasses; they are closed, but you look through them. They have lenses. They are used to protect the eyes and/or to
t3314.2662013-09-29Traits@Warfoki Neither do I prefer one spelling over the other, it just bothers me that they are not the same. It's for the consistency, so the traits
t3314.2642013-09-29TraitsI'm sorry for bumping in. I have more requests for aliases. 1. Maid's Headdress (i1248) - Please add "Maid's Hairband" and "Maid's Headband" 2
t4602.42013-09-27Cover ImageAh, you're right. Artigatou ne, senpai! ヘ, when did he do that?
t4602.22013-09-26Cover Image*Cough* Guys?
t4602.12013-09-24Cover ImageHi, I'd like to replace the low quality cover image of this VN's page with a better one (but it needs to be cut first). Since the edit of this page
t4445.572013-09-24Eye/hair Colour TraitsSuminoe Takako clearly has orange hair, if you ask me. nutella: No problem, I'm glad you are not angry with me for reverting some of them. ^_
t3314.2392013-09-23Traitsi165 (Bracer) needs "Arm Guard" (without a "-") "Arm Guards", "Wrist-Guard" and "Wrist Guard" as aliases.
t4445.522013-09-23Eye/hair Colour TraitsNutella, it's me, I'm correcting you. I don't agree with some of your Red>Orange and Red>Brown edits. If you really think I'm wrong, I suggest that
t4445.492013-09-22Eye/hair Colour TraitsYeah, but I'm on a week long holiday at the moment. EDIT: Could somebody please add to the color chart examples of Dark Orange and Dark Green hair
t4445.472013-09-22Eye/hair Colour Traits@#44 I'm accepting the challenge, as I have interest in organizing the DB. I will be more than glad to help. Finally, orange hair! (when did that
t2108.4112013-09-20Candidates for deletionc12269 is a clone of c196, and c12273 is a clone of c3558. BTW, I personally think we should consider adding instances of the other Umineko and
t4552.12013-09-07Your Vote in FukushuuHi Nacchi! Why did you vote "Female Protagonist" in v6005? The official site (link) states that the protagonist's name is Masuda Yuuichirou, 増田 雄一郎
t4522.32013-09-07Please deletePossibly belongs to "Candidates for deletion" thread?
t4533.62013-08-31Hi there, about 3 sizesYeah, it seems that nobody outside of Japan can understand these kinds of things. They're just too different. My point was that big producers
t4533.42013-08-31Hi there, about 3 sizesHuh? I don't understand your reply, ano...
t4533.22013-08-31Hi there, about 3 sizesI include this information simply because it exists, and because there is no rule on vndb that forbids me from adding this kind of information
t4517.22013-08-26Character image sizesUmm... I upload a relatively narrow image with a white background, then it gets resized automatically when I upload it.* Then I add the extra white
t4431.52013-08-07Duel Savior and Baldr Force CharactersThen I'll have to add those two as episodic characters in Duel Savior. Thank you, moogy, izmo!
t4431.32013-08-07Duel Savior and Baldr Force CharactersThank you for the info. "probably not really worth putting a relation for"Do you mean on the VN page, or both the VN page and Tooru's character
t4431.12013-08-07Duel Savior and Baldr Force CharactersAnyone who played these VNs, I'd like to ask you a question. These VNs are related on VNDB by "sharing characters". I can't find any info online
t3314.1952013-08-03TraitsThe relation is that a jock is (quoted from i1105 =>) "A superficial person is one who lacks substance. They judge others based on appearance, social
t3314.1932013-08-02TraitsI'm back with more trait rearrangement suggestions. 1. Patriotic (i636) should be under Loyal (i818). 2. Jock (i782) should be under Superficial (i11
t3314.1822013-07-30Traits@Immlff 6. "He can be harsh and unresponsive but still do something that ultimately will benefit others." "Altruism is selfless concern for the