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t13050.772020-06-25SalesWell... Steam summer sale is here, and as always, Denpasoft and Mangagamer do that kind of discounts on their own website too. Jast USA has offers
t6094.1492019-08-08Steam saleEdit: No longer available. Weekend steam sale. Spike chunsoft games. -428 shibuya scramble por 9,99€ -80% -Zanki Zero por 23,99€ -60% -Danganronpa
t12638.52019-08-08Saya no Uta coming out on Steam this monthI think this is the full statement: link "However, given the sexual themes in the original release, some content deemed unsuitable for Steam has
t12648.42019-07-24Humble hot date bundle Download version?Thank you both for the information, i didn't realize that the bundle was done before the patch. It's interesting that the Steam version works without
t12648.12019-07-23Humble hot date bundle Download version?Hi, I remember i purchased the "hot date" bundle last year, and it included a drm-free version of "G-senjou no Maou - The Devil on G-String Voiced
t6094.1472019-04-29Steam saleThere's a "Golden week" sale going right now. Plenty of VNs on sale. link Some of them: -428: Shibuya scramble 14.99$ -70% -Steins Gate 11.99$ -60
t12220.22019-04-21this is not a VNI played it... and i must agree. Its a trivia game, the story bits are really really short. Most of the times it's like "This is a character, he
t12173.82019-04-14Steam ver. no longer uses the original Ost and SFXI don't think anybody has done a list of all the changes. If all they did was just "upgrade" the sound quality of the tracks, i could be ok. They
t12173.52019-04-13Steam ver. no longer uses the original Ost and SFXI don't use the ps3mod... i just play each chapter with the new (steam - fixed) sprites, and the original backgrouns and music (i like them). Quite
t12173.32019-04-10Steam ver. no longer uses the original Ost and SFXThe thing is... i haven't played Kai yet. So i dont know 100% but it seems like they used some Kai tracks for the Question arcs, and some "poor
t12173.12019-04-10Steam ver. no longer uses the original Ost and SFXFrom the steam group page: April 1 "BGM & SFX update 07th Expansion has decided to re-record all the Higurashi BGM and sound effects in the series
t6094.1452019-03-27Steam sale15$ for Clannad and G-senjou no Maou, two games i still didn't have, is pretty decent. The rest... meh.
t2019.92012-08-14General Discussion on why Good People DieWell.. if the character descriptions on the english wikipedia are all right, it's a sequel, not a prequel. And it has been announced for Europe too
t2019.72012-08-14General Discussion on why Good People DieQuirky characters, pseudo-science, mathematics, and some weird humor where some of the best bits of the original game. Hope his sequel follows the
t2748.492012-05-29Sex, all right!" I thought Mizuki's approach to sex was a large part of her character and approach to life. Not to mention...(Spoiler)" Agree. I remember some
t2715.112012-05-19Retro VNs - More info available?So... you just don't like 80's and early 90's style, thats ok, but it was nowhere ugly. Styles change with time, but that does not make them better
t2554.462012-04-15What got you started with/into Visual NovelsI've always been an animation fan, i read a pretty good amount of manga and love western graphic adventures. Quite a few years ago i saw the non
t2012.82011-08-23Deciding if a game is a Visual Novel or not?I appreciate your comments, i did not know that the subject was a common one. For me, question settled then ;) I'm not an english-born speaking
t2012.42011-08-23Deciding if a game is a Visual Novel or not?"""*sigh* The DS front raises its ugly head once again... -.-'""" <- Sorry, but most of my games are PC games, i've come up with this question
t2012.12011-08-23Deciding if a game is a Visual Novel or not?I've seen quite some DS games in the Database, including the Phoenix Wright saga (which is VN only in part, i think) or Lux-Pain (which has some