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t7232.22015-12-07Am i the only one....I just reached the sirens arc but yeah for now I did feel like Fal or Kyurio were developed enough on their own to get their own routes. However, one
t7193.62015-12-01My experience playing this so farI'm installing this as we speak but short common route in it of itself isn't a bad thing. I mean from second heroine on you end up skipping the damn
t7187.52015-11-29Download edition?Thanks again, for some reason I didn't show up on DMM when I searched with the full title :/ Tried again with just ハルウソ after you gave me the link
t7187.32015-11-29Download edition?Thanks for the help and advice! Any idea why I can't seem to find the download edition for sell on getchu, amazon and so on? The media is listed as
t7187.12015-11-29Download edition?All I can find for this game is regular edition listed as DvD-ROM and - Dakimakura Cover Included Deluxe Limited Edition. No mention of a download
t7153.122015-11-24What happenned on the true end??Lol now you guys got me intruigued even though I don't plan on playing the game, anyone willing to fully spoil this true end for me? edit: nvm I
t7147.72015-11-19Play previous versions?I wouldn't say that adapting the novels into a single VN was such a bad idea. First of all it enables people who have not played the original games
t7147.52015-11-18Play previous versions?Ok thanks for you answers everyone! They came a bit late as off now I've already cleared the novelized version, KF1 and am playing the first gaiden
t7147.12015-11-16Play previous versions?Hi, I was thinking about picking this up after playing Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 and the "if" version. The thing is there are so many games around I must
t7125.12015-11-11Other versions coming?Since this is named "Enamori Senri & Koma Kayano Ver." I assume other versions are coming for the rest of heroines? I really need a COG after story
t6966.122015-11-06Sequel coming!ok thanks, I think I'll pass on this one since as you said he is a knight in training, it's only normal he would be competent at fighting. (I would
t6966.102015-11-05Sequel coming!"He's useless but he's a good guy" Can someone elaborate on this? I really can't stand games with protags that don't stand out in any way. As long
t6386.92015-05-23Minato reached downhillI'm sorry I'm totaly late to the conversation but just to make things clear, things like Majikoi A aren't DLC. DLC stands for downloadable content
t5775.32014-09-22This game's description...?yeah I kinda assumed it was based of a preview because that's what the blogger says, I guess the game then changed so much that a summ based on the
t5775.12014-09-22This game's description...?Hey I'm well deep into this game but I can't place any of the events described in the game's description, what's up with that? It has been there for
t5720.12014-09-03Where are those from?Hello there's those two pictures and I'd like to know what VN they are from, I remember seeing at least one of them on VNDB a while ago (the bikini
t5640.22014-08-30Thread: About Primal X Heartsthey do remind me of those too, although I wouldn't have thought of it if you had not mentioned it but to be fair Koi to Senkyo didn't leave that
t5643.92014-08-12Tags question^this
t5643.72014-08-12Tags questionI disagree with you pabloc, in T2T the protagonist is in a relationship called "harem" so promiscuity doesn't apply. Considering that he lives with
t5643.42014-08-11Tags questionyo, this isn't totaly unrelated since it's a question about tags. Is there any way to edit a tag? I didn't find it and I'd like to add a alias for
t5552.72014-07-18Those weird curly hair that turn me onWell instead of going for a search I just clicked on "heroine hair" as a cathegory and looked at all the traits present there. As I said I couldn't
t5552.32014-07-18Those weird curly hair that turn me onI'm sorry but english isn't my native language so "ringlet" didn't ring a bell. Now I'll thank you even if you are being awefully insulting and
t5552.12014-07-18Those weird curly hair that turn me onYesterday I was suddenly posessed with the need to play an eroge with a girl with one of those hairstyles. You know the one all the annoying yet
t5540.52014-07-13Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, opinions?"The game hasn't been out even an entire month yet, so it's mostly fanboy voters so far (in both places)" Well, seeing as how it recieved a 7 on EGS
t5540.32014-07-13Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, opinions?Since EGS is a japanese website while VNDB is vastly western influenced it's no surprise the scores are very different. I've just started to common
t5540.12014-07-13Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, opinions?First of all, holly shit! This game has a higher average than Sengoku Koihime or Fate! With 14 10/10 out of 26 votes! Rather amazing, Palette always
t5165.12014-03-23Hints to how Koihime endedI'm literally at the start of the game before the main chara even leaves our world. From what he says Kazuto (MC from Koihime) is living with all the
t5112.42014-03-13Shinobu Deserves her own routeIt seemed pretty obvious to me as she has cleavages even when crossdressed, also if you look at the tags it does mention Reverse Trap Heroine
t5111.32014-03-04A-3 (incredibly minor spoilershow can it be a right issue when Kimiaru was a Minatosoft release (both publisher and developer side) as well? I'd agree with overkill on this one
t5112.12014-03-04Shinobu Deserves her own routeWhile I really enjoyed the Harem route I must say it's mainly due to the fact that Shinobu really surprised me by turning into an amazing heroine
t2782.952014-01-11Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..>The Majikoi series seriously went so low as to have an actual catgirl? Ugh... -.- They already had clones of famous historical figures whom genders
t4654.22013-10-11Himegoto Unionperfect, was looking for another time waster. I should not be disapointed!
t4257.32013-06-23Known bugsoh so I guess that would be the problem, no I haven't patched and I probably wont be patching this one as I already solved this by using an older
t4257.12013-06-23Known bugsI know Chara games tend to be buggy on release especialy when it comes to the BB series (event not trigering for some reasons etc...). This is why I
t2782.742013-05-10Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..sry what does the sayaka route patch add/change?
t2782.662013-04-01Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..Always thought Azumi needed a route of her own, of course with Yamato. I have to admit I kind of have a sweet spot of her, Azumi-moe~ lol By the way
t2460.92013-03-03Shinigami no Testament: commentsit was not meant for people who previously posted to read, I wanted to leave a comment as proof of my love for chuuni content for future generations
t2460.72013-03-03Shinigami no Testament: commentssweet sweet chuuni
t3558.22013-02-21JustyXNasty: Comments"Rather than drawing you into the setting and making you fall in love with the characters""Couple this with a bland set of heroines and no real drama
t3023.62013-02-03Willie Wonka the lolithat crazy girl is indeed Willie Wonka made loli... I'm found of lolis but I'm not sure such a thing should exist O_o
t3011.162012-11-18Sousei Kitan Aerial: Commentsthanks overkill
t3011.142012-11-17Sousei Kitan Aerial: Commentsthis VN has the "multiple protagonists" tag, how does it work here? I mean, watching the teaser and the pics it seems there is still a central main
t3413.12012-11-17Sinclient impressionsI liked the main chara and the plot, but there are damn too many characters, of which too many secret agents and/or characters leading a double life
t2893.142012-11-01Gurenka: CommentsThis game is very good, it would be even better if the main character wasn't so average... I mean, there is nothing bad about him, he's just the
t2955.162012-10-22No one else reading this?@ acewing905 that really doesn't matter, it's not unusual for a game to get a sequel/fandisc after newer games have already been released
t2955.132012-10-21No one else reading this?This game needs a fandisc and or sequel with routes including side characters
t3303.42012-10-18Seriously? WTF Yukino in Irina after?I'm well aware of all of this, as I said it's just that I had to complain somwhere, made me feel better. Its not a sequel, it just shares the main
t3303.12012-10-17Seriously? WTF Yukino in Irina after?I finished the main game shortly after its release and I just realised there was this sequel while checking for "naka no hito nado inai" on vndb
t3222.72012-09-19No harem route?well... there IS sex in almost all VN... I agree that most eroge with a harem route have high sexual content, but they are not all nukige, just
t3222.52012-09-19No harem route?lol, why do you need a nukige for a harem route? I like to have an ending where I don't have to choose a heroine in particular. Also I don't like