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t13315.192020-01-24Does it get better? (slight spoilers)#18 Personally I usually disliked a lot of hyped up releases from this generation and find a decent chunk of the so called "kamiges" good but
t13315.172020-01-07Does it get better? (slight spoilers)Gonna have to agree with what people are saying here, the pacing is absolutely atrocious and kills momentum. 10-20 minutes of fighting followed by 10
t13290.102020-01-04AwesomeGenuinely surprised by how good this game was and how little people talked about it prior to it being released in English. Honestly, this and Your
t12864.22019-10-13Dies Irae Pantheon NewsSeems like he wants to release Pantheon in the future if those chapters do well. This novel is going on about the First Heaven, Paradise Lost was
t12907.62019-10-11AI: The Somnium Files -GD-Personally, I thought it was one of their weakest games so far. The characters are pretty dull and boring, besides the main two Aiba and Date, the
t12017.462019-03-10Dies Irae offends ChristianityRusalka not having a route is the only offensive thing about Dies irae tbh.
t11903.22019-02-09Localization and Steiner is Light's new PR managerStill a bit sour about what is going on with Pantheon since that is what I'm most hyped about, but Ikabey and a future KKK if the sales are good is
t706.222018-09-16What happened with the translation?It's pretty damn rough around the edges and it shows it's an old game, that's for sure. I'm of course not that far into it and my opinion could
t11234.112018-09-15New OPHey, you wanna shit on Lilith, that's fine, but don't trash Yukikaze/Rinko's games, they are cute, pure girls that deserve all the love they can get
t9414.292018-09-15Is it cool to hate this VN now?I would say Marie, Kasumi and spinne are indeed a bit bland, the last two in particular got the short end of the stick in comparison to the rest of
t11234.22018-09-15New OPI liked the old Amantes Amantes opening more. That being said, this is pretty good too. More hyped about Pantheon than the actual new opening, hope
t9414.262018-08-23Is it cool to hate this VN now?@25 Emiya, Mighty Wind, Light and Darkness, This Illusion(inst), Lightning Swordman, Clashing Souls, Golden King, New Dawn vs Lohengrin, Einherjar
t5767.222018-08-11How come more nukige like this don't get licensed?@21 That's good news then. Based on the reactions from the announcement I thought it was the older version, but if the game is only 4 years old, then
t5767.202018-08-11How come more nukige like this don't get licensed?I personally didn't like Toushin Toushi II at all to be honest. I think I played like 30 minutes of TTIII a long time ago and I liked it more than it
t10871.22018-06-30Spoilerish issueUse Gurigura's shock/stun ability when he charges up (next turn after that he does the full heal) so that he needs to charge up again. You need to be
t7710.152018-06-30Evenicle -GD-I'm at chapter 3 and I have to say that as far as I saw, It's just an okay RPG with the added bonus of the Senran artist, but that's pretty much it
t10353.262018-03-18Is this series like the Legend of Heroes of Eroge@13 Personally, those were the lowest points for me. I don't like missing content in the games I play, but when you just go out of your way to see
t10353.122018-03-17Is this series like the Legend of Heroes of Eroge@7 I've played the Trails trilogy, Cold Steel I&II and the Zero translation. They're mostly very subpar games that take forever to get good. You can
t10353.42018-03-14Is this series like the Legend of Heroes of ErogeLoH is an overall mediocre series though. Rance has genuinely great games like Sengoku, 03 and X
t9620.192017-09-10Is this VN Kusoge now?Just my impressions, I don't really give a damn what he has done or not.
t9620.172017-09-09Is this VN Kusoge now?It's pretty good, but it's not a 10/10 like it was hyped up to be. For me it personally drops the ball after Invention since I was in for the
t9414.162017-07-21Is it cool to hate this VN now?Personally, the other big chuuni VN that I've liked a lot was FSN, and that pales in comparison to Dies Irae. The former just doesn't hold a candle
t9310.132017-07-01Best girlKasumi and Marie are both boring, but Marie is cuter and has more and better moments to shine than Kasumi. Kei is a good character but a terrible
t8648.22017-01-06Walkthrough5D link VI link These games have only a single route, VI having post-game content that is canon. So no, the games don't have any replay value
t8592.102016-12-30Rance 5D and VI GDFinished Rance VI two days ago. Gonna post my thoughts on the game (because why not, is copypasted anyway). >The Good The story and worldbuilding is
t8592.72016-12-25Rance 5D and VI GD5D is pretty bad, both gameplay wise (RNG everything and chapter 3 ending is a dick move if you aren't prepared) and story wise. VI, so far, is
t7893.32016-06-01Translation released (NOT MINE)#3 I tried loading a previous save and the same happened to me. The H-scenes work just fine though, and from what I've seen so does the plot up
t5842.442014-10-15Killer Queen GDGood read for a short VN. I would have certainly enjoyed "And then there were none" more than "Killer Queen" if they haven't made it obvious who the