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r26307.42013-05-07 at 05:15byrdnOnedari Shinasai Onii-sama "Imouto ni Dou Yatte Ijimeraretai no?"Website added.
v11899.22012-12-31 at 20:10byrdnColor of WhiteLength and image added. Length based on estimate from official site.
r24903.22012-12-31 at 20:07byrdnColor of WhiteFully voiced.
r24903.12012-12-31 at 20:00byrdnColor of WhiteBasic release info added.
v11899.12012-12-31 at 19:49byrdnColor of WhiteInitial version. Will add more info.
v10100.62012-12-28 at 08:00byrdnLovely no Natsuyasumi ~Oji-san Kansatsu Nikki~Changed the description to show the shy one's called Hina, rather than Haruna. As an aside, "Ojisan's Diary of Summer Loli" could use some changing
r22522.22012-10-31 at 17:37byrdnChiisana Kanojo no SerenadeAdded official website.
r22250.32012-10-07 at 19:34byrdnImouto SpiralAdded official website.
v10376.32012-05-24 at 23:46byrdnBukatsu e Ikou! Sono 1Added related anime.