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t2108.11292015-09-01Candidates for deletionMiai Kekkon Shita Yousai ga Otoko no Musumedatta Kudan acidentally added a duplicate, the first release didn't appear when the jp name was searched
t3314.4912015-02-26Traits^, Yeah, I guess I just mainly wanted a distinction between Japanese and Western kinds, to differentiate like idk... Fantasy Tavern/inns or the like
t3314.4882015-02-25TraitsHey, as the guy who submitted the Ryoukan tag I can sort of explain, considering I was having trouble thinking of the name to submit it in as the
t6231.32015-02-16g2161 - No distinct heroineIn the sense of Nukiges and the like with multiple female characters, imo, their ranking on Main/Supporting character is proportionate to how many H
t3617.5602015-01-29Tags suggestions/fixesI don't know if this should be in a tag thread since it is more of an input thing, but since the body tag for ages are of apparent ages, if we know