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r31623.12014-01-02 at 22:55rjmacxRe;quartzNew release based on r29363.1
r31208.22013-12-15 at 18:18rjmacxKoisuru Shimai no Sextet - First Web Trial EditionType
r21251.22013-12-10 at 04:40rjmacxMomiji wa Akaku Sono Mi wo Somete - Package EditionAge rating, website
r21250.32013-12-10 at 04:39rjmacxMomiji wa Akaku Sono Mi wo Somete - Download EditionAge rating, website
r28664.22013-09-03 at 22:59rjmacxYume ka Utsutsu ka Matryoshka - Trial EditionType, website
r27319.12013-06-14 at 09:42rjmacxUsogai Makoto to Tsukiyo no xxxAdded release
v12761.12013-06-14 at 09:39rjmacxUsogai Makoto to Tsukiyo no xxxAdded VN
p3439.12013-06-14 at 09:36rjmacxNanashinoyaAdded producer
r27318.12013-06-14 at 08:15rjmacxHigan Shinjuu Fractal - Download EditionAdded release
r27317.12013-06-14 at 08:14rjmacxHigan Shinjuu Fractal - Regular EditionAdded release
v12760.12013-06-14 at 08:12rjmacxHigan Shinjuu FractalAdded VN
r27316.12013-06-14 at 08:05rjmacxEnd End SummerAdded release
v12759.12013-06-14 at 08:03rjmacxEnd End SummerAdded VN
p3438.12013-06-14 at 08:03rjmacxMelt-SelfAdded producer
r27315.12013-06-14 at 07:54rjmacxSora no FudousanAdded release
v12758.12013-06-14 at 07:52rjmacxSora no FudousanAdded VN
r27314.12013-06-14 at 07:44rjmacxKanata no Tokei - Free EditionAdded release
r27313.12013-06-14 at 07:42rjmacxKanata no Tokei - Download EditionAdded release
r27312.12013-06-14 at 07:38rjmacxKanata no Tokei - Regular EditionAdded release
v12757.12013-06-14 at 07:36rjmacxKanata no TokeiAdded VN
p3437.12013-06-14 at 07:32rjmacxEmbryoAdded producer
r27311.12013-06-14 at 07:24rjmacxWorld RewinderAdded release
v12756.12013-06-14 at 07:23rjmacxWorld RewinderAdded VN
p3436.12013-06-14 at 07:19rjmacxKotonoha MeikyuuAdded producer
r27310.12013-06-14 at 07:12rjmacxHajimete Naita HiAdded release
v12755.12013-06-14 at 07:11rjmacxHajimete Naita HiAdded VN
p3435.12013-06-14 at 07:08rjmacxHanemineAdded producer
r27309.12013-06-14 at 06:46rjmacxGoutou, Shoufu no Himo ni NaruAdded release
v12754.12013-06-14 at 06:44rjmacxGoutou, Shoufu no Himo ni NaruAdded VN
p3434.12013-06-14 at 06:40rjmacxLoser/sAdded producer
r27308.12013-06-14 at 06:34rjmacxHentai Gichou no Yabou - Download EditionAdded release
r27307.12013-06-14 at 06:34rjmacxHentai Gichou no Yabou - Regular EditionAdded release
v12753.12013-06-14 at 06:32rjmacxHentai Gichou no YabouAdded VN
r27306.12013-06-14 at 06:24rjmacxHoukago no Iinchou ~Himitsu no Gakuen Seikatsu~ Download EditionAdded release
r27305.12013-06-14 at 06:23rjmacxHoukago no Iinchou ~Himitsu no Gakuen Seikatsu~ Regular EditionAdded release
v12752.12013-06-14 at 06:19rjmacxHoukago no Iinchou ~Himitsu no Gakuen Seikatsu~Added VN
r27303.12013-06-14 at 03:54rjmacxWish -Tale of the Sixteenth Night of Lunar Month- Download EditionAdded release
r27302.12013-06-14 at 03:53rjmacxWish -Tale of the Sixteenth Night of Lunar Month- Regular EditionAdded release
v12750.12013-06-14 at 03:51rjmacxWish -Tale of the Sixteenth Night of Lunar Month-Added VN
p3433.12013-06-14 at 03:48rjmacxMigihaAdded producer
r27301.12013-06-14 at 03:26rjmacxMizu no KainaAdded release
v12749.12013-06-14 at 03:25rjmacxMizu no KainaAdded VN
r27300.12013-06-14 at 03:14rjmacxEndless RainAdded release
v12748.12013-06-14 at 03:12rjmacxEndless RainAdded VN
c12135.22013-06-14 at 00:23rjmacxYamanashi YayoiInfo, trait
c12133.22013-06-14 at 00:21rjmacxTakamura AyanoInfo, trait
c12137.22013-06-14 at 00:20rjmacxKusaka SaoriInfo, trait
c12139.22013-06-14 at 00:19rjmacxKurumazaki AoiInfo, trait
c12138.22013-06-14 at 00:17rjmacxHinase HarukaName, info, traits
c12132.42013-06-14 at 00:14rjmacxAyasaka ShihoInfo, trait