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t2108.2972013-06-14Candidates for deletionc12733, c12732, and c12731 are duplicates of c9884, c9885, and c9883. I'm pretty sure the latter three should just be tagged as appearing in the
t3457.142012-12-01Difference between "Curtained" and "Intake" TraitsI see, thanks for the tip. I guess because where I live the appearance "parted in the middle" etc. is so commonly known, I didn't even think it
t3457.122012-12-01Difference between "Curtained" and "Intake" TraitsI didn't create the intake or curtained traits, so as for those, I can't change anything. I was just unclear about when to use them. If you're
t3457.92012-11-30Difference between "Curtained" and "Intake" TraitsYeah, that makes sense to me. Then "Parted bangs" would be characters like c5185 or c5447, and "Side bangs" would refer to characters like c5485
t3457.72012-11-30Difference between "Curtained" and "Intake" TraitsWhat I was thinking of when I suggested the trait, at least, covered all three. It might be better to split it into two traits - "Side swept bangs
t3457.52012-11-30Difference between "Curtained" and "Intake" TraitsHaha okay, I got it. That's what I was thinking of when I suggested the middle-part and side bangs trait, but then I read the description for
t3457.32012-11-30Difference between "Curtained" and "Intake" TraitsOkay, thanks for clearing things up. I was trying to figure out which trait to use when tagging and I got confused. Also, does that mean that
t3457.12012-11-30Difference between "Curtained" and "Intake" TraitsI'm a little confused on the differences between i564 and i25. I thought I knew the difference, but when browsing the characters, some of them looked