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t8168.22018-05-19Great voice actorsYou can tell that they put some effort into this. Baby steps I guess. The art is decent enough, but the music is kinda forgettable and the plot is
t6001.92016-12-15Saw this on steamWriting improvement has been quite noticeable in 1.4, but sure there are still parts that stumble about in their clarity and word choice. Still, for
t5293.112014-05-05VN Recommendation with Specific QualitiesIf Gyakuten Saiban counts as "deep", then I'll add Gogatsu No Sora (v1371) to the mix. It's freeware, has no sexual content, and the romance only
t3362.42014-04-19Trial version link downI know rite But yeah, this is why we need mirrors. Some data can actually just disappear once a server goes down. You'd think there would be copies
t3362.22014-04-19Trial version link downSorry for the Long wait, but I finally found my personal copy of this trial version. Uploaded here: link
t5038.12014-02-04Addressing a Trend?It seems like there are several O? ELVNs that take works of literature and add art assets and music to them. g1205 is the very tag that chronicles
t2356.102014-02-040/10, would not recommend"I didn't play Visual Novel for getting new reality about my own real life? we are all here escapist, REMEMBER?" You shouldn't speak for everyone
t2943.242014-01-17Chii's Adventure!Meh. I guess you're reacting in this fashion because it seems like we're ganging up on him for advertising his own work? Sure, he has every right
t2943.222014-01-17Chii's Adventure!@21: Oh definitely! It's such a wonderful VN! Oh wait it's not opposite day today? Sorry, this user wasn't amused. (Maybe someone should lock this
t4979.12014-01-15Cliches, Cliches Everywhere (Spoiler?)Yes, I gave this one a 10. Yes, it risks annihilating my "carefully" constructed voting continuum, but I can explain! records that
t4800.332013-11-18Regarding VotesWTF. I also apologize for starting this thread. I remember some people seemed to lament the fact that VNs are obscure. This kind of discussion doesn
t4800.182013-11-17Regarding Votes"Really, stop the pointless OELVN bashing. Most of them are crap, but that applies to *everything* ever created." This. @16: OELVNs have had enough
t4800.132013-11-17Regarding Votes@12: Warui ne qualities should be acknowledged, desu ne? The Master of Go was a great read.
t4800.102013-11-17Regarding Votes@5: Oh how we love you. My response to the OELVN haters is similar to the following video: link "If I wanted a good story, I'd read a book. The
t4801.12013-11-17Review: An impressive OELVNI gave this VN a 10. This demonstrates bias, but please hear me out. As this user is unable to read Japanese, he is forced to rely on English
t4800.42013-11-17Regarding Votes"What makes something a 5.1 versus a 5.3? Do you have charts or something?" Meh. It's mostly due to the fact that 5.5 and above makes the vote
t4800.12013-11-17Regarding VotesThank you in advance, ye who enter here. Please review the following topic: t4785 In that topic, user takata said this "You do not need to justify
t4788.52013-11-14Extra Credits mentions Saya no Uta"So yeah, I love the Extra Credits guys, but I would prefer if they steered waaaaaay clear of VNs, since there is an infinitely higher chance that
t4744.92013-11-01BEST/WORST Original English novelSigh. Maybe it's because I'm unable to read Japanese, but after reading translated OJLVN and OELVNs I haven't really found any that were 'so great it
t3943.802013-10-04troll voter""everyone is entitled to their vote, even if it's for shits and giggles." Right. I remember coming across a post that mentioned that votes should
t4636.12013-10-02Respect? A discussion of values.In an arranged marriage, is it important to consider the feelings of the other forced party? Or should one only care about one's own love, feelings
t4587.52013-09-20Narcissu Side 2nd DownloadIf you check's project page, it's confirmed that the main link is under maintenance. It's a good thing we have a mirror already, though
t394.32013-09-16Still alive and kicking?It seems the group is officially dead... Their releases have historical significance but the original links are broken. Does anyone have backups?
t186.342013-04-22Crescendo - DiscussionIf one bothers to look at ratings, one might be surprised that the '9.3' I gave this game does not mean I think it's flawless. As I'm reading
t3657.92013-04-15This story is just too confusing (BEWARE SPOILERS)It's been a while since I played it, but yeah I agree with jakku's interpretation for the most part. The girl ran through glass which caused enough
t2274.892013-03-30First time novel stands the best?By that logic, my first VN, At Summer's End would be the best. As others have pointed out, nostalgia goggles tend to blind oneself. Granted, it
t2247.552013-03-28Your Top 5/10 OST songsNo love for The White Season (Kana ~Imouto~)? Or is this user just an old fart? :P
t3386.12012-11-08So bad it's good, but...So what is the recommendation for reviewing 'so bad it's good' works anyway? Nanpa-machi has a horrible translation that can be "justified" by the
t3286.12012-10-09A tough decisionIs it fair to rate a visual novel based on its user interface? I ask this because when we compare this novel, which has an intriguing premise (made
t175.932012-09-24Katawa Shoujo: Favourite RouteI feel that Lilly's route was kind of 'generic' in terms of what happens to their relationship and so forth, but it also felt the most upbeat at the
t3229.92012-09-21Deletion"Not a visual novel. One of the best indie adventure games (or to be more precise - experiences), sure, but nothing more than that." Newb here. As
t3014.12012-08-03Original link DeletedAdded additional link in the main release. Sorry for the confusion!
t2554.472012-04-18What got you started with/into Visual NovelsThis player was in college at the time, and came across Insani while flipping through 'free game downloads.' I've always been an avid reader so the