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t16659.22021-07-25Regarding r7322.4Alas, don't have the files anymore.
t336.72021-06-19Ever17 - Problems with soundWell, there you have it, #5. Mods were not asleep this time 'round. Just know that the patch is available at the usual place *wink*wink*.
t336.62021-06-19Ever17 - Problems with soundStill here almost 12 years later. I got the voice patch on one of my externals somewhere, but it's also available on <some cat site>. You want bgm
t14693.192020-10-11Is this ever gonna come out?When I saw the tweet about the remake undergoing testing playthrough, I was sure that more information was imminent. A year has passed since then
t13648.22020-03-08r44007 "&" dialogue bugHave you tried running the game with a locale emulator? Did you apply the 1.05 patch beforehand?
t13051.32019-10-23Aokana - android portI don't think it's an entire package. If it's legit - which I doubt - it'd probably be an apk requiring game data from Steam to be manually
t13051.12019-10-23Aokana - android portHas anyone had a whirl at the android port and can confirm it actually worked? The group's site is dead, baidu post is gone, and the supposed patch
t11791.82019-10-05Is this gonna have H-scenes?@#6 Well...
t12945.152019-10-01TwelveThanks for not changing too much over those past 10 years I've been here. Evolution, not revolution. TL groups came and went, vns have become more
t7350.242019-02-24Translation@23 "Progress as of February 8th, 2019: Translation and editing complete. In scripting."
t11310.132018-09-30We're alive!Been here for almost 10 years now. Crazy how time just flies by when you're having fun. Happy b-day, vndb - and let's hope for many, many more to
t11031.32018-08-07Christmas Content?It's been like 10 years since I read it, so I might be mistaking it with another vn, but try to manually change the date of your system to 25th Dec
t6480.32015-05-10Visual novels on tabletsAnd this one: link I reread both Umineko Chiru (PS3 tweak patch) and Cross Channel on my tablet using VNDS Interpreter. It's mostly a smooth ride
t5680.22014-08-22How many endings are there??That's because it's a really difficult question to answer if you want to avoid spoilers. First there's a relatively long common route which then
t4899.22013-12-19WalkthroughSure. link
t4855.72013-12-03Paying for translations@4 "Also remember that not all translators live in US. But this doesn't means they are bad translators. And in some countries $3K is a lot"Still
t4855.32013-12-03Paying for translationsLet's assume you managed to find someone who would agree do to unauthenticated translation for you. There's between 35 and 46 lines of text on a
t3924.42013-03-31WowWhat's there to make fun of? It's an otome game and those are all very similar in structure and content... and they all share the target audience
t2915.202012-11-14Internet censorship@19 "and listen to public opinion."Sir, I beg you to pardon my French, but you know shit about Russia if you think that the Kremlin gives a damn
t3269.52012-10-02The what Visual Novel You are playing thread.#4 Worry not, my friend. I wasn't pointing out anything in particular - it's just that when I see people mixing English with Japanese in such an
t3269.22012-10-02The what Visual Novel You are playing thread."Minna Konichiwa"No. Just no.
t3262.262012-10-01We're getting oldHappy birthday! And, of course, more years to come!
t3255.62012-09-29Native AmericanGabe... is it just me or you're recently getting more and more annoying? I swear, most of your comments are even less helpful than the ones you
t3229.12012-09-21DeletionNot a visual novel. One of the best indie adventure games (or to be more precise - experiences), sure, but nothing more than that.
t3228.22012-09-21Is it really visual novel?Seems to be an adventure game with some features characteristic for RPGs - but it's definitely not a visual novel.
t3204.82012-09-12Undeletion | Battle Moon WarsI've started doing them this time around. And damn if it's not hectic... getting them all is really time consuming, I'm some 40h into the game and
t3204.62012-09-12Undeletion | Battle Moon Wars@yorhel All right. That was just a suggestion, and since I remember that BMW was definitely listed on vndb at some point in time, I kind of thought
t3204.32012-09-12Undeletion | Battle Moon WarsLack of narration does not disqualify a title from being a visual novel, that's just wrong. There are books without narration and just because they
t3204.12012-09-12Undeletion | Battle Moon WarsFirst off - there's no thread related to deletion/undeletion on the v733 board, and I failed to find one on other (sub)boards, so I'm making an
t1502.732012-09-06Impressions and opinionsYou can just unpack it yourself if you have the game installed on your computer. You could use, let's say, arc_conv to do so - I'm certain that rev54
t3174.82012-09-05They're back, though no longer publishing@6 Yeah, but we're not talking about the medium itself, but about the format. Why did they go with a bootable disc instead of a normal piece of
t3174.52012-09-05They're back, though no longer publishingThat site is really state-of-the-art, duh. Dvd format, a great number of typos and errors in translations, no H-scenes, and issues with fonts - no
t3167.62012-09-04The site is hard to read@5 There's nothing wrong with us, but you should have your eyes checked - it's not normal for this layout to strain them to the point where you feel
t3107.102012-08-26People translating this?#9 It's actually not uncommon for translation projects to be centered around one translator (be it games, visual novels, or even light novels). In
t2988.42012-07-26School Days bugs or censorship?"I am just like Erica from Umineko"Erika*
t2853.102012-06-24My issue with CLANNAD [SPOILERS maybe]@mazyrian: You sure know how to talk me into reading it. I'll be done with finals in a few days, and I simply must check out whether it's as
t2853.32012-06-23My issue with CLANNAD [SPOILERS maybe]It was my first nonlinear visual novel and it didn't even occur to me that I can use a walkthrough. So... yeah, I read without any sort of third
t2824.662012-06-20Lost in translation."Girl always calling a guy of the same age kun when everybody else use san and san is expected at that age.""Kun" indicates a higher level of
t198.652012-06-19Clannad - TranslationI had kind of expected that maybe the PS3 port would have Tomoya's voice added, but my guess proved to be totally off... so, no - there's no such
t2774.52012-06-05How to use AGTH with Shin KoihimeAlso: if you're using ITH, you may want to change the hooking profile link
t2632.72012-04-23Info about the game@5 Here you go: link
t2490.112012-03-08Well, this was interesting.Sageru, with all due respect - you have no bloody idea what you are talking about. When I was reading what your wrote up there, I felt as if I was
t2450.22012-02-25morphsuits...?F/sn (c50)
t2320.302012-01-11Visual novel sales pitch in 3 dot points1. Visual novels are what you want them to be. They can be either books with their own soundtrack music, graphics, voices, and the freedom of
t111.372012-01-06A review/comments on Yume Miru Kusuri by FinitosYou may have a point there, but if you're reading something that has making you feel emotional as a premise, you already know what to expect. If that
t175.432012-01-05Katawa Shoujo: Favourite RouteI dare you to name at least two of them (apart from that OVA from '99, which was actually pretty watchable). Heck - even one would be a fine result.
t2316.32011-12-31VNDB 2.22 and a Happy New Year!Yayness! Thanks for the update as always, and a Happy New Year to the admin, mods, and the entire vndb community! Cheers!
t2277.22011-12-15I fear we need a touching game tagI have to admit that I haven't encountered such a feature in a visual novel ever before. However, we could just borrow the name of the tag from
t1172.192011-12-15Mahoyo released? Or not?Like one year? You dare to joke, sir - it's more than 3 years by now. link Therefore, I will not believe in any of their release plans until the game
t2242.242011-12-06Wait, what?! An OELVN Nukige?! O.o'I believe that the game runs on Ren'Py, which has that option as a default. And regarding the game itself - I was honestly surprised how an OELVN