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v2002.822016-08-22 at 14:31kilicool64Steins;GateThe "untalented side writer" I mentioned in my review was Shimokura. I don't know any official source on this either though. It's just something...
v9154.42016-05-07 at 10:42kilicool64Waterfront AdventureThat screenshot is arguably still NSFW.
v6523.52016-05-01 at 16:05kilicool64Shin Onna Kyoushi Yuuwaku Shinro ShidoushitsuThis screenshot it arguably NSFW.
v1315.122016-04-10 at 18:16kilicool64KonnekoThis screenshot is pretty NSFW.
c1165.122016-03-29 at 09:10kilicool64Shinozuka MayumiShe only starts to have a major role in the plot after becoming Ishtar Omega, who has a separate entry.