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t18847.42022-07-30Technical question regarding HigurashiFor future reference, when you want people to see a specific moment in a YouTube video, you should use a link with the proper timestamp. You can use
t2108.47482022-06-13Candidates for deletionI just reassigned r91928 to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, since it was erroneously assigned to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, but then I realized that
t18443.42022-05-24Hello, um do you still have take rena home?Don't even recognize any of those. Sorry.
t18443.22022-05-24Hello, um do you still have take rena home?I just checked my backups, but I'm afraid it seems I was mistaken in my belief that I still had the ZIP file. I can't find it. I was able to find a
t17714.22022-02-21read order of the console arcsPersonally, I'd argue that it's best to not bother with these arcs before you're done with the main arcs. Though they were meant to be read alongside
t13936.102022-01-25Zero Time DilemmaBecause its presentation is not at all VN-like.
t16231.162021-11-26How to handle Miotsukushi (and other suggestions)I'd go for the PS2 version. Omote really only improves on one aspect of it, and it turns a far more significant aspect of the arc into complete
t16231.122021-09-19How to handle Miotsukushi (and other suggestions)@11 No, that would make even less sense. Miotsukushi Omote was NOT a new addition to Sui. All of its content was already present in Kizuna. Sui is
t16231.102021-09-12How to handle Miotsukushi (and other suggestions)It's a bit more complicated than that. The Matsuri version of Miotsukushi received various changes when it was turned into Omote. The amount of lines
t16967.42021-09-08Rewrite+ Partially Voiced?I was just waiting to see if someone shows up to explain that VNDB has a weird definition of fully voiced titles that the initial release of Rewrite
t16967.22021-09-07Rewrite+ Partially Voiced?Seriously? The original releases of Rewrite are treated as fully voiced here? They have lots of unvoiced side characters, even outside of Kotarou. I
t16489.22021-08-23Are there answer arcs?Tsukiotoshi is already considered an answer arc, despite not providing a whole lot of answers. As for your questions, I'm pretty sure Shion herself
t16484.32021-08-10Anywhere I can rip sprites from this game?I used an old tool called ExtractData, which supports nearly all of the images. There may be better alternatives, though.
t16647.202021-07-26Which release of Higurashi should I play?It does in fact contain censorship. I literally asked the creator about it on 07th Mod's discord. Here's a quote: Kilicool64 — 07/18/2021 It would
t16647.182021-07-25Which release of Higurashi should I play?Even then, their claim is still wrong. That version currently retains most of the censorship. I wouldn't recommend using it in its current state
t16647.162021-07-25Which release of Higurashi should I play?All of the console ports have lots of censorship. It actually gets pretty bad at times, especially in Minagoroshi and parts of Matsuribayashi, where
t16647.92021-07-24Which release of Higurashi should I play?@6 Referring to these things as side stories with chapters is not accurate in the slightest. What you actually seem to be referring to is that the
t16029.52021-06-16Why germany never port PC-Version@3 I'm not aware of these titles having any Nazi imagery. Also, that law applies to all media, not just PC games. Furthermore, it doesn't actually
t16231.12021-06-12How to handle Miotsukushi (and other suggestions)The way Miotsukishi is currently treated here doesn't really make sense. The history of this arc is complicated, but here's how it is. It was
t15709.22021-03-16error when installing, dont know what to doJudging by the garbled text, your system doesn't seem to be running in Japanese locale, which is required for a lot of fan translated VNs. It may be
t6248.92021-02-20Two requestsYeah, Never7 has very little new content of its own. It's mostly just a port of Infinity with remade versions of the Infinity cure. scenarios added
t15528.12021-02-10Regarding DMMYou sure DMM is really the publisher for the Infinity series' releases on their site? There is a difference between a publisher and a distributor
t15218.32020-12-21Steam VersionNothing was censored. All versions of the Xtend edition have the same content.
t10449.92020-12-21Secret Game translation?The first two sentences of your second paragraph are rather spoilerish. Please mark them accordingly. Also, there's nothing censored about the
t10449.72020-12-17Secret Game translation?@4 Watch from the start. Secret Game doesn't carry over any of Killer Queen's episodes directly. I personally think Episode I (in SG) is pretty weak
t14916.92020-10-27Engine with rewind capability?Regista's in-house engine supports backlog jumping.
t14914.32020-10-26Regarding c6648.29, c6648.28Personally, I think my impression of Satoru would've been somewhat different in Kokoro's route, had I already known about his amnesia. It's been a
t14867.132020-10-18Which Graphics Do You Prefer?Gonna go with the DS sprites here (which are falsely referred to as the PS3 sprites here, even though that's not the console they made their debut on
t14813.12020-10-03Regarding the addition of CRIwareYou recently linked some of Iwaihime's releases to CRIware. I don't think this technology can be considered an engine. To the best of my
t2108.33752020-10-03Candidates for deletionIs that so? Well, I wanted to request deleting the entry for CRIware, so I thought this was the right spot to do it. But okay, I'll PM that person.
t2108.33732020-10-03Candidates for deletionSeveral of Iwaihime's releases claim to run on CRIware. To the best of my knowledge, this is not a full-fledged engine, but merely middleware
t11979.682020-08-09Minori is no moreIt's not like Minori ceased to exist as a legal entity. MG still has to follow their orders when it comes to localizing their works. They haven't
t14287.82020-07-04Kickstarter for Venus Blood Hypno... Hollow I meanPresumably, he just wanted to spread awareness here for those who do care about it.
t14185.22020-06-13Steam benned VnAre there any other sites that reported this? I'd prefer not to give the guy behind that one any clicks.
t11606.202020-06-06Banned on SteamDoesn't change the fact that plenty of people who are interested in VNs will only notice them when they're on a mainstream platform such as Steam.
t13907.322020-05-26New type of censorship@31 Allowing literally any opinion to be expressed with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever doesn't strike me as a very sane way to run a community
t13983.22020-05-14It's here ! ... KindaHere's what was posted on their Discord: As the last Higurashi chapter gets close to release, I wanted to clarify a few points about the process of
t12754.62020-02-27VNs with transmen / FTM / (C*boys)?I/O has a character who might qualify, though it's hard to tell if they're actually supposed to be trans or just a very masculine woman. It sends
t13290.212020-01-26AwesomeWhat point are you trying to make? Yes, Rikako could've handled her powers a lot better. The fact that she didn't shows that she really isn't all
t13290.192020-01-25AwesomeI already invalidated your argument regarding Chiemi before you even brought it up, but here's a more detailed explanation. Chiemi's rampage in Wit's
t13290.172020-01-24AwesomeIIRC, one of the revelation scenes has Haruaki retrospectively theorize that his failure to escape from Yasumizu at the end of Yomi was due to being
t13290.142020-01-24AwesomeDid you actually read all of the revelation scenes? Because it doesn't sound like you did. Note that I'm still in the process of reading them myself
t13290.42019-12-17AwesomeNot sure I understand some of your complaints. Haruaki's main objective is to survive the Feast of the Yomi Purge by ensuring that the humans find
t13234.22019-12-02Air Pocket AdvancePretty sure that would be piracy. According to its entry here, it's non-free.
t1978.1172019-11-18SHIZURU IS THE BEST!#2: I re-read the related parts of the script some time after making this post. Don't know how I falsely remembered Kotori's ancestry having some
t13080.42019-10-30How many girl can Takuya romance?Romantic: Mitsuki, Ayumi, Mio, Kanna, Sayless Non-romantic: Eriko, Kaori, two side characters not listed on VNDB whose names I forgot Hard to say: Yu
t13080.22019-10-29How many girl can Takuya romance?If you don't count Eriko, then I believe it's either 5 or 6. The last romance in the VN is so forced (even by the VN's already low standards) that it
t6248.32019-09-17Two requestsI'm not aware of it having ever been sold on PSN. Would be a rather strange decision, given that it's just an inferior version of Never7.
t5085.1282019-09-17I/O General Discussion ThreadTo be fair, the Defrag screen has various sections crossed out. Those signify scenes or parts of scenes that are still locked.
t5085.1262019-09-16I/O General Discussion ThreadLong story short, you can't read the final part of Route A (the 1.0 ending) before clearing Route D. What you got is the 0.1 ending, which happens