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c30863.32021-08-08 at 14:58takayanagiNakayuma Riribecause cg in stores show so, it's not a spoiler
c30863.22021-08-08 at 14:57takayanagiNakayuma RiriCG samples in stores show so.
c45566.62021-08-05 at 12:54takayanagiTenjou MaiHidden vibrator (under chastity belt, remote controlled, no trait for this yet unfortunately)
s204.32020-07-15 at 16:43takayanagiFujisaki Ryuutaweb archive beta (not working anymore) --> standard web archive
c88569.32020-02-10 at 06:03takayanagiSenAdded a new trait, which is a spoiler.
c88569.22020-02-10 at 06:00takayanagiSenTrais added.
c88569.12020-02-10 at 05:58takayanagiSenMissing important character.
v6540.352019-07-21 at 22:58takayanagieuphoriaRemoved screenshot that's a clear plot spoiler. Reveals a different location can be reached, which is not obvious from the setting.
c45566.22018-07-29 at 03:30takayanagiTenjou MaiCharacter Trait: Chastity belt
c18175.332018-06-26 at 00:05takayanagiJinpou AnnSpoiler removed. If you want to put that in, please do it properly in an instance as per guidelines.