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t5408.52015-02-05Translation completion kickstarterI'm holding onto my short positions. I know for sure the price WILL drop, around the last 15 minutes.
t6048.112014-12-29Staff & Seiyuu Database Testing#8: AniDB is handling this sort of thing very well. Perhaps we should just copy/improve on their way of handling it.
t6048.102014-12-29Staff & Seiyuu Database TestingScript writers. Finally \o/
t4628.712013-12-07Happy Birthday to Me!Scenario writer credits.
t2831.62012-06-20Blue screen errorThis happened to me with non-unicode language set to english. Once set to japanese it was fine. You sure your non-unicode language (not just your
t1904.22011-07-03Voice Patch!!!yay!
t212.22010-05-02Uguuid is Phorni
t209.12009-07-16unimportantIgnore this message... it's just a trick to keep a link to your user :P.