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t12150.52021-11-19H-Code for who needDoes anyone know if the MG release includes the dlc content?
t9294.32021-09-20Does not run on Windows 10Do you happen to have a 100% save file? I can't seem to find one.
t16690.12021-07-26saveAnyone have a 100% of this? I couldn't find one.
t16117.12021-05-27saveAnyone have a 100% save of this?
t16007.12021-05-08Save file?I've checked the usual places.
t15882.12021-04-17Save data?Looking for a 100% save data. I didn't find it on sagaoz or the other usual places.
t15722.32021-03-20English 100% Shiny Days save fileYep, that looks to be the case. I actually have the untranslated and translated (but restored) version on my PC with a 100% save file. And most of
t15722.12021-03-19English 100% Shiny Days save fileDoes anyone have an English 100% shiny days save file? The one on link has a lot of the scenes missing, probably due to combability issues between
t14658.52020-10-22have a question about one of the tagslink
t11105.412020-10-21Another title to be butchered by SakuraGameWell, it's an improvement at least. Maybe it's out of desperation, and overall @40's point is right, but I can stomach all-age translations over a
t14887.22020-10-21General discussion.How's the translation looking?
t14461.182020-08-27Censorship and 17+ English.Nice. I might actually get to play this once the restoration patch is complete.
t12481.362020-07-16At long lastI'm still waiting on this and Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o. But at least the latter seems to be getting restored by the original translators once
t14335.122020-07-15Is the sequel worth to play?Is it even getting translated? Kind of sucks that the main game teases you with Madoka FD bait the entire way through the common route only to come
t2741.142020-04-14english patchSpeaking of translation, does anyone know the quality of the translation for this vn? I've heard mixed things, honestly.
t13170.142020-03-04Any news on the English release?For more $$$, obviously. Not that I blame them, given how difficult it is to turn a profit in this medium. I'm disappointed it was prolonged another
t13624.32020-03-03uhh, any plans on a E translation?I'm more concerned with the main game getting a 18+ patch translation, honestly. And that doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon.
t13620.22020-03-02NiceYeah, I've really enjoyed this series as a whole. It's short, sweet, and satisfying to finish, honestly.
t13170.102020-03-01Any news on the English release?Well, at least we have a date now.. So that's better than nothing. I'm still looking forward to it.
t13545.12020-02-15How do I access Misaki's extra content?It's mostly a quick question, but in regard to the PE, I have already completed Misaki route and have recently applied the PE content. How do I
t12917.42019-12-10Romance is kinda forcedI wish SakuraGames didn't force their ugly presence on the vn community..
t13170.72019-12-05Any news on the English release?If true, that's disappointing to hear, but not surprising.
t13170.52019-12-02Any news on the English release?Wasn't this suppose to come out in the fall? And it's December now.. Any day now.
t13199.32019-11-29sprite rises from the ashes...That's pretty awesome. Good for them in toughing it out and coming back hopefully stronger and more motivated than ever.
t13045.92019-11-29English patch? (Case open)That'd be pretty nice. I watched the anime of this and it was surprisingly good. The girls were cute and the ending was rather satisfying.
t11272.212019-11-25Localization announcementSometimes you just can't please them all. The vn has been excellent so far. Thank you for your work.
t11272.112019-11-23Localization announcementAny walkthroughs?
t7128.262019-10-27Who do you like better?Ewww, what's with the tie? Someone stop it!
t12033.42019-10-26English patch@#3 Not that I necessarily disagree with you, but how did Maitetsu and Onikiss get a translation then?
t12977.52019-10-12amazingHow long is the game? Medium doesn't really tell me a lot.
t2741.62019-09-24english patchI am so happy this vn is almost fully translated. I've been following it for years. I thought it would never get done as sometimes the translation
t12770.32019-08-25Too bad there is no nana routeI agree. She's really cute and I would love if she had her own route. Should have happened in the sequel.
t11152.222019-06-19Rejoice!Would be pretty nice if they could add the EXTRA 1 content. Mashiro alone is the reason I'm so hyped for this translation. It's not nearly as long as
t12481.32019-06-18At long lastPretty much what #2 said. And it's a shame this delicious cutie's route link is in the sequel.
t12346.82019-05-18Totono is now in Quality AssuranceOnly a couple more years to go!!
t11203.92019-03-13So beautifulI kind of want a Nana route. I found her really cute, and not just based on her looks.
t11203.62019-03-12So beautifulAny chance the sequel would get picked up..?
t11736.112019-03-01Mahiru's ageI'm more upset that there's no Maya route, and this is coming from a lolicon.
t11388.72018-10-18And so, another Cabbit title dies to SakuraGameI dislike SakuraGame with a passion.
t11310.52018-09-30We're alive!I love you VNDB. Happy Birthday.
t11097.92018-09-07English?Quick question, as I dont want to make an entirely new thread on this. What's the length of this vn? It doesn't say on its page.
t11152.92018-08-31Rejoice!Is NekoNyan that bad? Fureraba seemed pretty well received as far as I can tell. I haven't personally read through it yet, so it's hard to tell if
t11114.32018-08-25WHYGood Night Sweet Princess..
t7581.3012018-08-01English localization by Sekai ProjectAs #298 said. I've been holding off on this game until everything is fixed before pulling the trigger. Does the updated Fakku version+the most
t10992.162018-07-30Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)This announcement is dead on arrival. You might as well save yourself the trouble and learn Japanese.
t7581.2492018-07-07English localization by Sekai ProjectBased community bro trying to pull through.
t9700.62017-10-08woowProps for translating this. I cannot thank you enough. Your hard work is deeply appreciated.
t2901.272012-07-08School Days GDAnyone have a link to a 100% walkthrough? If one is even available yet.
t2748.22012-05-27Sex, all right!Sex sells sadly.
t2732.12012-05-22Just wondering..Does this vn have a scene reply option? I've already completed the game but haven't gone through all the routes yet. So I'm wondering that might have