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t16061.22021-05-16Switch English version?Hopefully both it and the PS4 version become available in English worldwide, as this game is truly incredible. One of the best horror games I have
t16032.32021-05-12The android version exists ?That is interesting. Any reason for MG abandoning Android like this?
t15950.192021-05-07What is your favorite heroines of all VN heroines?Ayu from Kanon, no doubt about it. She is beyond lovable. As for one that doesn't have a route, Junko from Danganronpa. I just love how crazy she is
t15896.32021-04-19Sony backtracks on PS3 and Vita store closureAwesome news! Glad to hear that :D
t15768.62021-04-10Is there a list of deleted VNs?^Some of the deleted ones are hilarious lol. Who the heck entered Death Stranding and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as VNs?! XD
t15597.312021-04-03Which VNs most people like but you don't?G Senju No Maou. I can't stand the protagonist and his way of thinking and outlook on life. It is intolerable to me to read his thoughts.
t15791.62021-04-01Finally!It is definitely better than 99.99% of VNs at least XD.
t15679.102021-03-28Is Cattleya dead?#7: I agree that their lack of big name status was the reason for no official translations. Like you, I am mainly wondering about the lack of fan
t15679.62021-03-27Is Cattleya dead?^good to know. I am legitimately curious why not a single one of their titles got translated btw. They all look good, and there are many of them
t15701.22021-03-14Majikoi VN comparisons - fanTL vs JAST TLThanks for the many comparative screenshots. Both have their strong parts, but I personally prefer Jast's a bit more.
t14336.152021-03-10Evenicle 2 English Release Announcement^fully agree.
t15637.62021-03-05VIsual Novel ManagerCan you add an option for it to scan a folder/a disk that the user specifies for VNs? maybe using the VNDB database as reference? I have hundreds of
t12672.192021-02-28This has an English That is a really awful change and decision. Really sad that this happened.
t15222.142021-02-09English Translationagree with #11. No problems with the site at all, and I really don't know why someone would use the net and go to download sites without having
t15506.82021-02-06The interest in Russian visual novels^Just took a look at the 3 titles you mentioned and honestly, The first two felt like they were trying and failing to copy the style and look of
t15506.42021-02-06The interest in Russian visual novelsSince you have some hurdles to overcome, you should focus on a few things. First and foremost, the story should be really strong. This is a VN, so
t15383.122021-01-22Are the H-scenes important for this one?#4: The amane scenes in Grisaia no Kajitsu are important to the plot. The rest of the heroines' scenes not so much, but hers definitely.
t15400.22021-01-15Link to Downloadthanks. sounds interesting :)
t15384.62021-01-13VNs that make you wanna live in their worlds^agree. also, Kanon. Because of the Incredible family life in it primarily.
t2522.552021-01-08About Homeless Joshi GakuseiOh god. I had completely forgotten that I played this at some point (didn't even rate it here), but seeing her picture made me remember and seeing
w1268.62021-01-01Lord of Imaginationit exists in one scene, and it isn't NTR because it isn't like she is Olivia (his girlfriend). He barely knew her at that point. I guess the
t15268.332021-01-01THIS GOT TRANSLATED!?I fully agree with #11. The translation isn't perfect by any means, but the dude has put in SO MUCH effort that he absolutely deserves respect. The
w1268.42021-01-01Lord of ImaginationThat one is still available, but it is optional based on your choices. and ok. Didn't know that rule.
w1268.22021-01-01Lord of Imagination@Beliar Just corrected them (via downvoting them) as well as added the approximate game time and removed a picture from a scene that was removed in
t14915.302020-11-29Why were you drawn to visual novels?Because I randomly saw a game called "Katawa Shoujo" in the gamefaqs top 10 active boards, learned that it is free, and thought to check it out. 68
t8473.92020-11-07Questions / Suggestions for Maid Mansiona VN taking 4 years in development is pretty long, but at least it will finally be released. The premise sounds interesting, so hopefully it is worth
t14807.142020-09-30Thirteen^Indeed. to say that this has been a s***** year is the understatement of the year. and the situation doesn't seem like it is improving any time soon
t14768.32020-09-22This game felt kinda racistwith everything you said sounds like they were hugely praising foreigners lol, so not sure where the "stupid foreigner" statement fits in considering
t14735.62020-09-17To admin/moderatorconsidering you barely posted anything, i don't think you have much to fear lol. although i fully agree that a delete button would be very good to
t14639.1222020-09-14Reviews in PreviewFirst of all, thanks for the great feature :). However, The maximum character limit in mini reviews is 800 and the minimum in full reviews is 1000
w252.32020-09-13Tyrant Questthis guy is drunk lol. there are a few scenes where you can allow some of the women to have sex with other people, or you can choose not to, but even
t8962.62020-03-06Is it really a visual novel?agree. i think this should be counted as a VN.
t13541.772020-02-22The future of NSFW"Or should we just continue doing what we've been doing" this. the system works well enough, and changing it will be far more headache than it is
t13383.32020-02-03List of VN related discords as of 2020thanks for the links :)
t13299.142019-12-18All h content cutgood to know that there is a fan patch at least.
t13010.652019-11-03Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarContinue to do as you are doing admin. the site rocks. ignore the extremely entitled crybabies that make mountains out of molehills please. #63 said
t13010.432019-10-18Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStar@Ileca: The last one is legit hilarious XD I think that one should be reserved for the 50$ supporters though,after all, Yorhel himself says "I don't
t13010.372019-10-18Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarand, less than a week later, the first goal has already been achieved! congrats Yorhel! :)
t13010.292019-10-13Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarwow! it is already up to two thirds the first goal! good job VNDB community! this site definitely deserves it :)
t12879.112019-10-02(recomend me) hard porn with plotShion CMA
t10762.222019-09-04good vn from promising new brandsounds interesting. glad to hear it is getting a localisation. will probably check it out.
t12808.42019-09-03"All Ages" vs CERO Ai highly doubt that anyone cares beyond knowing whether it has +18 content or not. not like little children play VNs anyway lol.
t10535.22019-08-26Spritesnot sure which sprites you specifically mean (been a while) but the game its self is great in general. It was such a unique and engaging experience :)
t6066.112019-08-18Not so popular?^you havent played far enough then. the game gets gradually harder as it goes. i even had to turn to easy in the last two battles because i couldnt
t6066.92019-08-18Not so popular?this was a pretty damn good game. just finished it yesterday. It is really underrated and it really sucks that we wont see another sequel :(
t12334.122019-08-06greatest vn story?the best OELVN is Katawa Shoujo,and the best of all time is extremely arguable (personally,i would go with Kanon). DDLC is pretty damn good,but not
t12660.342019-08-03Sadpanda is leaving...(?)^the admin himself said that there are no more plans to close anything anymore.
t12660.302019-08-02Sadpanda is leaving...(?)awesome to know. i am curious how it came back though. anyone has an explanation? also,is it back permanently or just for a short while?
t12346.122019-07-31Totono is now in Quality Assuranceremastering it? so just adding higher resolution CG? or adding new content too? and yeah,hopefully.
t12663.152019-07-27Youtube translationsi think we shouldnt include them. watching someone play something is completely different to playing it yourself afterall.