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t12220.32019-04-21this is not a VNI disagree. it is a hybrid puzzle/VN game,but we have far worse cases of hybrids that are accepted here,and the presentation style of the game is
t10672.242019-04-13Did the translation die?the "updates" on their page are hilarious lol XD
t11207.472019-04-03Remake or orignal?VERY glad that the PS4 version of the remake is going to be translated too! will most likely play the remake when i can because of that :)
t12050.92019-04-01Muscular Girl Heroineyeah,suggesting gyaru for someone who wants muscle is weird lol. they are totally unrelated XD
t12118.352019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomly@rodzynek: it isnt a problem at all if you actually played them. it just seemed curious. if you say that you played them then that isnt a problem, we
t12118.302019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyit is worth noting that he started voting 10s and 9s instead of 1s now. @#20 lol no.if you are using a traditional scale (5 being average) then
t12118.62019-03-30Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomly^damn lol XD but yeah,i agree with #3 and #4
t12062.202019-03-23Top 3 favourite Visual Novels1- Kanon 2- Grisaia No Kajitsu 3- Saya No Uta Love Danganronpa too,but dont consider it to be a VN. if i did,it would have been number 2.
t12052.92019-03-19Do you think visual novels are innovative?agree with #1 and #2
t12053.12019-03-15this game sounds pretty damn hilarious lolthe game sounds pretty good and funny, and we have a shortage of yandere games. hope to be able to play it at some point,either through translation
t12044.102019-03-13the longest visual novelwhat about the longest translated VN?
t11867.172019-03-02Voiced for 2004 version of the gamethanks for this info :)
t11979.132019-02-28Minori is no morethat is very sad. RIP :'(
t11975.22019-02-26Snow Daze Reviewit is a pretty damn good game. played it awhile ago. the developer also made overwhored,which is an incredible and highly recommended RPG Maker game.
t11972.22019-02-25Is this canon?IIRC it is canon. never played it though. an official, and improved,translation of the better version of this chapter is coming this year,so i
t7350.252019-02-24Translation@24 thanks. it has taken ages lol. good that it is close to completion atleast XD
t7350.232019-02-24Translation3 years later,any update on the translation? >_>
t10852.492019-02-13Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.damn. RIP :'(
t11889.22019-02-11Will the rest be translated?good question. i hope so,as the game seems pretty good.
t2772.282019-02-10Never Judge a book by its coverthis actually sounds pretty interesting. hopefully the translation is well done and gets released soon :)
t11753.22019-01-02List of Visual Novel related discordsthanks for the info :)
t11751.42019-01-01Happy New YearHappy New Year Everyone! :D
t11680.102018-12-30How is this site still up?the site rocks. thanks to all involved in keeping it alive :)
t11739.222018-12-30The Last 5 Years, The Next 5 YearsVNs feel like they have gotten more generic lately.
t11698.92018-12-22RIP Hentai Haventhat is a surprise. havent visited them in ages but they were a nice site. hopefully it comes back at some point or we atleast learn what happened
t7068.1192018-12-11The non-VN eroge discussion threadhighly recommend "overwhored". it is one of the best RPG Maker H games,with a pretty good story to boot :)
t11592.22018-12-03Is this game lost?good question. i wonder if anybody has a backup.
t3926.152018-12-03Deardrops -GD-it is an awesome VN. one of the very first ones i ever played,and i loved it. it has a pretty enjoyable cast and story :D
t11587.22018-12-03PS Vita Censorshipthe game has always been all ages,so i dont see how it would be censored tbh.
t11512.222018-11-14Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vnagree with #15. it is simply sexier to draw them that way,and no point in researching them since pretty much no one in the target audience cares.
t11461.162018-11-05Kickstarter for PS3 version ... and English dub#14 agree,this will fail lol. also,like i mentioned, i am curious about an example of the exclusive ps3 graphical effects. google gave me nothing
t11467.262018-11-04Abortion in vn?#25 yeah, it was anime only. i never saw any such thing in the VN,at least IIRC.
t11461.122018-11-03Kickstarter for PS3 version ... and English dub#11 never knew that. example of said graphical effects? google gave me nothing. also,while searching for an example i saw a github page that claims
t11461.102018-11-02Kickstarter for PS3 version ... and English dub@8 so what lol? i still play on the SNES and N64,let alone the PS3,and i have all 8th gen systems too. each of the successful consoles has an
t11446.72018-10-31Interesting premise behind a terrible releaselol. you guys are literally claiming that The Walking Dead and Umineko,two of the most critically acclaimed adventure games in history, are bad. that
t11446.42018-10-31Interesting premise behind a terrible release"A episodic release has never gave birth to anything good" almost all of telltale's games,especially the walking dead and The Wolf Among Us, say Hi
t6809.152018-10-30Localization/Translation?#13: from what i see on the game page the translators are Visual Arts not Key,so Key's mistakes in regards to the IP and the series arent related at
t6809.122018-10-30Localization/Translation?so has the patch been canceled or something? wth is going on lol. this is a Key title. you'd think it would be a high priority project considering
t10492.312018-10-30Aeka route ending [spoiler]I fully agree with #25. Romance involves doing whatever you can to keep the other side happy,and defending their happiness against anyone who
t11423.42018-10-26Same crap as the Anime?I Just yesterday finished playing DR2,and i played DR1 before it,and i have to say that the games are great. and i heard a lot about the anime and
t11310.442018-10-08We're alive!Happy birthday!
t10168.52018-08-06Danganronpa?this does sound pretty nice. hopefully it comes out soon :)
t10506.62018-08-04Incoming HD+Full voiced version.well,i am interested in playing this game,so hopefully a fan patch to add the english text into this new version (or add the improvements into the
t11010.42018-08-02What happened to them?so you think the reply to a guess is an insult? very mature >_> honestly, the way you are reacting to my opinion is quite hilarious to me. but
t11010.22018-08-02What happened to them?seems like eiyuu senki was the only game they ever made,so maybe they are a doujin group that formed only to make this game? that is my guess.
t6238.192018-07-28minori fund-raising for Supipara localizationso this has been going on for 3 and a half years? wow 0_0
t8145.92018-07-20Release of the translationhopefully it happens,because i did hear a lot of intriguing stuff about this game :/
t10691.22018-05-25Happy GDPR day!pretty nice statements and pretty nice work :)
t10688.172018-05-23GOG now accepting Visual Novelswell done. glad to hear that :)
t10670.32018-05-18Steam bans visual novelsthat is weird. however,a few things to note: -despite the topic title,specific Eroge games were targeted,and there is no official statement,so it