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t11898.32019-02-12Japan server closing July 31, 2019. Eng ver won't.Is the new Lilith one also an Asagi or Black Lilith themed gacha? If so, then yea, that would make sense then they're closing the old one.
t11898.12019-02-07Japan server closing July 31, 2019. Eng ver won't.From the game's news section: "The Japanese version of TABA has announced that it will be closing its doors on July 31st, 2019. We would like to let
t11764.22019-02-03Questions on deck strategyAfter having tested this in Arena, I can confirm "Increases ATK of ally UFS" means it does apply the buff to ALL my UFS members. The one final thing
t11178.32019-01-22World End Syndrome Review>>> this game probably won't be localized. Well, so much for that prediction, lol. link Thanks for the review though. I'll give the game a try
t11804.12019-01-13How much pts to invest into Stamina?For anyone who's reached the upper echelons of this game, how many pts do you think is safe to invest into Stamina without compromising your atk and
t11764.12019-01-04Questions on deck strategyI can't believe I'm discussing strategy on this, but anyways, I'm noticing some cards say things like: "Increases ATK of ally UFS by 14%." While
t8985.122019-01-02RelationsI was playing Clannad, noticed this gem in the game's relations section, then suddenly I'm wanting to play a game with Charles Barkley in it. So very
t9313.62017-06-23Is Wazuka's route 100% translated?Oh okay, I just noticed that the last release from Dark Eye was at 100% translated, but only 3% edited, so I guess all the girls are finished? That's
t9313.12017-06-17Is Wazuka's route 100% translated?From the partial Dark Eye Translation, is that route complete? That's the only girl I care about. Hopefully I don't have to finish them all for some
t8618.12016-12-29So what really happened on Rokkenjima? (Spoilers)I'm still confused by this. Bernkastel in the theater showed what was supposed to be the real fragment, saying it in red truth before Ange cut her
t8611.12016-12-28How many words does Umineko + Chiru contain?I finally finished Umineko + Chiru and I seriously feel like I just read the entirety of Lord of the Rings... three times. Am I just imagining that
t4607.102016-04-11TranslationHuge congratulations to Rattan Man for the translation!
t6819.12015-08-10Is this the game where most of the guys are jerks?Is that why it's called Storm Lover, because we're dating walking disasters? Also, it says in the vndb description we can date multiple guys, so do
t4607.72015-06-01TranslationSorry to bump this, but I wanted to mention I would be surprised if MangaGamer (MG) ever picks this up, even though they've translated three other
t6300.22015-03-19Quick question on screen sizeIt runs window, virtual screen, and full screen. Virtual screen scales the game proportionately to fit your monitor size, which on my 24" looks
t6269.172015-03-17Taimanin Asagi Kaisen has a Western Release! :3Then why are the votes for this game so positively skewed? As of this post, they look like this: link What's the deal, people? Is the game good or
t6202.12015-02-09Why do Steam users think this is a good game?link How is this getting "very positive" Steam reviews? Reading through the comments, I've come to the conclusion average Steam users know nothing
t6068.32015-01-08Where are the Umineko Chiru save files located?Awesome, that was it. Many thanks. These save file locations are getting ridiculous.
t6068.12015-01-05Where are the Umineko Chiru save files located?This is mind boggling. I understand Umineko 1-4 is located in C:\Programdata\Umineko4 (dumb place to put it). Umineko Chiru must be located somewhere
t2895.92014-11-26Fan Translation in ProgressThis is going to be a bit of a stretch, I know, but would you define any of this game's men as being a jerk to the female protagonist? Cause I want
t554.112014-10-17WTF!My favorite part is they even put faces on the main menu buttons. link It's almost like the cast is enamored with their faces, and feel the need to
t5842.142014-10-13Killer Queen GD@ kilicool64 Apologizes if you said this on your Leminisca website already, but are you saying then that Secret Game is far superior to the original
t5517.12014-07-07Is this music royalty free?I'm not sure if the PS3 version does things differently from the original, but I think I recognize some of the music from other sources, only
t5316.12014-05-14Without spoiling, how good is this game's ending?I've heard from a few that this game may be mediocre, but it has a really awesome ending. Without spoiling the ending, would you say it's worth
t5175.12014-03-26Describe what is happening in this ?
t5101.32014-02-27Why does Dlanor A. Knox capitalize her words?Ahh okay, that makes sense. I heard the desu at the end a lot, but that's not necessarily unusual by itself. If it was written in Katakana though
t5101.12014-02-27Why does Dlanor A. Knox capitalize her words?I'm curious why the translation was done like this. Is there a mannerism in her Japanese speech that suggests why this is? It's usually the last word
t5056.12014-02-12How seriously of a mystery is it?Without spoiling anything, I understand it's probably light on the mystery, but how light? Is there seriously anything of merit worth solving here
t3931.32014-02-05Good Detective YarnThe only time it picks up is at the VERY end, and as the previous poster mentioned, only for a brief hour or so. Even so, I still wouldn't recommend
t4890.52014-01-30About the project@ kilicool64 That's the first I heard of it and I stayed on top of that website daily. Doesn't quite explain though what happened to Nephrinn.
t5023.12014-01-28Can you romance one of the villains in this?And if so, which ones?
t5012.12014-01-26Rank episodes 1-4 from best to worst. (SPOILERS!)My preference: Episode 3: We finally see a soft side to Beatrice, resulting in hilarious and interesting situations. We're also introduced to Eva
t5011.12014-01-26Is this "Night of the Sickle Weasel?"link I'm not sure why it's called Night of the Sickle Weasel here, and then Aksys releases it and calls it "Banshee's Last Cry," so I don't know
t3472.92013-12-08Is there a Koyuki route?Punk-kun updated Koyuki route to 20%. Good to see it's being worked on.
t3452.192013-11-20Mangagamer and Amazons@ beliar With that in mind, Pretty Soldier Wars shouldn't be on this site either. The majority of it is RTS with short bursts of narrative.
t4767.12013-11-09Kokoro and Iyo routes translated, or only partial?I started both and was surprised to find English text. I'd hate to go deeper and get caught in Japanese. I thought the only fully translated routes
t4766.12013-11-08What does Kokoro say at the end of most sentences?She says something like, "nano ja." What does that mean? Does it have something to do with her ridiculously formal arrogant personality?
t3989.42013-11-08Best Route order?@ gabezhul Are you referring to the fact that: She's a legendary swordsman/woman? Something about her being one of the world's strongest, or
t3474.982013-11-07Where can I find Miyako route patch?I'm just happy there is HOPE for a patch. It's a depressing feeling otherwise. On the other hand, ironically, it somehow seemed appropriate Miyako
t4489.122013-11-06Problem with all the SonoHanasIn "My Dear Prince" I too had this issue on my Win 7 x64. To resolve it, I did the following: 1.) Set compatibility mode for Win XP (SP3). 2.) Ran
t4669.12013-10-13Reward for ugliest main menu screen?link The background looks too dark, busy, and recycled from an existing BG in the game. The dark blue/purple font does not stand out amongst the
t4617.12013-09-29Christine Love has shown great improvement.Since she started her first game, she's shown significant improvements in all visual novel aspects. I'm first blown away by the artwork. It's much
t4466.212013-09-05Really bad artwork@ kilicool64 This is different. 07th Expansion I presume gave their permission for the translation, so likewise the patch is likely also favorable to
t3733.182013-08-15Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme new game projectWho releases an ALPHA of a visual novel? Also, I'm not paying $24.99 for a "few hours" worth of content including just one character when the
t4285.12013-07-02First character you befriended and why? (Spoilers)I chose to go Touko Fukawa and immediately max her because I thought she was simply misunderstood, shy, and deep down was a romantic angel who needed
t4253.12013-06-23Dangan-Ronpa few hours until translation releaselink Reminder: It will require a copy of "the best" version. link
t4233.12013-06-18Reason for the game's title? We must critique it."Don't Take It Personal, Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story." I haven't played this game, but its title intrigues me on a very philosophical level. Such
t3877.42013-04-29Nocturnal Illusion ReviewJust like the TC, Nocturnal Illusion was also my first Japanese visual novel. Ironically, it was also the first one that I never finished because
t3969.62013-04-15only bad endingsA game that doesn't offer at least one good ending? Weak sauce. Yandere, I will not let you have your way! ::Refuses to play::
t3439.12012-11-26What does battle score do?Should I be trying to get a high score with the girl that I'm attempting to get an ending for? I noticed after battles, the Galaxy Angels will