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t8242.112017-02-13The how to edit threadI'm sorry, but I don't think I understand what you mean. If you're talking about which form of Romanization to use, there's a great piece of
t8068.22016-07-29[Undelete request] Released on Steamundeleted, make sure to add a release now though
t2108.15682016-07-28Candidates for deletionWent over the duplicates created by u84723. Not sure about this edit though: Bakyu, couldn't find any info on the game to confirm or not.
t2108.15652016-07-27Candidates for deletion@1563 oh man, the character pages for Shin Koihime † Eiyuutan and Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆ Sangokushi Engi~ look like a big mess now. If
t950.2892016-07-23VNDB Suggestions!Speaking of the character search, is it possible to get a character's original name listed in the results?
t8047.32016-07-21Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - The Bestit's just like dk382 said, it's just a re-published version of the game. Though I think it comes with the 1.01 (1.1?) patch included. No other
t8037.12016-07-17Edit descriptionsHey weilai, thank you for all the additions that you're bringing to the VNDB database. I do have a simple request however, something that has been
t8025.32016-07-14Walkthrough?As you said yourself, most of the choices in this game are unimportant, though some of them matter. There's an English translation of the
t2108.15272016-07-12Candidates for deletionHandled the staff aliases and the duplicate release. Can anyone else look at #1526?
t2108.15172016-07-11Candidates for deletionNow that is interesting... I better get a RSS parser that scans the latest changes for deletion requests now ;)
t950.2862016-07-03VNDB Suggestions!Awesome, thanks!
t7984.22016-07-03What happened to this company?According to this Wikipedia entry, the company had a long stale period after the release of Tsukushite Agechau 5 ~Motomeru Otome-tachi~, in which
t950.2842016-07-03VNDB Suggestions!"It works exactly as you describe, except that it's case-sensitive. So a search for "=Jun" in the dropdown thing will match what you want." My
t950.2822016-07-03VNDB Suggestions!Would it be a lot of work to add the exact search matching from the "add staff" field for a VN entry to the general search bar? So that for example
t7982.72016-07-03External links revamp#3 If you're fine with that Yorhel, then I sure don't have any issues with it. Although I feel your pain considering front-end development. #4 Good
t7982.22016-07-02External links revampI think it's a good idea in general. I'm totally in favor of the current system for linking to informational entries on other websites like Wikipedia
t7544.942016-06-22Kickstarter Live for English ReleaseThe release on Steam covers the entire first chapter of the game, although "chapter" is probably the wrong word to describe it. The first story by
t7867.42016-05-23ensemble gamesMy experience with DMM is that it was pretty easy to use. Accepted my foreign card just fine, though being able to read Japanese is a plus. This was
t7193.42015-11-30My experience playing this so farThat almost sounds like Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas by the same company. In that game the route choices are like right at the start, and lock you
t3943.2732015-11-03troll voterThere's a vote on an unreleased game here: Tsumamigui 3.
t2108.11652015-10-11Candidates for deletionZetsubou Mahou Shoujo, can't find anything about this game on Herencia's website. Anyone know where the information came from or if this game is
t6972.152015-09-30VNDB is 8 Years OldHappy birthday to VNDB :)
t2108.11432015-09-10Candidates for deletionDoes anybody know if Fujimura Suzuka and Fujiwara Suzuka are the same person and thus a duplicate?
t6862.232015-09-07Searching the discussion forumsI really like the highlighting feature as well, it seems to be working nicely so far. Thanks!
t2108.11312015-09-03Candidates for deletion"Aihara Akira duplicate of Aihara Akira " Which one do you want to remove? They both hold different info that you might want to merge first.
t6815.212015-08-09To anyone adding staff to the VNDb...@13, @16 skorpiondeath, it's not that I mind the descriptions. To me it's fine if people add them but forcing them feels unnecessary for me.
t6815.32015-08-09To anyone adding staff to the VNDb...I do not really agree with #3 either. I've seen a lot of descriptions with "[name] is a Japanese illustrator/scenario writer/etc", which doesn't
t2108.10882015-07-31Candidates for deletionFor some strange reason I accidently added a staff member as a producer...twice... Could Kouma and Kouma be deleted please? (Is there any way I can
t6742.22015-07-20Purism x Egoist and MabinigoFirst of all I'd like to mention that we do not offer download links. This is a database site. Purism x egoist is a doujin visual novel by ZIP
t2108.10722015-07-17Candidates for deletionPlease delete duplicate entry Hanikami CLOVER and r41422 (already merged relevant information to existing entry Hanikami Clover)
t2108.10452015-06-22Candidates for deletionAccidentally made a duplicate. Can you remove Chuck Miyabi? Thanks!
t6633.42015-06-19Connection between this and Princess EvangileSame setting? I haven't seen that one come by, is there a source for that?
t2108.10042015-05-28Candidates for deletionAmagi Yuri and Amaki Yuuri seem to be duplicates, whereby the latter one should most likely be removed and have its relations moved to Amagi Yuri
t1052.1302015-05-25Quotes question...How mean, please don't call me a rotten mermaid. You know how bad rotten fish smells right? - Harvest OverRay Hey, that was my thrash!! - Hoshizora
t3649.92015-05-21No Remake?Since it sounds similar to the Rance 01 remake I've added it as a separate game (v17642). Let me know if you don't agree.
t5756.112015-05-20Does anyone know where can I download this?It's been long known that the Japanese are usually not the best in English. If we go by the story their line would still be correct, albeit
t3649.72015-05-20No Remake?Bit of a necro but a remake is now actually in the works, (link). Do we want to add it as a separate game like Rance 01 - Hikari o Motomete - or add
t2108.9642015-05-15Candidates for deletionr40408, fairly sure this is a mistake.
t6439.12015-04-24Free download campaignJust for those who might be interested in trying this game, Chuablesoft is now running a free download campaign for Sugar+Spice. It's a campaign to
t6138.2132015-04-20VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseI also have the same question as @212, have you had the time yet to evaluate the current system and decide on when everybody will be able to add new
t6138.2042015-03-07VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseMinor issue: It seems the recent changes feed isn't giving the staff edits a proper id (<id></id>)
t5883.32014-10-26How does the Anime compare to the VN?If you were already interested in this game I recommend skipping the anime altogether. The game is much better but might be less enjoyable if you've
t5850.122014-10-22VNDB 2.23: A Security UpdateI definitely like to be able to use VNDB over HTTPS. Either optimal feature or enforced are both fine by me. It seems to be running smooth for me
t2108.6982014-10-12Candidates for deletion@warfoki, I was doubting when I added this. But since it was labeled as ADV I decided to go for it. Guess I was mistaken as well ^^
t2108.6962014-10-12Candidates for deletionAdded a duplicate group by mistake: p4780 may be deleted.
t5803.32014-09-30Regarding the release date...Hmm, I must've missed the release date change. The date probably changed since it's original announcement. Thanks for fixing it. As for editing, I
t5801.42014-09-30We're at our Prime!Happy birthday :). And yorhel, thanks for keeping this site running.
t5787.22014-09-27Help (forgot name of visual novel for images)v12354, not sure if all of them are from the same game.
t5775.22014-09-22This game's description...?It seems the description was added in v7507.6 as a preview description. I don't think it was touched ever since. So feel free to write up a more
t2108.6702014-08-31Candidates for deletionc21245 got submitted twice (double-clicked somehow), can you please remove it? Thanks!