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c3100.72019-05-20 at 01:50nemesis2005AriaFinally finished the entire game so adding some details that I missed.
c3102.82019-05-12 at 23:51nemesis2005Tsukishima MasakiEditing description to something more fitting.
c3102.72019-05-12 at 23:48nemesis2005Tsukishima MasakiAdding role.
c3102.62019-05-12 at 23:46nemesis2005Tsukishima MasakiAdding some description and spoilers as I finish the game.
c3102.52019-05-10 at 02:07nemesis2005Tsukishima MasakiAdded some new traits
c3100.62019-05-05 at 19:15nemesis2005AriaAdding some spoiler in the description.
c3100.52019-05-05 at 19:07nemesis2005AriaAdding description.
c28086.52019-04-14 at 21:56nemesis2005Katsuraba KyoukoOne of the four generals in Kaigen Seito.
c28085.52019-04-14 at 21:55nemesis2005Watari ShirobeeOne of the four generals in Kaigen Seito
c28084.72019-04-14 at 21:54nemesis2005ItsurinAdding some characters to Kaigen Seito. Too lazy to add all of them, but will add a few.
c12371.72019-04-03 at 00:31nemesis2005DavideAdding some traits.
c12377.62019-02-11 at 06:30nemesis2005JessicaFixing translation and english.
c12361.112019-02-11 at 02:56nemesis2005GermanoHe appears from pretty much the beginning to the end of the novel.
c12371.62019-02-11 at 02:53nemesis2005DavideThere is an entire arc where he is the main antagonist. A lot of people in "Makes an appearance" actually appears quite a lot.
c17894.42018-06-26 at 01:18nemesis2005ProtagonistAdding default name for protagonist.
c35158.22018-05-21 at 08:54nemesis2005Judas StrifeAdding nickname