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w4329.12023-02-26Kajiri Kamui KaguraIt's seventh Heaven. Hajun is sixth, so Amaterasu would be seventh.
t19466.232023-02-08Committee of Zero translation is censoredWhile I don't particularly care about the patch either way as I read in Japanese, it's obvious that the team working on this have a poor grasp of the
t15759.42022-10-31Confusing tags/traits (Spoilers)No, the tags weren't wrong. Screenshot from game: link It's implied that Kanae was raped. Although, it was only in the dream. It's part of her
t3911.22022-10-22No Region issuesReally late response, but for new people who just got the game, No Region is not enough. You need to have your System Locale and display language set
w5291.32022-10-20Tsui no StellaI don't really think that's a spoiler as I managed to guess it fairly early in the game, but it's better safe than sorry.
t18170.82022-10-01What's relation this game with Subahibi?I wouldn't say it's easier than Subahibi in Japanese. It's similar difficulty for the most part, with some parts easier and some parts even more
t10302.5032022-09-26Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadThere looks to be a fandom wars going on between Stein's; Gate and MLA with multiple accounts: There are a bunch of malicious votes for Muv-Luv
t19075.382022-09-12Inexcusable translationOk, maybe I exaggerated when I said majority, but there is a good number of negative reaction whenever a translation is criticized. Edit: It's not
t19075.352022-09-12Inexcusable translationThe fact of the matter is the majority of players don't care about good writing and are satisfied with meme translations. A year and a half is
t19075.122022-09-10Inexcusable translationMost official localization outside of JAST adds random shit like that to their works. I would suggest either sticking to works translated by JAST
t18924.132022-08-29What do you connect with fuwanovel?I really just used Fuwanovels for walkthroughs, so never felt the need to register before.
t18960.252022-08-29Fuwanovel is alive again?I never really got into IRC. I did join, but rarely logged in to IRC. I did try Tenhou, but I sucked too much at Mahjong and quit immediately lol
t18960.222022-08-28Fuwanovel is alive again?KTFlash forever! I knew I recognized your name from the Anime Discussion Thread. Small World.
t18960.192022-08-28Fuwanovel is alive again?Should I even try it? It doesn't look like there's any topic that I'm interested in. I'm mainly only interested in discussing untranslated VN's. @9
w4907.22022-08-19Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni.A bit. I don't think a bunch of random CG's with no context really tells you anything.
t18170.22022-05-03What's relation this game with Subahibi?Story-wise none. It's written by the same writer, so it continues it in the happiness theme-wise.
t10302.4432022-03-27Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI highly doubt that this guy has read over 700+ titles in the past 3 years.: u166400
t17170.22022-03-26Getting coinsGambling is easy. Just keep swithing brackets and bet on Neuzhen or Tranquilizer when they are there. They are pretty much guaranteed to win unless
t4562.112022-03-11Tower Of Friends?Nope, the first time was shown from Taichi's imagination. Second time shows us what really happened. Taichi died from Miki counterattacking him just
t4562.92022-03-10Tower Of Friends?#8, There was no hint of that nor was there any reason given for why he went insane. All we know from World B is from that article and Nanaka's
t4562.72022-03-10Tower Of Friends?I just reread this short story from CROSS†CHANNEL -FINAL COMPLETE version, and I wanted to add that Tower of Friends does not happen in one of the
t17365.42022-01-11Shuka’s childShe was originally a farmer's daughter, but one day, she saw a samurai beheading someone and fell in love with the sword. She went to learn from that
w238.22022-01-04Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no KamenYou need to lookup the definition of isekai. Utawarerumono is in no way isekai and never pretended to be one.
w1351.12021-12-18Soukou Akki MuramasaI don't know how you got the conclusion that only the "Commonwealth" is evil part. Yes, they are racist, but they are also fighting what they believe
w124.22021-12-17Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo,I have not read this VN yet, but what the heck do you expect? Do you think the average person can explain what makes an English poem sound great to a
w1964.182021-11-07Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-"Thanks for sharing, I thought the game did the entire poem, but there was a lot more to it. I actually thought chronologically that Naoya sacrificed
w1964.162021-11-07Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-Oh wow, I missed that part on Yumi's ending being a dream. Guess I'm just not that well read. I can't believe I didn't catch that. Thanks, so that
w1964.102021-11-02Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-People are born gay and that it takes some kind of supernatural miracle to change someone's sexual orientation afterwards. I think there is this
w1964.82021-11-02Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-#4 and #5 Did we even read the same thing? Rina never died, lol. Or are you just looking at the pictures and not reading at all? The final scene has
t17042.42021-11-02release dateJust finished sakuuta and come on, I need more after that open ending. Now, I have to wait for its release. >.<
w854.132021-11-02Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-Isn't that one of the best part about it? It's just so unapologetic about it, and really shows just how close they are to be able to talk openly
t15270.172021-10-27General DiscussionNo, that was just a bad assumption on my part before I completely finished all the endings. I was reading too much between the lines when it showed
t7075.32021-09-05Mio route endingYes, that's the ending. For more details, read the sequel.
t613.412021-08-15about the bad endings (heavy spoilers)That's interesting. I never noticed that before. I'll pay more attention to that in other games I read. @15 In case, anyone else has the same
t613.392021-08-07about the bad endings (heavy spoilers)@#14 I know this is rather old, but by your theory every characters repeated school by 2 years. Is this just the official translation covering its
t16574.22021-07-17Eden No ShoujoIt's February 18, 1964. When Masaki found the manuscript that Naori left behind. I think it's a fitting interpretation towards Christian's concept
t15285.52021-06-06Endings (Spoilers)Added a detailed playthrough of the game: link There are a lot more endings I didn't mention such as bad ends. I felt those were not really that
t15270.142021-05-25General Discussion#12 Masaki does know. I don't remember exactly when he was told but probably in KnS2. He was shocked when Watanuki Sensei suggested he find a special
t15285.42021-05-25Endings (Spoilers)Walkthrough in Japanese: link There are 3 main ending, and a lot of bad ends. Still not finished the game yet, so I'll add the endings later.
t7999.112021-01-16Remake really happening?#10 link
t7999.92021-01-01Remake really happening?Sacchin is not introduced as a main character in the trailer. Isn't it sad Sacchin?
w672.72020-12-30Mahoutsukai no YoruStill waiting for Tsukihime remake and Mahoyoru sequel. In the meanwhile, I'll just play FGO to get my NasuVerse fix...
t5102.92020-10-02The original or R?Some scenes are censored, while some are completely skipped depending on plot importance.
t14520.62020-10-02outrageous triggering questionIf you are machine translating everything, I would say not really worth it. What makes OreTsuba good is the prose with each character's personality
t5102.72020-10-02The original or R?Leaving this here for people thinking about which version of the game to play. R has some extra content written by a different author. The biggest
t13462.72020-09-27Will Hatsune appear in the 3rd Episode?Let her appear, so she can be the next victim. Gonna make me cry if they really do that to her...
t12359.12019-05-20General DiscussionI just finished Natsuyume Nagisa, and I see there's not much discussion in here. So let's get one started. Here are just some things to think about
t9207.22019-04-16Such amazing humorHaha, I remember this. Unko-chan
t9831.42019-02-12Spoilers about the [...] tagExcept NTR means 寝取られ which has sleep in it and implies actual sex. As far as I know its meaning in JP hasn't changed and the kanji for it makes it
t2482.342015-07-02Hatsuyuki Sakura: commentsAs to why the siblings fought it out Sai was trying to disrupt the graduation ceremony, because he wanted to restore the honor of Kurusu's brother