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t12359.12019-05-20General DiscussionI just finished Natsuyume Nagisa, and I see there's not much discussion in here. So let's get one started. Here are just some things to think about
t9207.22019-04-16Such amazing humorHaha, I remember this. Unko-chan
t9831.42019-02-12Spoilers about the NTR tagExcept NTR means 寝取られ which has sleep in it and implies actual sex. As far as I know its meaning in JP hasn't changed and the kanji for it makes it
t2482.342015-07-02Hatsuyuki Sakura: commentsAs to why the siblings fought it out Sai was trying to disrupt the graduation ceremony, because he wanted to restore the honor of Kurusu's brother