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t4350.122013-12-05Pretty disapointing..I think the main reason I didn't like 3M was for the very misleading cover pic(which looks SOOOOOOOO awesome) and not getting what i thought Iwas
t4350.102013-11-25Pretty disapointing..Hmm....I mentiond Dustmania cuz its purely uncensored(awesomeness) and gss for.... havng censoring options. My bad, examples didn't exactly match
t4350.62013-11-23Pretty disapointing..Wow I forget about this.. vehn, with Dustmania and gorescreaming show out there, you can only crave moar....
t3643.52013-09-24Comments and directions: DemonionI know, I just gave up after awhile. I eventually captured the elf but only sexually, not as a character. I think might install it again..
t3643.32013-09-22Comments and directions: DemonionI wish I knew this while I was still playing.. Havent recruited a single one but I kicked ass with my arachne's...
t4350.12013-07-18Pretty disapointing..Ummm well, besides it being short, no real choices, and a need to be able to read kanji to have fun with this,, i was really hoping that the guro
t2636.122012-08-16Euphoria- Figuring this story out..Thanks, and from what i've seen, theres an ending where you enslave all of them. Got an idea?
t2636.102012-07-15Euphoria- Figuring this story out..Heyy, anyone get ALL of the cg and scenes in the game? I'm missing a few and am really interested in them(specifically the one where kanae is laying