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t14807.242020-10-03ThirteenHappy B-Day.
t13402.52020-01-10I made a video of Visual Novels Released in 2019May I offer a suggestion? Put the name of the games on description or in the video itself. Otherwise, you are doing a good job.
t13313.32019-12-21Who are this guys [speculation]Inside job.
t13010.132019-10-12Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarI don't have a problem with Patreon, good ideia. Unrelated question: If I buy a game through VNDB links, do you get any money?
t12945.192019-10-03TwelveCongrats! Look at you, even older than my GF.
t11310.172018-09-30We're alive!Happy Birthday VNDB-chan, you are below my radar now, but I still love you!
t10691.82018-06-02Happy GDPR day!So, you won't send emails about GDPR? I kinda wanted to receive one from VNDB :)
t9711.632017-10-05Fuck, we're old!Happy B-Day!
t9148.182017-05-06I just dropped it and rated it 3 - Bad, here's whyWell, I did not like it for different reasons, got bored midway and dropped it. This game ain't for me, different strokes thing.
t8304.162016-10-02Kickstarter campaign launched !No necked gurls, no money from me! :-P
t7803.252016-05-26Allowing piracyThey are making free advertisement for the game, so I don't think this is a big problem, it's promotion in a sketchy way. I would never "play" a
t6276.242016-05-25GD + Very bad and obvious pun LOLI decided to give it a play, the game is okay and by the way I'm not gay. The dialogs are funny, I got a bad end on my first five minutes :) Damn you
t7535.112016-03-08Denuvo is now going to be in Visual NovelsDenuvo is shyte, I had to refund a game on steam since that shyte blocked my single-player game from playing offline, since then my policy is to
t7216.162015-12-21Koichoco --GD--Why the main character see strange things? For example, Tatsumi has a strange mask, and that guy with the propeller.
t7097.102015-11-03Oh, by the way...@space-ranger Oh btw, I did reset my password just for sake of it!
t7097.82015-11-02Oh, by the way...Oh btw, its about time I changed my pass. Oh btw, thanks for your work. Oh btw, when I click "password reset" nothing happens, the page just refresh
t7030.162015-10-19Do you listen to voices?Since I'm trying to learn Japanese, I listen first and read later. I usually skip H-scenes but not always.
t6980.42015-10-03The Menagerie GDWell, where's the GD? I was expecting a review.
t6972.502015-10-02VNDB is 8 Years OldHappy Birthday Vndb! :) I guess you are under my radar now :(
t6954.132015-09-24Muv Luv KicstarterEven with shiny new graphics, I don't think I can play this game again in this life, played a long time ago yet it's still vivid in my mind. But, I
t6657.72015-06-28NSFW?1- I don't think it's porn at all. 2- People should not be accessing suggestive websites on a "big brother" like environment.
t6463.422015-05-06Should we keep the site translated?I'm not a native english speaker, but I prefer english. OK, I was half-asleep, I refrain my last statement.
t6228.102015-02-23JAST projects fast-paced release schedule for 2015Well, I'm still waiting for Kana Okaeri!
t6037.22014-12-25Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!
t6009.362014-12-23Romanesque-GDSo, Romanesque is really out? What a mess Jast, Yumina is gone from my purchases... At this rate I won't be purchasing Kana Okaeri any time soon.Fix
t5837.362014-12-17Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter AnnouncedNot gonna give one cent for the butchered... I mean "all ages" edition. At this point, I think they don't even care anymore about the full edition
t5978.22014-12-03it's literally nothingHow bad is it?
t5914.302014-11-09How did you get into VNs?Well, I was downloading ms-dos games nonstop for an old 386 PC, then I found "Three sisters history" by accident, decided to play and was taken aback
t5900.42014-10-31First multilang moege release ever@steverowland Well, the download edition then. since international shipping is too troublesome where I live. Thanks for the heads up!
t5900.22014-10-31First multilang moege release everI´m really interested, it will cost 27USD if I got the price right. Btw do you know how many volumes they will release? I´m ready to trow some money
t5850.102014-10-22VNDB 2.23: A Security UpdateLooking forward for the HTTPS! Thanks Yorhel. If I´m allowed to say, I would choose to force TLS everywhere.
t5801.632014-10-03We're at our Prime!Happy birthday!
t5759.262014-09-16About Sekai Project/Off-topic Sekai project will start butchering +18 releases? I hope not. I´ll never support a censored VN just because it´s on Steam. I´m rather
t5491.82014-07-01This game is so homoThanks for the laugh :D
t188.82014-01-10Moon. - Walkthrough RequestThanks "seo", I was looking for a new walkthrough since I just lost my time with the last one I tried, and the game is old so I had just given up.
t4883.102013-12-16Windows VN's on AndroidAnkun2 is correct. I have a "homemade" NvidiaShield using a xbox 360 controller attached to my smartphone acting as a mouse to play vn´s using
t4883.22013-12-13Windows VN's on AndroidI usually play using splashtop, I can even play my other pc games if I want. Splashtop is optimized for nvidia systems btw.
t4628.732013-12-12Happy Birthday to Me!Send her to my house and I shall give her a nice gift* Happy Birthday Vndb! Sorry the lateness...
t4628.492013-10-02Happy Birthday to Me!Happy birthday!!! Long live VNDB.
t3575.322013-01-02It's That Time Of The YearHappy New Year! Keep up Vndb. Sorry for the lateness.
t3361.72012-11-03Great game so far!Great game. Playing Shiro route, i hope its better than Kiriha. Kanade will be the next.
t3262.782012-10-03We're getting oldHappy Birthday VNDB!!! Ps. Now give me a piece of cake
t3139.52012-09-01Steam GreenlightAlready voted! Spread the visual novels on steam.
t3101.22012-08-24Soon finished?Have patience young padawan.
t2703.172012-06-17Question about what to expectCan't wait, the trial edition was pretty good for me. Go striker zero!