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r48443.12016-10-13 at 15:59pablocSono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - First Series Complete SetCompilation of the first VNs with each of the 5 pairings from the first series.
v2388.102016-10-08 at 12:24pablocFukai Kiri no Naka de...Removed one picture, because the text contained absolutely massive spoilers. I added one with characters in kyuudou uniforms instead.
r2965.32016-09-25 at 21:09pablocHorizon no Ue ~Yogen no Sho~Resolution, voices, animations.
v1500.52016-09-25 at 20:59pablocHorizon no Ue ~Yogen no Sho~Length
v7212.82016-04-21 at 10:36pablocShimai Zuma Mesunie Funin Chiryou ~ Nikubou Chuusha de Hakudaku Eki o Touyaku...Fixed description according to the JP DLsite (English one is wrong - t7699).
c46409.42016-04-21 at 10:30pablocNanasawa YuukoAdded family name and traits (based on JP Dlsite description).
c46408.62016-04-21 at 10:28pablocNanasawa NaoFixed according to JP DLsite description (t7699).
c46407.22016-04-21 at 10:26pablocNanasawa TomohikoFixed according to JP DLsite description (t7699).
c25848.22015-12-25 at 21:46pablocLuce RoarOfficial romanization of the name.
c25850.32015-12-25 at 21:45pablocKaure AhamesOfficial romanization of the name.
c25852.22015-12-25 at 21:44pablocJasmine KrugerOfficial romanization of the name.
c25853.22015-12-25 at 21:44pablocAlma LakelandOfficial romanization of the name.
c25851.22015-12-25 at 21:43pablocMaria CapeOfficial romanization of the name.
r33135.62015-06-22 at 18:50pablocDasaku - Package EditionVoice and no animations.
v17408.32015-06-22 at 18:06pablocBaishun RealLength.
r40024.62015-06-22 at 18:05pablocBaishun RealVoice, no animations.
r16317.32015-01-07 at 13:58pablocWalpurgis - DVDPGResolution, voices, animations.
r7683.32015-01-07 at 13:54pablocWalpurgisResolution, voices, animations.
v3977.62015-01-07 at 13:50pablocWalpurgisLength.
r34888.42014-07-18 at 19:17pablocLamuneUpdated notes.
r35261.12014-07-18 at 18:36pablocLamune H-patchAdded H-patch release.
v6527.62014-07-03 at 23:18pablocHotarukoAdded description.
v5380.22014-04-06 at 13:04pablocSwampman ni Hanataba woDescription, length, screenshots.
r10320.22014-04-06 at 12:43pablocSwampman ni Hanataba woFreeware, no ero, no animations.
c6714.72014-01-23 at 19:14pablocSakaki MiyukiSpoiler
r30628.22013-11-18 at 19:30pablocPrincess Sacrifice ~Kugi Hime Feena no Bouken~Those (very) simple animations certainly are in the ero part...
v13987.32013-11-18 at 01:03pablocPrincess Sacrifice ~Kugi Hime Feena no Bouken~Added length.
v4767.52013-05-13 at 12:19pablocHomeless Joshi GakuseiIt's very short.
v4767.42013-05-12 at 16:27pablocHomeless Joshi GakuseiDescription.
v4863.92013-04-06 at 19:01pablocJunsei Tenshi Primity Noel ~Chijoku ni Ochita Shoujo~Screenshots.
r9242.52013-04-06 at 18:59pablocJunsei Tenshi Primity Noel ~Chijoku ni Ochita Shoujo~ Download EditionNo animations.
r9239.52013-04-06 at 18:59pablocJunsei Tenshi Primity Noel ~Chijoku ni Ochita Shoujo~ Package EditionNo animations.
v6527.42013-04-01 at 21:32pablocHotarukoScreenshots.
v7742.52013-04-01 at 15:49pablocManyokko Minorin ~Boku(♂) ga Mahou Shoujo!?~Length.
c6597.62013-03-19 at 23:26pablocShiina Junkotrait
c6597.42013-03-17 at 01:08pablocShiina JunkoSome trait fixes.
c3365.82013-03-17 at 00:10pablocKizuki HotarukoSome traits fixes.
c6595.32013-03-17 at 00:01pablocKizuki MizunuSome traits fixes.
c6596.52013-03-16 at 23:46pablocNakamura MisaSome trait fixes.
c6594.52013-03-16 at 23:42pablocKiyose RukaSome trait fixes.
c3366.52013-03-16 at 23:36pablocHishihara RyouSome trait fixes.
r12948.32013-03-16 at 20:35pablocHotaruko - Limited EditionResolution, ero animations + soundtrack info.
r12947.32013-03-16 at 20:22pablocHotaruko - Regular EditionResolution + ero animations.
v6527.32013-03-16 at 20:19pablocHotarukoMedium length.
r20802.32013-02-26 at 21:18pablocEroi 3D HF PatchIt's only interface TL, not a complete translation.
v11918.22013-01-22 at 00:56pablocShokushu Hime Hydra ~Kankei ni Ochiiru Mori no Majo~Screenshots.
v11999.42013-01-22 at 00:37pablocMarunomiScreenshots.
v8214.42013-01-07 at 17:10pablocJunketsu KaryuudoAdded screenshots. Also, maybe I'm just desensitized, but even after a good look the cover seems pretty safe to me...
v8214.32013-01-07 at 16:49pablocJunketsu KaryuudoDescription and length.
r24961.12013-01-04 at 21:31pablocShikkoku no Lunaria ~Midarana Yakata ni Torawareru Inu Mimi Lolita~ Download ...Added release.