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t8342.42019-07-18A hidden gem...?^ Well, to be honest, making something better than MoeNovel's crap doesn't require that much skill... :P (And a lot of work was done by our editors
t12599.52019-07-12Kirari is not a slutKirari is "virgin" in love not manko.Err, isn't that precisely what makes her a slut? Sleeping with men she doesn't love, that is? And apparently she
t12597.102019-07-12VN or anime first?^ It doesn't actually have any "battle" scenes per se. F/SN only features fights with very limited numbers of participants (mostly duels really
t12597.62019-07-11VN or anime first?Just tackle it in the order it was being released. Read the VN first, then watching Fate/Zero anime. Watching/reading Fate/Zero first is a VERY bad
t12411.132019-06-03Racism in the translation.On a different note, she uses ノーチェンジ in that conversationThis made me question my understanding of "ノーチェンジ", since I don't see how you go from
t12405.602019-06-03The worst translation I've ever seenWhat I get from "エロゲですか?女性なのに?": Guy just asks her a question. No jokes, no memes, he's just surprised that she's into eroge. They seem more like
t12286.52019-05-07No An-chan yaoi route?The Asa x Yoru route basically exists already.Except it includes a totally unnecessary guy there, instead of a pure, glorious twincest.
t12286.32019-05-07No An-chan yaoi route?You made a typo in the title, it should be "Asa x Yoru yuri route". :P Though I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a side-route featuring An-chan... in
t12278.102019-05-06Should I try untranslated VNs for a change?Trying to "read" untranslated VNs without understanding the text is a waste of time. Don't bother. As it was mentioned above, invest a little time
t12274.82019-05-06Are these VNs Doujins?Meanwhile I know that an OELVN/O(whatver except of japanese)LVN can't be a Doujin whatever if it was produced by a big company or by a amateur single
t12270.62019-05-05tags are tellling nonsense!transwoman is very much a womanThat's politically correct. Which means it's actually incorrect. The fact that trans woman's perception of herself is
t12268.352019-05-05Why are there so many crappy oelvn@22 If you're looking for EVN yuri have you tried Highway Blossoms, A Little Lily Princess, and Heart of the Woods?I have A Little Lily Princess (I
t12270.32019-05-05tags are tellling nonsense!^ No, the description says protagonist is a trans woman (male->female transsexual), so that's biological man x biological girl romance. And if "she
t12268.202019-05-04Why are there so many crappy oelvn@18 But if even I can immediately think of plenty of good works, that can rival the better Japanese doujin works, then that's not a good sign.For
t12268.152019-05-04Why are there so many crappy oelvnI don't think art is the main issue with OELVNs. I mean, there's stuff like Higurashi out there. It's a doujin VN with drunk-toddler level of artwork
t12162.112019-04-29Tutorial of reading VNs in JPYou shouldn't learn a language like these only for North Korean porn games or burmese Fantasy children shows (Anime).Learning new things (especially
t12231.52019-04-26Anyone know this flash game?Just browse action games on DLSite, there's a good chance it's somewhere there. Edit: Maybe it's this one? link
t12165.32019-04-08Will it be removed from Steam?If Steam keeps a VN with the word "Trap" in a title, they're transphobic and literally murder LGBTQ+ people. If Steam removes a VN with trans
t12141.372019-04-04SJW Sexual VN's?have you rescue/protect/avenge a girlyou encourage herErr, if stuff like that was considered "progressive", nobody would have issues with SJWs. But
t12141.332019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?tl;dr: everyone in this thread is an SJW, including myself, the OP, and all the people arguing against "SJW-ism"No. I identify as a 57 years old
t12141.302019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?so long as they are fully aware that their fetishes should only remain in their own minds and are capable of making a distinction between their
t12141.242019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?^ Holy crap, trigger warnings take up more space on the main page than synopsis and character descriptions. And the sequel even has super-detailed
t12141.222019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?Pabloc... did you just wave a red cloth in front of a site full of figurative bulls?Nah, I'd never try to trick anyone into checking out a guro VN. I
t12141.52019-04-02SJW Sexual VN's?SJW sex-scenes? Debutopia Sorry, I couldn't resist. XD But hey, """body positivity""" counts as SJW thingy, so I guess it fits, hm? You really
t12114.22019-03-31Anyone knows if this game has a good ending?It's hard to say. It's a story about broken characters dealing with their fucked up lives in their own flawed ways. It goes though various shades of
t12118.242019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyThe pattern is fairly simple, he's downvoting all pure nukiges.Not really. While most of the downvoted titles titles are indeed quite ero-heavy, some
t11645.1222019-02-18Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...You accidentally slipped one of Arunaru's lines into your translation. :P 【三橋】: 「お兄ちゃんって呼んでるから、ビックリしたよねー」 Should be translated as: Mitsuhashi: She
t11105.362019-02-02Another title to be butchered by SakuraGameRule #1: The translator *must* be a native speaker of the *target* language.*Or* the project must involve a native speaker editor. And not just that
t11847.742019-01-30VNs who text files are in game folder?Still nobody answered my question.A few people did. The answer is "No". There's no point in putting scripts in easily editable formats into patches
t11844.22019-01-25Which platform has the most Visual Novel readers?I think the correct answer isn't included in the poll - I mean PC(non-Steam). :P The vast majority of VNs are available on PC, but not exactly on
t11837.72019-01-24Should I modify grotesque images?There's a good reason why this VN isn't tagged as "guro" (or rather, the tag was downvoted to Hell). There's simply no guro here, only some "normal
t11837.32019-01-22Should I modify grotesque images?Nah, when you know what "guro" means, you've probably already seen far worse stuff.
t11783.52019-01-09Coming back to VNs, looking for technical help.1) I definitely recommend using Win7 - it's a rather VN-friendly system and even some old titles actually run on it without issues. It will be easier
t11742.82018-12-30Women's interest in Netorare/Netori@4 Let's not bring random real life BS here for no reason, okay? It's not even all that related to the topic... -.-' That aside, I know that a lot
t11741.22018-12-30Kyokugen Dasshutsu Toki no Jirenmahas a VN style of storytellingIf it had that, it wouldn't have been deleted from here ~100 times already. >_>
t10818.102018-12-29Yet another perfect OELVN lolige except BerndI've read this VN a while ago, but apparently I forgot to add my 2 cents here. Oh well, better late than never. Aside from the technical and writing
t11645.582018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...Hey, I actually like that "dude" word. I'm using it myself in the translation I'm working on right now... in dialogues of a bunch of violent thugs
t11539.62018-11-19How to remove mosaic censorshipWhy in English localizations of minori and maybe in some other Japanese VN companies mosaic still remains?There are various reasons, but in case of
t11512.142018-11-13Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vnGet better sex education.Easier said than done - they probably have to heavily censor all pictures in their sex education materials. XD
t11512.122018-11-13Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vnIt's just the good old Hentai Logic™ most of the time. :P It's not uncommon to see dicks actually penetrating the cervix and reaching all the way
t11338.182018-10-08Reading untranslated Japanese VN's in 2018?i had trying to memorize the hiragana's and katakana's alongside writing and some vocab's. (i just simply don't know if i am doing a good start with
t11310.242018-09-30We're alive!Happy Birthday! Damn, time sure flies fast. I can't believe I'm here for over 10 years already.
t3617.14322018-09-26Tags suggestions/fixes@Warfoki Yeah, you have a point - adding stuff to descriptions won't help. >_< I guess it will be the best to leave cross-dressing tags as is, as
t3617.14292018-09-26Tags suggestions/fixes@Transgender Heroine Yeah, I'd suggest tweaking that tag a little as well. I think replacing the old bit about crossdressing with the part about
t3617.14182018-09-25Tags suggestions/fixesI like ExH definition, but I'd skip the "disposition" part - I think I actually encounter playful, proactive traps more often than shy, submissive
t11175.592018-09-17The state of VNs on SteamSeems like it's gone already. Screenshots go to "fukken saved" folder. XD
t11175.562018-09-17The state of VNs on SteamIt looks kinda suspicious. While it seems to be link indeed, Mofuland isn't credited anywhere on Steam and the game is labelled as "casual, adventure
t11200.152018-09-09Impossible to findI like collecting physical stuff as well, and I'd recommend buying a used copy on Amazon. While brand new copies are seriously overpriced, there are
t10697.1012018-09-09Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGamewhy you assume good=best?Could you quote the part where I said that? Because I don't think I have ever made an assumption like that. Good
t10697.942018-09-08Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameKratos translation is good and i can assure that the quality will not disappointing you.You wrote that in a very "reassuring" English. XD But this is