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t19156.692022-10-02Splitting a characters' gender & sex"We literally do not care about the chromosomes. If a character has a functioning (meaning you can stick a dick into it) vagina, the character has a
t19156.592022-10-02Splitting a characters' gender & sex"trans woman postop Sex/gender:actual:female trait:male_assignment_at_birth trans man postop Sex/gender:actual:male trait:female_assignment_at_birth"
t19156.422022-10-01Splitting a characters' gender & sex"However, what if a character is introduced post-transition and is already treated as a gender they identify as by other characters? By your criteria
t19156.332022-10-01Splitting a characters' gender & sexI advise against using a separate field for "gender". Not only it's completely redundant, but different people will understand this tern in different
t7068.1532022-09-30The non-VN eroge discussion thread^ I thought so too, but it was released in April and it's still there, for some mysterious reason. Well, Steam rules are applied with no rhyme or
t7068.1512022-09-30The non-VN eroge discussion thread"Anyway, surprised that this wasn't mentioned yet but link is downright terrific for its interesting gameplay (as interesting as turn-based battle
t19153.332022-09-30Fifteen 🎉"That mascot is apparently 10 years old now"Damn, that thread was so long ago? I still remember her. Also, Happy Birthday! I'll get properly drunk
t16243.312021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?"Literal translation doesn't mean word for word translation"Err... No, that's -literally- what it means. Overly literal official translations aren't
t16243.162021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?How about "Team faithful" option? I'm mostly in the "Team screw translations read the original" myself, but if there's a decently accurate TL of a VN
t15268.242020-12-29THIS GOT TRANSLATED!?"Why the double standards?"Yeah, why nobody complains about official lolcalizations featuring Moenovel gibberish, dudebro speak, fragile male ego
t14794.72020-09-27Plant Sex additionI misread the title of this thread as "Plant Sex addiction". XD There were already 2 attempts to add plant-related tags: Plant Sex and Sex Involving
t14530.32020-08-16Opinions on this vn?In short, it's a fun, action-packed story about badass ninjas brutally slaughtering hideous villains. The protagonist is a proper anti-hero for once
t14525.72020-08-15How do you start with machine translation?@OP Learning enough Japanese to read VNs is not THAT hard, while learning machine translation is not THAT easy. :P Software-wise, you'll need
t13520.572020-07-31Game really could have been an 18+ title"I would rather play BL than sit though Key H Scenes!"Hmm, you're onto something here. I didn't have any issues with reading Togainu no Chi, but I
t14377.92020-07-24learning how to read"I've had much success thinking about Japanese in terms of words rather than kanji"Yeah, that works best for me as well. I prioritize learning
t14377.52020-07-23learning how to readI'm with #3 on this one. If you know hiragana and katakana already, all you really need to start reading stuff is Tae Kim's grammar guide. Learn it
t13520.542020-07-14Game really could have been an 18+ title"Romance and sex are different things for men"You can have sex without romance, but you can't have real romance without sex. Something like that is
t14294.222020-07-06Not all NTR are bad"Go out there and enjoy some pure love story instead."BOOORING! :P Netorase is garbage and netori is usually just meh. But netorare? Hell yeah
t13937.322020-05-07The MangaGamer controversy"How noble of them, I'm touched. Pretty sure they damn fixed the translation too, for free of course. Oh, forever the Messiah."So I'm a Messiah now
t13810.82020-05-05I'm surprised it is left without any attention."Negative. Unless something changed since the version I played."I'm replaying this game right now and I can confirm that they indeed added an extra
t13907.82020-05-01New type of censorshipModern problems require modern solutions, I guess. XD
t13050.302020-04-02SalesThere's also AkabeiSoft 10 for 10k sale on DMM. link
t13679.482020-03-20MG's leaked Discord chat"However, readers who enjoys such scenes sexually and especially who PREFERS them - and who usually are much older than protagonists in such vns
t13679.362020-03-20MG's leaked Discord chatI wonder where are all those people who normally show up in situations like this and zealously preach that "literal translations = bad, localisations
t13541.602020-02-17The future of NSFWI don't think such 'safe' mirror site would work if we left marking NSFW images up to the users. For one simple reason - it's only a matter of time
t13520.252020-02-11Game really could have been an 18+ title^ Well, their sex-scenes are meme for a reason. XD Though I'd say the Key team did make a VN with solid H-scenes before they left Tactics, namely Moo
t13520.232020-02-11Game really could have been an 18+ title"H-scenes aren't supposed to be "story""You could say exactly the same thing about all slice-of-life elements, jokes or fight scenes. It's not
t13520.182020-02-11Game really could have been an 18+ title"You can talk about sex, without showing 18+ pictures and "aaahn"."Sure. In a book. However, when you are using a visual medium to tell a story, you
t12405.1102019-12-26The worst translation I've ever seen@109 That's an amazing job. ^^ Yeah, lack of context is a bitch in JP. But it seems my wild guesses were correct most of the time. And yeah, seems
t12405.1032019-12-26The worst translation I've ever seen"You don't need to study aerodynamics"Unless you're translating metric fucktons of glider-related infodumps in KonoSora. XD Personally, I like when
t13010.872019-12-14Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStar"SubscribeStar being the Gab to Patreon's Twitter"Pls no, recently Gab went full retard and started a moral crusade against p0rn. Because fuck free
t13010.852019-12-14Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarI'd say it's more about Patreon's approach to customers rather than political views. They have a history of banning people they don't like even
t13010.802019-12-09Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStar"I would be really upset if they refused to let VNDB use their services because of such a dumb reason"Let me remind you that Patreon banned someone
t13010.752019-12-09Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStar"SubscribeStar page as alternative"1st! :D I'll gladly pay a few cents more instead of supporting a service that engages in censorship. "VNDB doesn
t13212.42019-11-30Guro yuri title"whether male characters get sexually involved or not"1 screenshot on Getchu already answers that question. And according to a small Q&A I found
t13212.22019-11-30Guro yuri title"Is that really a sale point of that game?"Well, it worked on me, so... :P Ban'ya Izumi + Rubi-sama = torture, gore, ryona, guro, cannibalism and
t11272.92019-11-23Localization announcement^ I don't watch Murican sitcoms and I don't play Fortnite. But I do see stuff """localized""" by SakuraGame on Steam. And I did exactly what
t13166.42019-11-18Seriously?>Little Sick Girls >Main girl isn't even remotely "little" (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
t13158.22019-11-17Soul Senki"Does it have enough dialogue to be included here?"The correct question would be: Are the story segments written like a novel (with consistent usage
t13062.252019-10-28I just cant........@22 I wrote "solid story" not "good story". Whether MB has good story or not is up to personal tastes (I did like it), but it does have a proper plot
t13010.592019-10-28Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarI'm all for supporting VNDB, but I can't say I'm a big fan of supporting Patreon along with it. >_> I'll use it for now, but some alternatives would
t13062.212019-10-28I just cant........@OP Welcome to the fantastic world of guro, enjoy your stay. >:D You really went out of your way to buy this VN without realizing what you're getting
t12787.22019-08-28do you know this visual novel?Sounds a bit like Divi-Dead, though that's a pretty old VN.
t12660.282019-08-02Sadpanda is leaving...(?)Aaaaand it's back. ^^
t8342.42019-07-18A hidden gem...?^ Well, to be honest, making something better than MoeNovel's crap doesn't require that much skill... :P (And a lot of work was done by our editors
t12599.52019-07-12Kirari is not a slut"Kirari is "virgin" in love not manko."Err, isn't that precisely what makes her a slut? Sleeping with men she doesn't love, that is? And apparently
t12597.102019-07-12VN or anime first?^ It doesn't actually have any "battle" scenes per se. F/SN only features fights with very limited numbers of participants (mostly duels really
t12597.62019-07-11VN or anime first?Just tackle it in the order it was being released. Read the VN first, then watching Fate/Zero anime. Watching/reading Fate/Zero first is a VERY bad
t12411.132019-06-03Racism in the translation."On a different note, she uses ノーチェンジ in that conversation"This made me question my understanding of "ノーチェンジ", since I don't see how you go from
t12405.602019-06-03The worst translation I've ever seenWhat I get from "エロゲですか?女性なのに?": Guy just asks her a question. No jokes, no memes, he's just surprised that she's into eroge. They seem more like