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t16194.182021-10-19Absolutely has to get an English localizationThe biggest presence in common is Mari, who's coincidentally also the source of MC's shitty personality and the destroyer of his relationship. If
t16194.162021-10-19Absolutely has to get an English localizationSo you have no idea whatsoever about what happens in the game, cool.
t16194.142021-10-19Absolutely has to get an English localizationGo ahead and elaborate. I doubt you've read it, but I'm always ready to laugh.
t17201.142021-10-18This.... This is....???! This is a Siscon Era?!!#12 We have link to look forward to.
t16991.692021-10-18Voicing: A ProposalIt's a general jp internet meme, it appears in many works. Famous example is Haganai
t16991.662021-10-18Voicing: A ProposalBeliar is a chad
t16991.642021-10-18Voicing: A ProposalThat's only for virgins you know
t16194.122021-10-18Absolutely has to get an English localizationIt's a bakage. Everything is sacrificed for the comedy, which despite this falls flat. But if it comes out for eops and you enjoy it, I'm happy for
t16194.102021-10-18Absolutely has to get an English localizationEnlighten me, what kind of a VN is this?
t16194.72021-10-18Absolutely has to get an English localizationPlot completely ruined romance, much weaker comedy than Koikari, horrible MC personality, shitty main heroines (especially Mari). If Yuna wasn't in
t17202.22021-10-17I feel betrayed...Well, I don't think her sprite looks like a loli at all, but she definitely has medium breasts on it, as opposed to big breasts she has on every CG
w2966.22021-10-16MaitetsuScales are hard, don't bully.
t17185.42021-10-14Japanese to English...Learn Japanese.
w2917.22021-10-13Heroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito Desu ka? Soretomo Tomefure Desu ka? SecondExcellent review.
t17180.62021-10-1318+ plsThe H-scene in the trial has unvoiced protag.
t17167.52021-10-12Clarification Pretty Please?OP, open up, here's your answer: link
t3617.26582021-10-12Tags suggestions/fixesThe second list shouldn't even be that long, since it's for knife-ears in Amairo Islenauts and Kamidori. There are brown girls in the respective VNs
t3617.26562021-10-11Tags suggestions/fixesI have no problem with imagining elves when someone says different race, might be because I don't read EVNs at all. But if you want to redefine the
t3617.26532021-10-11Tags suggestions/fixesg1543.2 - as mentioned above it was about species the whole time, so one look at the tagged VNs tells you that almost all of them were tagged because
t8242.7792021-10-11The how to edit threadThere's already Japanophile for that.
w2948.12021-10-10Einstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo CrisisHow is that a spoiler when you can literally hear the voice
t17158.42021-10-09No uncensored ?You should complain more about the horrible bleep censor. That has no place in nukige whatsoever.
t17138.22021-10-07Favorite Heroine?How about I do this. Emi favorite main heroine, Tsubaki favorite side heroine, Momoko favorite joke heroine.
t17135.52021-10-06Where can editors post a link to the trailers?Maybe a new link field in releases for youtube OP?
t17120.42021-10-03Disable quotes at pages' bottom"very awkward, to say the least"link
t3617.26472021-10-03Tags suggestions/fixesNo. Just because a character in the VN is a gangster does not mean gang plays a vital role in the story.
w2902.42021-10-01Einstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo CrisisWell, I can answer for myself and tell you that I wasn't a fan of the original game, yet I played the sequel (yes, sequel, I wouldn't call it FD). I
w2902.22021-10-01Einstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo Crisis#1 I'm sure he will reply to this post heh
t17010.432021-09-30The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDB#41 I disagree completely. The second description has SOUL
t17105.142021-09-30Fourteen 🎉link
t17084.22021-09-27Regarding c90698.3 ちよTrue route credits - link
t3314.26552021-09-26TraitsI don't agree with Robot being child trait of Artificial Intelligence. Robots don't need a fully functioning AI (true AI) as is implied when
t16822.62021-09-23Can't view characters tab on mobileClicked all of them on the phone, and I can see images and descriptions. I can click the spoiler buttons and more traits appear, and I can toggle
t16822.42021-09-23Can't view characters tab on mobileTested on iPhone Chrome and it works fine.
t16991.482021-09-22Voicing: A ProposalSo if mob characters are not separate, should a VN that otherwise has all the important side characters voiced as "not every character"?
t17046.92021-09-21Regarding r31883.4You are mixing two different things. One is different meaning between anglosphere and japan. Two is different meaning within anglosphere.
t17046.52021-09-21Regarding r31883.4Like I said, pants means trousers to most English speakers link There's no reason to force the romanization to bwitish english when it's just gonna
t17046.22021-09-21Regarding r31883.4link
t8242.7652021-09-21The how to edit threadI'll be the first to say I don't like changing pantsu to pants. Pants is british-english only, and not used by English speakers in general to refer
t17045.22021-09-21Tomefure 2 GDRight. Well, right now only the trial is out, and I didn't read the H-scene part (to keep it for the full game), so I can't talk about the H-scenes
t17044.22021-09-21Regarding v15426.22"would of"would have* "may of"may have*
t17040.22021-09-20kinetic novel?Clearly kinetic as the scene recollection in the trial is set up the same. Sucks for you and your bad taste, doesn't suck for the game as kinetic is
t16991.342021-09-19Voicing: A ProposalSo the split between prominent side characters and unlisted 5-line mob chars was cancelled?
t15841.512021-09-17Regarding c56483.5Oh I grinded it all the way to 80, with most others at level cap. I like Willis too much. I agree it's great to see Rance mature somewhat over the
t15841.492021-09-16Regarding c56483.5Finally getting to the big boy sengoku rance where everyone started back in the day, hope you enjoy that one. I recommend going without a guide the
t17011.32021-09-14loli tagIt is pollution of the tag itself and the tag cloud to add things like "all younger heroines" and "all heroines are protagonist's sister" to every
t17011.12021-09-14loli tagAmazing griefing which fucks up the search completely. Great job.
t17010.52021-09-14The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBYou can put all descriptions taken from EN dlsite on the list.
t16991.162021-09-12Voicing: A ProposalMy question is how would this thing look UI-wise on the main VN page? It's extremely simple right now to tell at first glance with red, yellow, and
t16991.62021-09-11Voicing: A Proposal"Good to know, though that only means we have to be careful in how we define the other characters and their spritless cousins."Not precisely what I