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t950.13192022-08-09VNDB Suggestions!I'd like to go back to the idea to add "Show minor spoilers" and "Spoil me!" buttons to character pages regardless of whether they have any spoiler
w4761.102022-07-28Gaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou ImoutoCTRL for specific sections. Do you really not know how egs voters read? And yes, that's exactly how deviation works. 60 is as far from 77 as 94 is
w4761.82022-07-28Gaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou Imouto"Apart from that, the game has a play length of about four hours""The power of CTRL commands me" And just lmao at 60 not being far from 77. 25
w4761.62022-07-28Gaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou ImoutoNot very smart to not take OP's review with a grain of salt when his rating is significantly below average. It's a 6 hour game for a single heroine
w4761.42022-07-28Gaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou Imouto#3 Very far from the truth in this case. If you read it, you'd know it's bullshit.
t18829.22022-07-27Censored gamesWell it all started with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
t18817.32022-07-24H-code"There's a combination guide in seiya-saiga. Just finish one route and on your 2nd playthrough you can skip the gift options and just choose one out
t18803.42022-07-20How to unlock threesome ending?Top right heart in the selection screen.
t18783.32022-07-18The use of tag Heroine with Sexual ExperienceOP is asking about tags on sequels and fandiscs, in case it wasn't clear from the end of his first sentence. For example Neko Para Vol.4 Neko to
t3617.28652022-07-14Tags suggestions/fixes#2864 Impossible. Heroine getting it on with other girls is seen as a non-issue among those who hate NTR. Lesbian sex is just a prank.
t18746.52022-07-11Outdated screenshotsI'd say newer is always better. People can at least see what's different between their outdated version and the current one, so they are likely to
t18731.52022-07-09Plot intensifies, but... (minor spoilers)#4 And then your justification falls apart since part 4 is in the all time top 20 on this site.
t950.13112022-07-06VNDB Suggestions!d2#2 now says the following about Related anime: "Some visual novels (e.g. Clannad and Utawarerumono) have anime adaptions, and some visual novels
w4621.62022-07-05Koi to Senkyo to ChocolateI like Chisato.
t8242.12032022-07-05The how to edit threadI don't care either way, I just picked H only since the normal dialogue didn't have any partial voice acting.
t18688.62022-07-04Why is only this one voiced?#5 change minor into major and you're right.
t18670.172022-07-01Huge change of the tagging systemI'm just going to let the guidelines speak for themselves, since as #7 said nobody seems to read them. "Main character A character that plays a
t18670.152022-06-30Huge change of the tagging systemMain character =/= heroine, I think we've been over this already. A character that's on the screen constantly is a main character, regardless of
t18670.42022-06-30Huge change of the tagging systemA heads up should probably be done beforehand, not as a reaction. In my opinion, the percentages I put up are also high. You just underestimate how
t18670.12022-06-29Huge change of the tagging systemIn case you missed it - and I don't blame you if you did, after all it was done in complete secrecy with no thread, no proposal, no place for
t3617.28502022-06-29Tags suggestions/fixesd10.4 the percentages are ridiculous and I will be the first to speak against that. If half of all H-scenes contain one theme, it's a giga 3. Should
t18645.52022-06-26Correct Spelling?Shortening a title to 4 characters or putting together a new 4 character title is standard otaku practice. That belongs in the alias field. and same title ?If you check EGS you'll see it's a remake.
t8700.82022-06-24Do you Think Rance 04 should be?The team behind the remakes left Alicesoft. There's a very low chance this is happening.
w4550.12022-06-23Hiyoko Strike!Can you specify with some examples?
t3649.122022-06-23No Remake?It's vastly superior to the original in every aspect.
t3314.29072022-06-21TraitsRole > Webcam Model under Role > Online Content Creator
t18593.22022-06-18How do you sort items in your wishlist?Use the filters in the main search and add "My labels>wishlist" as one of them.
t3314.28972022-06-11TraitsThen the only unavoidable rape and murder would be something that happens in the common route or in kinetic novels. VNs are made in a way that
t3314.28952022-06-11TraitsYou're confused about the situation. Other route rape means the heroine is not raped on her route, but is only raped on other routes. I am talking
t3314.28932022-06-11TraitsI would disagree with that. If a heroine gets raped on her route but is fine on other heroines' routes, would you use avoidable rape? No. Avoidable
t950.12722022-06-07VNDB Suggestions!If two releases were released on the same day, they are ordered by when they were created. I don't think this should be the case when they are of
t950.12632022-06-01VNDB Suggestions!If it makes you feel any better, you don't know the person's reading style and speed, so the length could be different by like 30 hours either way.
t2520.6632022-05-29Minor error/sReview helpfulness is now shown twice, top right and bottom right.
t18466.22022-05-28Moege Award Grand PrizeSetting aside my criticism of some of the details and the ending, well deserved.
t17138.292022-05-27Favorite Heroine?Feels like the game has excellent design when the two main heroines are equally liked.
t8242.11672022-05-27The how to edit threadNot just might. link link link link link
t18395.62022-05-25OH S**T, LOLICONDon't you mean under 13?
t18448.42022-05-24Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge Genre"Didn't know these words? Here: link"Follow your own advice because some of those aren't genres.
t2520.6592022-05-23Minor error/st2520.505 This still doesn't work when using non-latin characters. Try going here link and selecting any other category. The search will reset.
t950.12532022-05-23VNDB Suggestions!Yep, great script.
t8242.11512022-05-19The how to edit threadRemind me how to mark a release that was previously paid but now is freeware.
t3617.28262022-05-19Tags suggestions/fixesAren't most of the tags in From Other Media useless since you can search by related anime now?
t17666.202022-05-18What's up with all the delays for this game?#17 I read 3/4 routes so far not a single thing even remotely close to chuuni or a sword. Rather a very good imouto.
t18379.82022-05-16this is the best visual novel of the last 5 yearsLet's not include Wagahime in that particular list.
t8242.11482022-05-15The how to edit threadThat's exactly how using a template works. You've got a 256x300 or anything higher with the same ratio as a white background and you fit the image
t8242.11462022-05-15The how to edit threadHe means the image quality. If you use the full body pic and fit it to the correct aspect ratio template with photoshop/gimp, you'll get shitty
t18365.22022-05-11Regarding c50105.13"despite this character having no sex scenes in any VN."
t18328.62022-05-09Can we fix the Bayesian Rating Formula?"The current raiting favors the most popular older entries too much. There's not a single VN from 2021 and 2022 in the top 100"Correction, the rating
t3617.28162022-05-08Tags suggestions/fixesNo, they shouldn't. I already mentioned this, but the high school protag/heroine/hero should be removed from under High School. For example for