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2022-08-097.6FinishedGin'iroJP; Holy shit the number of CGs this game has, big soul. And big suffering this game has. Gloomy atmosphere up to 11 but with a deus ex machina to save the day. Chapter 1 was amazing and hooked me up immediately. Chapter 2 was pretty much garbonzo, then 3 again top notch. 4-5 was almost as good as 1 - I loved the double story and the transition scene from b&w to color was delicious.
2022-07-248FinishedGaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou ImoutoJP; Imou Chie is my little sister. This is objectively a 10/10 game. Unfortunately, my votes are subjective and therefore I cannot help but compare it to my beloved Onikiss from the same team
2022-07-187.5FinishedRe;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~JP; Tetris with boobs, as intended by Alexey Pajitnov
2022-07-167FinishedNatsugami-ke ni Okita Koto PlusJP; Plus, more like Minus. If you've got a kamige, do not under any circumstances touch it.
2022-07-078FinishedTrans!JP; Amazing Toradora content, for Ami lovers specifically
2022-06-235FinishedImouto Tousatsu ~Jitaku Stalker~JP; Voyeurism part really good, the H-scenes damn bad + NBR surprise
2022-06-162FinishedUnderlineJP; Who in their right mind would write this kind of garbage. OST was great though
2022-06-157FinishedHimitsu no Nude DessinJP; "発育途上の未成熟な少女の身体が大好きです!!!" Dude same
2022-05-233.5FinishedHokenshitsu no Sensei to Gothloli no KouiJP; Kami art, kuso content. As expected, they did Shiro incredibly dirty. Aside from that, they moved super far into plotge, but without actually trying. Where are the CG? Where are the sprites? Where is the worldbuilding from the first game? Why separate this game and Hokecho if you're going to put the common route in this one? Santa Matsuri saving their ass really hard here.
2022-05-218FinishedDeriheru Yondara Onna Tomodachi Dattan da ga!? ~Arui wa, Haru o Uru...JP; fhc's dream game, let's see if he ever finds it.
2022-05-217.4FinishedSukimazakura to Uso no MachiJP; It's complicated and I don't care for Rin (うその都会 ver). But Imouto-sama is really really amazing.
2022-05-125.5FinishedIyarashi Kurashi ~Relief Doll~Not a good SLG, but as ADV not horrible
2022-04-188FinishedOtaku to Musume-sanJP; An amazing daughterge. Matome is a national treasure and introducing your daughterwife to your parents is the biggest chad move in the history of eroge.
2022-04-166.6FinishedOtaku no Musume-sanJP; She's so cute she made me read the entire source manga.
2022-04-084FinishedKiken Kuiki ShoujoJP; No-go zones in [redacted]
2022-03-085FinishedKiya Shii Collection "Yuuwaku MaiMai"JP; Pretty scam title
2022-02-116FinishedIsekai no Reijou ni TS Tensei Shiteita Ken ~Boku ga Haraguro Ouji n...JP; 堕ちたな
2022-02-088.4FinishedShikaeshi Game ~Shasei Sasenai to Shinu Death Game~JP; Excellent piece of work. My only problem is lack of voice acting outside of H. Let me hear the 命乞い of the psycho.
2022-02-067.3FinishedMesugaki Gyaku Chikan Densha ~Maiasa, Shoujo ga Densha de Itazurash...JP; Grade A msgk
2022-02-044FinishedOffline de Ecchi na Level AgeJP; What a beautiful chest. Why wasn't I feeling it? I guess weak seiyuu delivery.
2022-02-026.9FinishedImouto☆Love Me!! ~Onii Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!~JP; Age of tsundere imouto continues
2022-01-318.1FinishedHakuchuumu no AojashinJP; Do robots dream?
2022-01-216.4FinishedVtuber Maid RamieJP; bouncy
2022-01-184FinishedDatsu! To-Love-Ru JanJP; don't make me replay the whole game for true route, come on man
2022-01-151.1FinishedToaru Shuudoujo ga Ochiru MadeJP; VN btw
2022-01-158FinishedHokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no JoshuJP; A non-nukige lolige. What year is this?
2021-12-287.6FinishedShirouto Iede Musume to OreJP; My favorite type of nukige
2021-12-267FinishedKiss Kara Hajimaru Gyaru no Koi ~Kurumi no Uwasa to Honto no Kimochi~JP; Simply a worse
2021-12-115.5FinishedHitori no QualiaJP; Karin, the little slut throwing temper-tantrums
2021-12-059.1FinishedInochi no SpareJP; いわゆる1つの、神ゲー
2021-12-027FinishedSousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai KoushikiJP; バッドエンドなんか、いらない。
2021-11-267FinishedSister Application!JP; Goru-chan is super かあいい. Retarded 次回予告 for the next chapter spoils the CGs and the plot.
2021-11-129FinishedNatsugami-ke ni Okita KotoJP; This is the most impactful NTR work I've come across. Incredible production which makes actual eroge companies seem like a joke.
2021-11-068.3FinishedTsundere na ImoutoJP; Rina is so cute. So damn cute! The sibling relationship is great and I'm certainly left satisfied with the romantic development. Is this the age of tsundere imouto?
2021-10-297.8FinishedKeiken Zero na Classmate πJP; Good moege, a gift from the Heavens
2021-10-177FinishedSokuochi Succubus Rumiru-chan ~Kusozako Ma*ko no Mazo Mesugaki ga N...JP; bakamoe
2021-10-147FinishedJosou JinjaStarted EN 2019 finished JP; cute girls
2021-10-136.6FinishedHeroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito Desu ka? Soretomo Tomefure De...JP; RIP the kamige dream
2021-09-267.7FinishedEinstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo CrisisJP; I might have been harsher if it wasn't for the original game and the fact that they made this whole thing as a free sequel. I enjoyed myself during my reading session and I feel satisfaction after the ending. Does a reader need anything else?
2021-09-153Finished○mouto Work! Ko○naka ni Ochin○n Hoshii no Onii-chan!JP; Novel concept and all the 生放送 including comments were cool, but it baited me with decent trial and then revealed last minute that she's fucked everyone in town. Still would have been like a 5 if not for the shoehorned epilogue.
2021-09-106.3FinishedKagikko L-only Case.2 ~Mii-chan Emergency!~JP; more lighthearted than 1, more forgettable than 1
2021-09-081FinishedOnna no Ko no Pantsu o Itazurashita DaishouJP; Now this is the ultimate lidl game. I do not regret spending 22 yen.
2021-08-286.6FinishedKanojo to Ore to Koibito to.JP; Ayano parts = kamige, Konoka/Chikage parts = kusoge, tsukushi = kiss魔
2021-08-075.5FinishedIdolDaysJP; Time to stop reading this shovelware that was made all-ages and ero was added after without being properly incorporated. Nice HCG though. Also, fuck the lack of insert song. It's a game about singing ffs.
2021-08-047.8FinishedAsagao wa Ai o Shiranai.JP; いい子になれた
2021-07-294FinishedChicchai Idol DVD no Tsukurikata 2JP; 1 - soul, 2 - soulless. Worse char design, worse art, worse situations, worse heroine
2021-07-277.5FinishedChicchai Idol DVD no TsukurikataJP; Very erokawaii
2021-07-266.9FinishedYami to Hikari no SanctuaryJP; Long build-up towards an extremely short climax where the main heroine didn't get to show off her skills, that is her genius deductive skills, whatsoever. Weak romantic development and subsequent relationship in the main route. Main route recycled boss from common and side route. Main route shorter than side routes, which by the way were completely useless plotwise. They're like completely unrelated to the main plotline. Julie's route is too long and too much about a side girl that you can't even bone. Senpai best girl and she got a 10 minute bad end route with HCG that completely changed her face, and made her dere without and progress shown towards it. Really the best part about the game is Claudette. She has great personality and great tits, and her route is fairly hype too. But not sure it's worth considering the metric ton of menial discussion you need to go through (several times because of bad route split point where you get an in-game week which is pretty much the same on each route but you can't skip it because of the very slight differences) I think the biggest problem the game has is that the main heroine's route is available from the beginning, so they couldn't actually implement the foreshadowing and characters from other routes
2021-07-054.5FinishedShoujo no Michikusa Pico ~Inmai Baby~JP; Ah, why do I keep wasting my hard-earned yen on 30 minute games just because they have cute covers. Good route was moe but also like 10 minutes long max.