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2021-10-177FinishedSokuochi Succubus Rumiru-chan ~Kusozako Ma*ko no Mazo Mesugaki ga N...JP; bakamoe
2021-10-147FinishedJosou JinjaEN/JP; cute girls
2021-10-136.6FinishedHeroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito Desu ka? Soretomo Tomefure De...JP; RIP the kamige dream
2021-09-267.7FinishedEinstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo CrisisJP; I might have been harsher if it wasn't for the original game and the fact that they made this whole thing as a free sequel. I enjoyed myself during my reading session and I feel satisfaction after the ending. Does a reader need anything else?
2021-09-153Finished○mouto Work! Ko○naka ni Ochin○n Hoshii no Onii-chan!JP; Novel concept and all the 生放送 including comments were cool, but it baited me with decent trial and then revealed last minute that she's fucked everyone in town. Still would have been like a 5 if not for the shoehorned epilogue.
2021-09-106.3FinishedKagikko L-only Case.2 ~Mii-chan Emergency!~JP; more lighthearted than 1, more forgettable than 1
2021-09-081FinishedOnna no Ko no Pantsu o Itazurashita DaishouJP; Now this is the ultimate lidl game. I do not regret spending 22 yen.
2021-08-286.6FinishedKanojo to Ore to Koibito to.JP; Ayano parts = kamige, Konoka/Chikage parts = kusoge, tsukushi = kiss魔
2021-08-075.5FinishedIdolDaysJP; Time to stop reading this shovelware that was made all-ages and ero was added after without being properly incorporated. Nice HCG though. Also, fuck the lack of insert song. It's a game about singing ffs.
2021-08-047.8FinishedAsagao wa Ai o Shiranai.JP; いい子になれた
2021-07-294FinishedChicchai Idol DVD no Tsukurikata 2JP; 1 - soul, 2 - soulless. Worse char design, worse art, worse situations, worse heroine
2021-07-277.5FinishedChicchai Idol DVD no TsukurikataJP; Very erokawaii
2021-07-266.9FinishedYami to Hikari no SanctuaryJP; Long build-up towards an extremely short climax where the main heroine didn't get to show off her skills, that is her genius deductive skills, whatsoever. Weak romantic development and subsequent relationship in the main route. Main route recycled boss from common and side route. Main route shorter than side routes, which by the way were completely useless plotwise. They're like completely unrelated to the main plotline. Julie's route is too long and too much about a side girl that you can't even bone. Senpai best girl and she got a 10 minute bad end route with HCG that completely changed her face, and made her dere without and progress shown towards it. Really the best part about the game is Claudette. She has great personality and great tits, and her route is fairly hype too. But not sure it's worth considering the metric ton of menial discussion you need to go through (several times because of bad route split point where you get an in-game week which is pretty much the same on each route but you can't skip it because of the very slight differences) I think the biggest problem the game has is that the main heroine's route is available from the beginning, so they couldn't actually implement the foreshadowing and characters from other routes
2021-07-054.5FinishedShoujo no Michikusa Pico ~Inmai Baby~JP; Ah, why do I keep wasting my hard-earned yen on 30 minute games just because they have cute covers. Good route was moe but also like 10 minutes long max.
2021-06-237FinishedAmairo * IslenautsJP; Done on 18/6 after a long stall. I really wish they had a CG for the finale of Shirley's route. Tia's route was probably the best. Ironic, is it not
2021-06-238.1FinishedGenjitsu ga Mietekita node Lolicon Yamemashita.JP; This is practically the lolicon bible. Not only from an ero side, but more so from the emotional side. There's no game which will make you more empathetic towards someone trying to fight their paraphilia. There's no game which better depicts someone desperately wanting to be rid of their illness and become a better person. Become someone who loves his wife, takes good care of his family.
2021-06-228FinishedSekaiichi, Uketai Uso o. -Really, Another Imaginary.-JP; Very good read. Best portrayal of unrequited love I've seen in a really long time, maybe ever.
2021-06-197.3FinishedHentai na Ore wa Shinshi ni Narazaru o Enai -The Importance of Crea...JP; What is an imouto? Philosophical answer to that can be found inside.
2021-06-177.5FinishedAikagiJP; I liked it. It has lots of ichaicha. Not too long not too short. Cute loving osananajimi. It has the requirements for a moekamige. Not sure why I didn't like it more. I finished it like a month ago and gave it some thought, but can't quite figure it out.
2021-06-127.4FinishedMusume Seikatsu.JP; Pretty good daughterge. Kinda mad about no blood during defloration
2021-05-306FinishedNetorare Loop ~Kyou Shiranai Otoko ni Mata o Hiraku Tsuma~JP; Didn't really do anything good with its shtick
2021-05-247.5FinishedFukuramikake ReturnsJP; There's an H-scene spam in the beginning, but afterwards there's tons of SoL content with cute little girls who actually think and act like children. They are noisy, blackmail with the classic "I'll tell Mom" or by just using tears, compete and argue with each other all the time, have short attention span, want to play with dolls or pretend play mahou shoujo. Especially the antics with twins I really enjoyed, but I loved all of them except of course meganekko.
2021-05-194FinishedSawasawa Enikki ~Imouto to Chomechome Hen~JP; Buyer's remorse
2021-05-146FinishedIsekai Sakaba no Sextet ~Vol.3 Postlude Days~JP; Both heroines likable, writing only somewhat terrible, good H
2021-05-126.5FinishedFashion Komyushou-kun to Business Bocchi-chanJP; It was an interesting read. Pretty unique as far as the stuff I usually read goes.
2021-05-124.6FinishedIsekai Sakaba no Sextet ~Vol.2 Adventurer's Days~JP; Why did I keep reading it? Because it's short. And holy shit those cowtits are good.
2021-05-124.5FinishedIsekai Sakaba no Sextet ~Vol.1 New World Days~JP; Probably written by a monkey.
2021-05-027FinishedTokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen-JP; kawaii neko-san da~
2021-04-264FinishedGokinjo Idol Produce -Side Mia HazukiJP; Thank God for bunny cosplay otherwise it would've been completely useless
2021-04-267Finished9 -Nine- ShinshouJP; I actually read an all-ages kusoge
2021-04-237FinishedSuteki na Kanojo no TsukurikataJP; Insane in the membrane
2021-04-238.3FinishedHoka no Otoko no Seieki de Haramu Toki 1 & After Story ~Fusuma no M...JP;
2021-04-227.5FinishedHoka no Otoko no Seieki de Haramu Toki ~Fusuma no Mukou de Otouto n...JP; Back when Atelier Sakura had SOUL
2021-04-117.1FinishedHarem Mura ~Dousotsu Fukahi! Kodane Teikyou wa Mura no Okite Desu!!~JP; Sometimes big difference between the sprites and the CG art. Pretty damn funny. Juu Zen is just the best nukige writer. They could have at least drawn a small droplet of breast milk at the end. Normally I would get mad at the choices, but true route was great.
2021-03-296.5FinishedRen'ai x Royale - Nonoka & Renna & Yuna Mini After StoryJP; Yuna-chan Yuna-chan Yuna-chan - not enough time alone, also fuck yeah I enjoyed the oyakodon scene even though I didn't read Renna's route in the original.
2021-03-278.3FinishedHimukai Chihiro wa Shigoto ga TsuzukanaiJP; 癒される~
2021-03-255.5FinishedSakura no Kumo * Scarlet no KoiJP; Melissa took a bath with the others yet no one saw her shoulder? Give me a break. Routes overall were decent with the train being the best (though still not amazing), the romance was weak but the girls were cute (especially キス魔所長 which is why it's even harder to forgive what they did), and the ending was garbage as expected from time travel stories. Good H (impregnation talk in every route very cool). This is basically -2 points for the true end.
2021-03-178FinishedAkizuki-ke no Jusei Irai -Ninshin Suru made Kurikaesareru, Tsuma to...JP; Netorase kamige. Really, great from start to finish.
2021-03-153FinishedShirotsume Yubiwa ~Yotsugo no Hanayome: Ore, Zen'in Erabimashita~JP; Hypocritical piece of shit. I'm extra harsh because it had great potential and despite preaching about equal treatment of heroines in a harem, it went exactly the opposite way. Forced to pick a single girl who's the main heroine of the harem, who gets a wedding night scene and the only one who gets pregnant. Fucking kusoge to the max.
2021-02-289Finished9 -Nine- Yukiiro Yukihana YukinoatoJP; Well damn, what a good game. Truly. I give it nine out of 9.
2021-02-238Finished9 -Nine- Haruiro Harukoi HarunokazeJP; Haruka gets very cute late into it. Satsuki fight was intense. Lmao @ ナイン
2021-02-178Finished9 -Nine- Sorairo Sorauta SoranootoJP; amazing seiyuu work, excellent imouto. It's very depressing that the romance doesn't bloom. I'm only giving it 8 because of Sora, but this volume was weaker than the previous one in most aspects.
2021-02-178Finished9 -Nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka KokonoiroJP; All in all, good setup for the series, and Myaako was very cute. Especially the SD are amazing.
2021-02-057.6FinishedUchi no Aruji wa Youkai no Joushiki o ShiranaiJP; You will never serve ojou-sama ;_;
2021-01-117.7FinishedKoinoha -Koi no Share House-JP; Dude, maybe put in fewer H-scenes in next time. 50 is a bit too many for 4 heroines. Bro. Please.
2021-01-087.4FinishedImouto ga Saimin Appli o Tsukatte KitaJP; Imouto ichaicha
2021-01-056FinishedRondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ffEN; fapped to it in 2016, no idea it was in the db until now
2021-01-046.5FinishedSnow WhiteJP; Good for fans of the original
2020-12-265.4FinishedRen'ai x RoyaleJP;
2020-12-197FinishedYuuwaku Namaiki LolitaJP; sexy lolis, but much weaker impact than the previous games