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t13403.92020-01-25Thoughts on the game@zxcvzxcv: thank you!! I'll try it out!
t3314.19392020-01-24Traits@savegetiger: done both of your requests. @kfc: someone did it already.
t3314.19382020-01-24TraitsNope I cannot, or at least that's what I have decided. I made an agreement with warfoki that he his in charge of approving traits, mine included
t13421.112020-01-23OopsIt seems perfect, nothing to add.
t13421.92020-01-22OopsYes I do agree, with the only exception of a full story where the character starts from male/trap to transwoman. That's why eacil in the other thread
t13421.52020-01-21OopsThat's why we questioned about the story of this VN. It has to be mistaken in the story not by us. This was the main reason to open a thread to speak
t13420.42020-01-14Dialogue choicesYes you need to mingle character to unlock choices. Usually you unlock 1 event choice and 1 sexual scene every 10% (don't worry if you don't see Fena
t13421.22020-01-14OopsNo problem, the trap is questionable because yes she is a woman but you can clearly see his dick trough hot pants, so visually speaking that's not
t13420.12020-01-13Dialogue choicesEven if not perfectly accurate I'll share my choice guide I built involountarily during my playtroughs: I have marked choices with: +1A - 1
t13416.32020-01-13You should play this, and here's why.It's bad in the begenning but with auto-battle and resources/level accumulated in new game+ it become less hard to grind, and ofc it depends on how
t13403.52020-01-11Thoughts on the game@pramit: sorry I said CG but I intended scene I miss all 7 CGs. Under Extra -> CG it's 4th page (last one), 1st row 5th column it's between odin on
t13381.132020-01-11Don't play thisWhen these stop being produced sooner or later, I'll probably kill myself.I hope your kidding m8, I bet you'll soon find something more worth living
t13403.32020-01-10Thoughts on the game@pramit: nice to hear some good reviews on the game, I got the same good experience with it and finished the game 5 times. I too will play another
t13381.112020-01-10Don't play this@phunk: nice to hear you share your own opinions on this game and I get your point of view and I respect everyone opinions on the game, I just wanted
t3314.19312020-01-09Traits@traumatizer: just linked 2 images now instead of articles. @barfboy: Easy. Both group sex and lesbian sex apply.
t13381.92020-01-08Don't play thisSome character did frustating me (odin and jorm duh)Actually those 2 character are the one standing out for me together with Thor as the winner (even
t950.6572020-01-07VNDB Suggestions!I agree with rampaa, not that you can't see your quantity of pussy and boobs around (being actually quite softcore to some other content)... flagging
t12800.452020-01-06Querying DatabasesOr you could work with regexp and \s.
t12800.432020-01-06Querying DatabasesHi rampaa you should take into account a possible whitespace in the description, maybe there are 0 cases rightnow though. Otherwise length of trimmed
t12800.402020-01-05Querying DatabasesHi kivandopulus care to explain what are you trying to do? I don't understand what you are trying to find... do you want to find VN with "-" as the
t13381.52020-01-05Don't play thisYes the game has lot of action so if you don't like that it's probably safer to stay away from this game, and yes there are deeper and better
t13381.32020-01-05Don't play thisEven if I keep reading bad reviews, I don't share the same idea. I did enjoy the battles mechanics and the sexual scenes are kinda nice if you like
t13284.882020-01-04Apparent Breast SizeOh sorry! Next time I will be more careful.
t13284.862020-01-04Apparent Breast SizeDone, switched to japanese terms.
t13284.842020-01-04Apparent Breast Size@otakuman007: done deleted. Then I proposed both Huge Breasts Heroine and Gigantic Breasts Heroine like you suggested. I'm waiting to propose Big
t3314.19282020-01-04Traits@warfoki: ok I understand, can I add Monster Breeding as an alias or is better to propose a new trait for it?
t3314.19262020-01-03Traits@barfboy: thank you, this one can work. In the case I found it's a form of "consensual" Monster Breeding after sexual corruption so probably adding a
t3314.19202020-01-03TraitsOk I just finished Venus Blood -Frontier-, so I started tagging the characters when I found some traits are missing, so this is what I would like to
t13370.42020-01-02Pregnancy tags ( Regarding c87107)Look being a nukige with pregnancy in the title, you can really revert my change. I was talking in general, and not that I'm always convinced about
t13370.22020-01-02Pregnancy tags ( Regarding c87107)As I wrote since it's a nukige it's probably unneded and I usually put those spoilers just because I know some users get kind nervous when we spoiler
t12537.1152019-12-31Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionin most at least semi realistic scenarios Newhalf and Transwoman traits should go hand in handand now you lost me again... I'm really tired now
t13284.822019-12-31Apparent Breast Size@eacil: I can fix the description to avoid tagging flat chest traps. This is what we agreed upon: (it's now in Apparent Breast Sizes description
t12537.1132019-12-31Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionthanks for your anwsers, beliar and eacil. I just removed both Trap and Transwoman from Veleno. The first is clearly a mistake, the second it was
t12537.1082019-12-30Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinction@eacil: trap was added by someone else but actually that VN doesn't features scenes where Veleno wasn't a newhalf. So I'm guessing does "trap" still
t3314.19082019-12-30Traits@sakurakoi: thanks for your "wise" explaination I wasn't applying the trait because I never found a girl called "Prostitution". Seriousness aside.
t3617.18992019-12-30Tags suggestions/fixes@warfoki: in t13284.80 user otakuman007 made a good observation. I myself think that we should reflect breast changes to tags too. What do you think
t3617.18962019-12-29Tags suggestions/fixes@goldgrande: Traits thread is this one: t3314 I just answered there about your trait.
t3314.19032019-12-29TraitsThe problem I see in Heart Pupils is that unlike Symbol mention the temporarity of the form. Symbol is instead a normal eye feature. Heart shaped
t13095.572019-12-25Cups for All Ageslol what's the point of answering those questions.... And how the hell sexism comes into this? I think that's a more relevant question.
t13284.782019-12-25Apparent Breast Size@savegetiger: done
t13284.762019-12-25Apparent Breast SizeBut not sure how deal with girl that start as small/flat chest and naturally grows medium during course of game. Any advice?There are cases where we
t13284.722019-12-24Apparent Breast SizeOk then I would say yes to tagging traps if the other option is to exclude them at all. transwoman, newhalf and trap at the same time. Is that even
t13284.702019-12-24Apparent Breast SizeNewhalves like Futanari should be tagged...why shouldn't we tag someone like Veleno? If you say yes to futanari you can't say no to newhalves
t13284.682019-12-24Apparent Breast SizeMmm maybe not that one. Informally we need a fappable rule. Joking aside Yabuki Yura covers a female role in that VN, replacing her twin sister in
t13284.652019-12-23Apparent Breast SizeYabuki Yura if she is a trap and has breast I think we should tag it if at least small. So I think: 1) If genetically male (Traps, Male,Androgynous
t13284.612019-12-23Apparent Breast SizeCan you link some examples of traps with breasts?
t13284.592019-12-23Apparent Breast SizeThe non-applicable Big Breasts and Small Breasts traits could be renamed "X Breast Sizes" so it is clearer and doesn't look like duplicates.Done. The
t13284.572019-12-23Apparent Breast Size@yorhel: sorry I didn't mean it in a harsh's just it has been a long journey and I am a bit worn out that's all. Having feedback now will
t13284.562019-12-23Apparent Breast SizeOk can someone check what I have written here (expecially the gender experts [where are you eacil when I actually need you])? 1) Traps NO -> Traps
t13284.542019-12-23Apparent Breast SizeYeah I also think it's just confusing and/or not very usefull.I linked what I have been given by barfboy but abviously no one cared to tell something