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t14953.132020-11-04Game link upload"Skorpy-san has risen from his grave"So true, my grave is real now!
t14953.62020-11-03Game link uploadCompletly OOT but NOLF is not the the best first person shooter ever made and I must answer to beliar. Sticking to those years (around 2000) both
t14195.222020-09-26Brainstorming release images"Where will people get these "cover" images from?"I don't get what's the problem here... I mean we just search the internet for them. Maybe someone
t14195.202020-09-26Brainstorming release imagesI personally agree with lucumo with having the possibility to edit/adding releases in tab. Obviously relase cover should be uploaded on the release
t3314.23272020-09-20Traits@mrkew: actually I'm not sure there is a standard way to do treat those cases. I usually put traits that at least get's described either by CG or
t3314.23192020-09-11TraitsHi ninius, pinafore dress and jumper dress are synonim just check jumper dress. Tunic instead as you stated is a different kind of clothing. We
t14568.22020-08-22Tag overruleOk done, there were 5 overrules, but actually I was trying to remove unapplicable tags and I got a special css to emphasize those, probably at that
t3617.23872020-08-21Tags suggestions/fixesThank you beliar you're the best! And yes hate mrkew it's always his fault!
t3314.22912020-08-21Traits"I already have to tag obscure NTR VNs during long nights to take care of my previous transgression lol."Even if I find your way of pointing out
t3617.23822020-08-21Tags suggestions/fixes"I'll give up and mark the VNs in my notepad or something."Shit are you really gonna do it? Is that an information so important to you that you are
t3617.23792020-08-21Tags suggestions/fixesOk then I'll approve this if beliar agrees too (since we took the decision together), since 50 VN seems quite a number of VN so probably it can be an
t3314.22892020-08-21TraitsOk then why not propose "Gradient color eyes" in the queue instead? It seems the most logical thing to do.
t3617.23772020-08-21Tags suggestions/fixes@mrkew: it was obviously a joke to emphasize is uselessness so there is nothing to see in the comparison with handholding beside the fact we consider
t3314.22872020-08-21TraitsOk let say is not light then. And I see those dots of different colors but they mimic the eye pupil even if usually manga eyes are all iris. This is
t3314.22852020-08-21TraitsI did, but my opinion is the same. Those are light reflexes in the eyes not something I will consider central heterochromia.
t3314.22832020-08-21TraitsOften eyes are shadowed like hair, they start dark color in the top of the eye and it lighten towards the bottom. I don't think lightning/shadowing
t14553.62020-08-20Search character by artistYes but that's the closer he could get, and then he should filter them by hand. I thought he wanted to search them to apply traits or whatever he
t14553.42020-08-20Search character by artist@mrkew: obviously you need to filter them by yourself and he never asked to search characters by artist per se. Btw if the info was present in the DB
t14553.22020-08-20Search character by artistYou can do that by using a query. I saved 2 for you: link First one extracts all characters by artist, second one extracts all characters by
t3314.22732020-08-14Traits@ppp: it get messy if you don't search correctly. If searching by traits you'll need to search for Netori (their SO is stolen) applied to
t3314.22712020-08-14Traits@ppp: that particular example was to emphasize the difference between netorare and infidelity. Since netorare is not exclusive of "wife/husband
t3314.22682020-08-13Traits@ppp: just check all the previous posts about netorare/netori discussion you'll get the difference between netori and infidelity
t3314.22642020-08-13Traits@ppp can you point out the games here? so maybe people can express their opinions on them. Also I hope we are not entering a spree of forcefully
t3314.22552020-08-11Traits"Your trait description is not clear in this regard, I mean, people can feel jealous for a lot of things, one thing that comes to my mind now is a
t3314.22532020-08-11Traits"Skorpy"yeahhh friends again! ;D "have you given any thought to the Big Ass conundrum?"Before reading this beware I truly don't know where I am
t3314.22482020-08-11TraitsGood job, beliar I think you should go and finalize those names...I find it hard we would come closer to something better than that, at least for me
t3314.22452020-08-11Traits"Maybe we should go with the most obvious name and name the trait "Subject of Netori". If "Engages in Netori" means the character steals the SO, then
t3314.22432020-08-11Traits"Actually, I'm in agreement. Netorase should be removed from under the Infidelity. I'll do that later."I agree too, I want to add some considerations
t3314.22402020-08-11Traits"After all, I have literally only heard ntr used in a sentence as "the husband got ntr'd" and I don't remember ever hearing "the wife got ntr'd". I
t3314.22322020-08-10TraitsOk mrkew here my proposal: - Girl who's stolen from someone - trait: Subject of / Netorare - Guy who steals the girl from someone - trait: Engages in
t3314.22272020-08-10Traits"As I mentioned in #2208, the closest thing to "man who gets a person stolen from" I've seen would be 寝取られ男 (netorare otoko which could in worst case
t3314.22232020-08-10Traits""role / cuckold" with the description specifying that they didn't need to be in a romantic relationship for it to be applicable"That's impossible to
t3314.22222020-08-10Traits@rampaa: "The-loser-whose-love-interest-got-stolen"That is exaclty our current netorare definition. So if netori is "to steal" and netorare is "to
t3314.22182020-08-09Traits@rampaa: we are covered by tags from a VN standing point, in fact Nozokibeya has a Netorare Type A applied to it but his character Takishima Misa has
t3314.22152020-08-09Traits"If we apply Netorare to the female characters, the trait will lose all meaning and become conflated with Infidelity, which is a huge problem."That's
t3314.22142020-08-09TraitsIf netorare in JP means "to be stolen away" then netori still means "to steal"? So every netori will be the same trait applied to the male who steals
t3314.22122020-08-09Traits@beliar: I don't get this western netorare bullshit, I always thought VNDB definition IS the Japanese defiinition like abysall claimed in his thread
t3314.22102020-08-09TraitsGuys netorare is not equal to infidelity... and definitely is not equal to cuckholding.. There are VN (Nozokibeya) where father gets is daughter
t3314.21962020-08-09TraitsI know that this will interest few people but can we come with an idea to salvage Big Ass otherwise is gonna soon go to the bin. We need the most
t3617.23672020-08-08Tags suggestions/fixes@barfboy: I guess you can use Game Over, but in your case seems to have a little bit of story so you can stick with Bad Ending(s) you just need to
t14486.82020-08-08How big is big ass?You cannot delete only downvote. Moderators can ovverrule (the closest thing you can have to a deletion rightnow) those tags, and that's what I
t14486.62020-08-08How big is big ass?sd1 phisical traits here in VNDB need examples expeciallly subjective ones, there should be a method to decide that is not based on a single user
t14486.42020-08-08How big is big ass?You are not bothering me, the thing is trying to reach a common consensus so we can objectively define what's big. In my opinion it shouldn't be
t14486.12020-08-07How big is big ass?I think we should start considering at least making some examples of how "big" is Big Ass since it was used at first for really big asses like Kasshok
t3314.21822020-07-31Traits@beliar, barfboy: Mahou Shounen Hero exist too, just to remind you.
t14384.162020-07-25group sex vs lesbian sex.@yorhel: " Why is Lesbian Sex not called "Female on Female sex""Because it was an older trait, we can try to modernize it like Male on Male Sex. "gir
t14384.142020-07-25group sex vs lesbian sex.@13: I get your point, and that's why I once discussed with beliar and warfoki about an overhaul of the tag system. Traits as they are used now are
t14384.122020-07-25group sex vs lesbian sex.I think you are overthinking it guys, the lesbian sex trait states "Lesbian sexual practices are sexual activities where the participants are women
t14383.52020-07-23Yaoi-Game "My Dangerous Life" released on steam"It's a Yaoigame which has been ported from Android to PC (Steam) by Giiku Games"About trial and error that entry miss some data. Since it's a port
t14373.122020-07-23JAST released Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina"Maybe tone down the autism."I bet you hit 90% of the users with that. " I'd like to believe that people are intelligent enough to not need this