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c17819.32023-01-04 at 00:25n8marezeroMasaki's FatherTypo corrected
v10783.102022-10-24 at 08:33n8marezeroSchool RendezvousVoice cast added - The role is uncredited, but Tenma clearly has the same voice as Yakumo. Googling found a site that possibly confirms this, but my
c17117.112022-10-17 at 00:47n8marezeroChry SanthemumShe rapes MC, who resists and stays limp for a while.
c17109.152022-10-17 at 00:43n8marezeroHarutoReverse Rape: MC is raped in the Chry Bad End. He's even limp dicked for a good while and resists, before he gives in to Chry's ass. Molesting: MC
v3294.142022-10-11 at 04:57n8marezeroAneDeath. ~Ane-jini Kakugo no "Otouto-shibori" na Natsu ga Kuru!~Added: voice cast (Source: EGS) Note: The "Kaibara (海原)" character might be wrongly tagged and is who EGS lists as "海腹 実直左衛門", whose CV is "中澤 歩
v3416.92022-10-10 at 17:11n8marezeroTalk to TalkChanged: scenario and artist were switched Added: second scenario writer; expanded Akitsu Tamaki's staff roles Source: link
r80828.112021-07-18 at 04:05n8marezeroStudy § SteadyAdded: Engine, resolution and animation info (consistent with r67097); voiced info; Japanese language (release has text selection for Chinese
v7629.52021-05-31 at 22:16n8marezeroMisshitsu -Situation Elevator-Staff added. Source: link
s23817.12021-05-31 at 22:12n8marezeroYamada TarouPage for Yamada Tarou 'the Third.' link
r74678.82021-03-15 at 20:36n8marezeroLove's Sweet Garnish 2 - All-ages EditionFixed Steam link from first game to second game. Added Engine, Resolution, Voiced info.