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r80828.112021-07-18 at 04:05n8marezeroStudy § SteadyAdded: Engine, resolution and animation info (consistent with r67097); voiced info; Japanese language (release has text selection for Chinese
v7629.52021-05-31 at 22:16n8marezeroMisshitsu -Situation Elevator-Staff added. Source: link
s23817.12021-05-31 at 22:12n8marezeroYamada TarouPage for Yamada Tarou 'the Third.' link
r74678.82021-03-15 at 20:36n8marezeroLove's Sweet Garnish 2 - All-ages EditionFixed Steam link from first game to second game. Added Engine, Resolution, Voiced info.
v22774.152021-01-23 at 01:30n8marezeroZombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.2Yuzuhara Miu is not listed in the credits and Tokiko never speaks or makes any noises in Vol.2. EGS lists Yuzuhara Miu voicing Tokiko for Vol.2 and 0
v22775.162021-01-22 at 15:12n8marezeroZombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.3Added voice cast
r27122.82020-12-31 at 23:42n8marezeroOre no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsuzuku Wake ga NaiFull patch released
r62368.72020-12-26 at 21:19n8marezeroAikano ~Yukizora no Triangle~ Premium EditionEngine added
r62363.92020-12-26 at 21:18n8marezeroAikano ~Yukizora no Triangle~ Regular EditionEngine added
r73840.52020-12-26 at 21:11n8marezeroKoinoha -Koi no Share House- Package EditionEngine added