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t9787.52019-06-11Sex w/ others is avoidable ??? Having gotten through this game, it's avoidable. Game is actually pretty vanilla. (In fact, the NTR is pretty... weak in this game).
t12321.12019-05-12HELP PLEASE - STUCKNo matter what I do, no choices present themselves in this game so I keep getting a default "bad end." Is there something I'm missing?
t11269.112019-03-25Anyone read this?Hello sir, The sister doesn't get NTR'd, she gets rescued at the end by big bro As far as I know, Shinji will always do the deed with Saori, even in
t9585.32019-03-03Comparison to previous games in the series?Is Ixseal a virgin? The game doesn't make it seem very obvious and the other heroine's CG has deflowering but Ixseal does not.
t10924.32018-07-14Netorare with at least one good ending?Thanks for the suggestions! No I haven't, but those games are probably too old for me (art style and platform). Preferably I would like something 18
t10924.12018-07-13Netorare with at least one good ending?Hi there, I am looking for suggestions for netorare novels with at least one good/pure love ending. I know all Lilim titles have this, just searching
t10558.922018-07-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierThe problem with skipping scene is that you're just basically ignoring what happened & a lot of context just gets skipped by doing so. Haruka kind
t10558.882018-06-30Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierNo, I have no interest in playing a censored version. Does Loki rape all five heroines after winning? Or is it more of a consensual thing?
t10558.862018-06-30Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierThis novel looks intriguing. Is the rape avoidable in this game, by going through the law routes etc.? Don't really like playing a villanous
t4506.32013-08-24Akane Route QuestionsThanks! That cleared up a lot. While I found the Akane route okay, it could have explained more about Yuka and Gore. Anyway, Yoshiki is a badass
t4381.4462013-08-24Grisaia no Kajitsu -GD-:O can't wait to play
t4506.12013-08-24Akane Route QuestionsHi, My Japanese is not very good, so I'm wondering if anyone can help me with some questions I have of Akane's route. 1) What exactly happened in