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t16799.12021-08-13Stubbed Entries for Non-Vn gamesWhat would everyone think of having stubbed entries for related games that aren't a VN? Something where it would only have the title and relations
t15637.202021-03-15VIsual Novel ManagerDataError, I added issue Issue 45 to track this issue. Should the custom name only show up on the main card view, or on the Info view as well? Also
t15637.182021-03-10VIsual Novel Manager1) I should be able to, it's just having to adjust colors so they don't clash/become invisible 2)I'll at least think about it. 10) I'm aware of the
t15637.152021-03-09VIsual Novel Manager1) While I can edit the color scheme to a white based one, some colors on my controls would have to be changed to match it, so that's somewhat low
t15637.132021-03-07VIsual Novel ManagerI'm still trying to think of a clean way for users to add multiple games at once, without causing any issues elsewhere in the program. I just need to
t15637.112021-03-07VIsual Novel Manager1) For the colors, what would you recommend, in terms of OS colors? I did try it with light colors, but it looked really jarring that way 2)So, you
t15637.82021-03-06VIsual Novel ManagerWell, how would you lay it out?
t12641.252021-03-05Opening UpWhat do you plan to have different about the new HTTP-based API?
t15637.12021-03-03VIsual Novel ManagerI finished creating a visual novel manager that helps in keeping tack of you games, play progress and more. I had a lot of help from Nikey646 in
t3599.2392020-11-19Some love for the APISo, given 2 child trait IDs, how do I determine the top parent?
t3599.2372020-11-18Some love for the APII have a question related to the tag/traits parents. So I see from Vndb Trait Dump Docs that each trait can have an array of parent IDs. So, would
t3599.2332020-11-13Some love for the APIYorhel, I was looking into the Character API section, and I noticed that there was no entry for Age. I checked the API docs, and there is no way to
t9959.1192020-09-13Design draftingYorhel, When you finally get to the new version of vndb after however long it takes, will you be staying with Perl, or will you be switching to a new
t3599.2292020-09-09Some love for the APIYorhel, I see what you mean with the Wikidata pages. However to avoid having to use another API/scrape Wikidata for the wikipedia link, could you
t3599.2252020-09-07Some love for the APIYorhel, a concern I have about a change to the API. I noticed that Wikipedia links were deprecated in favor of Wikidata. My concerns are that there
t14639.792020-09-03Reviews in PreviewMaybe add in a "trust" factor for reviews? So people could say that this review was helpful or not? Then, after a certain number of good reviews
t14397.62020-08-13Include a mass-download button?you could also just have a program talk to the API to do that.
t1027.152020-07-15VNDB 2.15: Getting sidetrackedI like the update, even if it means I have to do some rework on my program that uses the API. I do have a feature request for the API page. For the
t13727.1842020-04-04Flagging ImagesPerhaps there could also be a page that shows the progress of the site's image flagging. So it could show the percentage of total images flagged
t3599.2162019-05-17Some love for the APIYorhel, since you are updating the password policy of VNDB, will you also be updating the API to switch from using for passwords to something more
t950.5252018-11-06VNDB Suggestions!Could you perhaps add an option to watch/unwatch threads/discussions, so you receive an update when a change is made?
t950.5232018-10-30VNDB Suggestions!@arcana70, I feel like that might be better as a userscript, as the functionality is already in the API (link).
t3599.2122018-07-27Some love for the APII would appreciate this as well, since it would help with determining to use cached data, or live data from the API
t9959.662018-07-03Design draftingA suggestion for the tag meter(the line under each tag). Perhaps make it a little bit taller, and add some color to it, so it's more readily apparent.
t10790.182018-06-27Personal VN Datbase on HDD1) I'll have to look into that. It might be caused by the broken categories, and the program loading data from multiple categories. 2)Ok. I'll look
t950.4452018-06-26VNDB Suggestions!Could we have a preview box when adding replies on threads, so that we can see what the formatting looks like before we submit it?
t10790.152018-06-25Personal VN Datbase on HDDOk, this version should work VNM with fixed scrollbars. However, the categories are not working on this version, as I need to fix them to adapt to
t10790.132018-06-21Personal VN Datbase on HDDI could fix the scroll bars easily. However, this would prevent categories from working right away. So, since I will be reworking the list of games
t10790.102018-06-11Personal VN Datbase on HDDTaimat, could you upload your Database.db I mentioned , and create a link here or on the github page? Otherwise, I probably will put it off for quite
t10790.72018-06-11Personal VN Datbase on HDDCould you upload the file from Data\Database\Database.db please? That should help me fix the issue. And I use github for tracking the issues, so if
t10790.32018-06-10Personal VN Datbase on HDDI have made one, and someone else has made one as well. link link One of these should fit your needs
t3599.2072018-06-08Some love for the APIA little bit of both. There are a few sections of the API that may need some work. Also, even though I know you said that the API and the site share
t3599.2052018-06-03Some love for the APIWith work being done on a site redesign (, will that also include any changes/rework of the API at all?
t10554.12018-04-29Visual Novels and Ultrawide supportI was wondering if anyone has any experience/input playing older visual novels on ultrawide monitors(21:9 aspect ratio), and if there are any issues
t3599.1992018-03-22Some love for the APIThis may not be the right section, but it looks like you replaced the old release icons with updated SVG icons(Or I've not been observant). Are you
t10206.22018-01-30Real-time server statsMaybe put a link to it in the footer?
t3599.1872017-11-10Some love for the APISo I've finally finished the first version of my visual novel manager v2. I've worked hard to try to keep it error and bugfree as possible. You can
t3599.1852017-08-17Some love for the APIThe 'vid' filter doesn't seem to be working. If I try something like: "get votelist basic (vid=4)", I get an error message: "Unknown Field 'vid
t3599.1832017-08-14Some love for the APIThanks. Also, on the changelog, shouldn't it be added 'vid' instead of uid? "Add 'uid' field to "get votelist/vnlist/wishlist" commands"
t3599.1812017-08-14Some love for the APIYorhel, would it be possible to add an "id" filter to the "get votelist", "get vnlist", and "get wishlist" commands, for filtering by the Visual
t950.3262017-05-22VNDB Suggestions!I know not a lot of people use this, but I would appreciate having collapsible sections on the API page d11 It would be nice to be able to collapse
t9021.12017-04-02Visual Novel ManagerVndb, I am working on creating a new version of my visual novel manager. Some of you may have already used my old one, unfortunately, it had a fair
t8496.92017-01-23A C# Library for the APISo the library should have all the features the VNDB API currently offers. It is a bit larger than it maybe should be, and it has some security
t8111.712017-01-11Happy Search - External VNDB ClientMy suggestion: Take some time and rework the UI. Right now, the UI is too "Busy". Use the ability to create tabs, expandable sections, or new windows
t8496.62017-01-05A C# Library for the APIWould there be a way to have a default for the filters, so you wouldn't have to specify the filter type each time you ran a command. So by default it
t950.3142017-01-04VNDB Suggestions!I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not, but watched threads. I would like for you to be able to receive notifications about new posts to
t8496.22016-11-29A C# Library for the APIHow is this different from this? link Not that it's bad to have multiple api clients
t3599.1372016-08-07Some love for the APIYorhel, would it be possible to add a way to login as another user in a Read Only mode, so only being able to view a user's vn list, wishlist, etc
t3599.1312016-08-02Some love for the API@tyr, I'll look into it. And it takes a long time because I haven't implemented saving and reading to the sql database, which is what I am aiming for
t3599.1252016-08-02Some love for the APIOk Tyr, I THINK I fixed it., so it won't crash. The program was overwriting the array holding the list of vns, so it probably crashed when trying to