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t17138.62021-10-29Favorite Heroine?Jeez, there I go picking an unpopular heroine again lol. Chinatsu is my number 1 for sure. Getting Konatsu as a package deal makes it even better <3
t13053.112021-06-23[poll] Favourite heroine?Ria by a country mile.
t11443.182018-11-25Best Girl ~ Route [Poll]Meguru best girl and route. Honestly I felt she would have been an absolutely perfect match for me if I was in Shuuji's position! Everything about
t5224.22015-01-11mY Thoughts on this Visualo NovelThe problem I had with the game was there was not alot of true diversity in the heroines. The routes were generally fairly bland. I loved Misaki
t5526.282014-08-31Imouto Paradise! GDJust started it today, Koharu is easily my first choice from the hentai. Something about a loli that is blunt but teasing really pushes the right
t3473.452014-06-11Favorite Route Voting PollLet's see... Been a while since I played it but from what I remember... Asuho: 8/10 - I really liked her character in general and her route was by
t3969.172013-07-04only bad endingsIts an interesting game and a quick play at least. My first play I lived at the end but I havent since then lol.